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The 10 Summer Nail Colours Celebrities Are Requesting Most This Season

I've found there to be two types of people in this world: those who walk into a nail salon and bend the knee to the great wall of bottles for their colour inspiration and those who, well, don't (aka those of us who know the exact shade or colour family we want hours pre–paint job). Of... Read More ⇒


It is time to introduce you to the most beautiful nail polish colors that we did not miss from our nails during the summer. Let's see what's your favorite. The favorite color of those who cannot give up the classic nail polish in summer and winter is red. Red nails are... Read More ⇒

20 Cute Summer Nail Designs For 2019

While having an eye-catching manicure is a great idea all year round, there’s something about summer that makes you feel more adventurous. Whether it’s embracing ultra-bright colours, fresh new textures, stylish shapes or daring designs, now’s the time to shake it up. Keep reading to discover easy... Read More ⇒

All The Colourful And İntricate Nail Designs Trending On Instagram Right Now

As any self-proclaimed beauty queen will attest, choosing a nail design can be a pretty daunting and laborious decision. After all, it's a lot of commitment (especially if you get a gel mani). To help you in your quest to finding the perfect design for your paws, we've... Read More ⇒

The 9 Hottest Nail Polish Trends for Summer 2019

Sprucing up your nails is one of the easiest, most lively ways to play with your beauty look. With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to jump on fun trends while we transition from our spring looks. We looked at stats and spoke to nail experts, and they’ve given us insight... Read More ⇒

Jelly Nails Are Summer's Latest Nail Trend And They Make Me Feel Like A Kid Again

Nowadays, it seems like we're in an endless loop of nostalgia. From popular TV show revivals, to band reunions, and even vintage pastry-flavored cereals, we just can't get enough. Fashion and beauty are spaces that nostalgia has always been able to live and thrive, and be... Read More ⇒

Neon Is the New Big Nail Trend for Summer 2019

In the last month alone, we've witnessed more neon nail looks while scrolling through Instagram than we have in the last year. For instance, just last week, a lava lamp-inspired manicure boasting bright orange accents went viral, and we were also introduced to "jelly nails," which features... Read More ⇒

23 Nail Designs and Ideas for Coffin Acrylic Nails 2019

  Thinking about having your nails done but can’t find the perfect nail design? If so, we are here to help! We have found 23 of the most stylish coffin acrylic nails on Instagram. There are lots of different nail shapes available but we chose coffin nails today because they are easy to wear, you... Read More ⇒

cute nails

Here are the short nail designs we have compiled for you.More vivid self-evident cute nails revact to. panda patterned nail   cute nails Read More ⇒

30 Amazing Burgundy Nail Designs for Women 2019

For girls who want to try something different with those lovely pastel colors on their nails, the bloody hot burgundy shades could be a good choice. They have a darker appearance than the red and a more friendly look than the black. Besides, the wine-hued burgundy shades can also remind people... Read More ⇒

12 Celebrity Nail Trends You Need To Recreate This Summer

We never feel as fancy as we do post mani - there's just something about having pristine nails, filed, painted and preened to perfection, it really is the ultimate act of self indulgence. And where better to get all our inspo from than celebs that consistently have killer manicures? Long... Read More ⇒

Acrylic nails ideas

Every woman wants to have well groomed hands. But unfortunately, the daily busy schedule does not allow doing a daily manicure with different nail polish application. Of course, a solution to this problem can be found by covering the nails with a gel nail polish that will stay on your nails for... Read More ⇒
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