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Nail Polish Trend: Orange Will Be Versatile In Summer 2021

When summer is pausing, sunny colors can improve your mood. Warm days just make them even more beautiful. Orange is not only the most radiant trend color for dresses in summer 2021 but also on the nails. The most beautiful shades and variations of the nail polish trend are below. These shades of... Read More ⇒

Nail Art For The Stars - All Of America Is Now Talking About This Artist

Coca Michelle has become the favorite of the biggest stars in the music world with her extraordinary nail art. When it comes to unusual, creative nail art, she is the first point of contact for the stars: Coca Michelle. The Briton went viral on Instagram with her innovative nail designs and is... Read More ⇒

Pedicure: 4 Most Common Foot Care Mistakes

In fact, with foot care, we can not only beautify our nails but also cause damage. We reveal which typical mistakes you should absolutely avoid with a pedicure. Pedicure: Avoid These 4 Typical Foot Care Mistakes We reveal which common mistakes you should avoid with a pedicure. Beautiful... Read More ⇒

"Reverse French" Nail Polish Trend: This Is How It Works

The nail polish trend of the nineties is back: Everyone wants French nails now! But not in the way you might think now. Because the classic French nails will get a modern update in 2021 and should even convince critics. "Reverse French" nail polish trend: this is how French nails get really... Read More ⇒

Gigi Hadid: Your 26th Birthday Look Revolves Around These Playful Details

Gigi Hadid shared photos of her 26th birthday on Instagram, showing her celebratory beauty look. Gigi Hadid shared these beautiful looks on Instagram on her 26th birthday Gigi Hadid loves her new role as a mother and uses this special time for everything that is fun. She provided proof of her... Read More ⇒

Manicure: 5 Mistakes To Avoid

You can go wrong with manicures. We've picked out 4 common nail care mistakes that you've all made before. You can go wrong with a manicure. We reveal 4 mistakes that we have all made before. Always use a base coat. This way, your nails won't stain! If you want beautiful... Read More ⇒

"Reverse French": This Is How French Nails Get Really Cool!

The trend of the nineties is back: Everyone wants French nails now! But not in the way you might think now. Because the classic French nails get a modern update and should even convince critics. Classic French nails are either loved or not. This is how we know the modern version of French... Read More ⇒

Brittle nails: What to do about it?

Knack, it happened. A nail is broken or torn. But there are ways and means to get beautiful nails again. Brittle nails: Here's what you can do about it Brittle nails can have different causes. How do nails break? From a medical perspective, nails break in a number of ways. You know... Read More ⇒

We will see these 3 nail polish colors everywhere in spring 2021

The next season will be colorful: We'll show you the three big manicure trends from the catwalk of fashion week spring/summer 2021. Which nail polish colors will herald in spring? According to the shows at Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2021, everything will soon be about cheerful paintwork -... Read More ⇒

Nail trends: Nail polish colors and designs for spring 2021

The runway looks from designers such as Chanel, Emilio Pucci, Tom Ford, and Fendi have already revealed the first nail trends for spring and summer. For example, playing with the unexpected contrast between black painted nails and pastel-colored outfits (Chanel and Pucci) as well as nail polishes... Read More ⇒

Aurora Nails: This nail design is set to be the next big Instagram trend in 2021

Highlighter for the nails: Aurora nails are the perfect manicure for spring. This spring we're going for aurora nails - find out how they work here! Aurora nails are the latest manicure trend from South Korea, inspired by the aurora borealis, the northern lights. Under the hashtag # 오로라... Read More ⇒

Golden Globes 2021 - The stars wowed us with these beauty looks

At the 78th annual Golden Globes, the biggest Hollywood stars shone with wonderful, exciting beauty looks from striking lips in berry tones to dewy skin. Here you will find the beautiful highlights of the award ceremony. Best beauty looks from the Golden Globes 2021 The 78th annual Golden... Read More ⇒
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