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Tips for beautiful eyebrows: These 3 mistakes should be avoided when styling

Perfectly curved, distinctive eyebrows are currently in demand. Everyone wants such wow brows. But how do we get it? By avoiding these 3 brow styling mistakes and getting the most out of them! Eyebrows: These are the mistakes to avoid when styling We'd better not make these mistakes... Read More ⇒

M-Diet: How it can help you lose weight over the long term?

Fluctuating blood sugar levels are the natural enemy of any diet. It can cause typical obstacles like food cravings, weight gain, and frustration. If you want to lose weight permanently and effectively, you have to bring your blood sugar under control, say the experts. For example with the M... Read More ⇒

Fitness Motivation: With these 5 tips, you will stay motivated to do sports even after January

Do you have good resolutions for the new year? Fitness experts reveal how you can really stay on the ball. Fitness motivation: these are the tricks used by sports professionals Although we plan so much at the beginning of a new year, studies show that less than ten percent of us actually keep... Read More ⇒

Detox cure: How to detoxify your body, mind and soul in 72 hours

Just in time for the beginning of the year, Secret of Girls has put together the ultimate guide for you to bring body, mind, and soul back into harmony. Detox cure in just 72 hours: Bring your body, mind, and soul back into harmony. At the beginning of the new year, a new mindset in terms... Read More ⇒

Leonie Hanne on a positive mindset for a successful start to the day

Leonie Hanne relies on clear thoughts in everyday life. Leonie wrote down the first thoughts of the morning in The Five Minute Journal. The format of a diary for gratitude and motivation is part of their morning ritual. Just like her beauty care, meditation, and, of course, the question of... Read More ⇒

Wellness trends 2021: 7 rituals and tools that will increase our well-being in the new year

Secret Of Girls, reveals seven emerging and expanding movements that can support health and wellbeing in a challenging new year. 7 wellness trends for 2021 Over the past year, the global pandemic has redefined what mental and physical wellbeing means to us. From the exit restrictions that... Read More ⇒

Under 10 Euros: 6 best shampoos from the drugstore

Good haircare doesn't have to be expensive! Here are our top 6 shampoos from the drugstore for less than 10 euros! Under 10 Euros: Best shampoos from the drugstore Vegan shampoo with a heavenly coconut scent The vegan shampoo from Jean & Len gets along without any fuss, and... Read More ⇒

Blood sugar diet: Lose weight in just 8 weeks - according to the M-plan

Today you want to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. You can allegedly with the blood sugar diet from England. This should not only help you lose weight through a reduced-calorie and low-carbohydrate diet but also set the blood sugar level positively. Lose weight with the blood sugar... Read More ⇒

Beginner workout: how do I start exercising properly?

After months without exercise, would you like to integrate sport into your everyday life again? Three top trainers in the fashion industry reveal how you can start (and maintain) a fitness routine in five simple steps. Workout for beginners: how do I start exercising - even after months without... Read More ⇒

Worldwide beauty secrets

How do Brazilians groom themselves? What do French women value most? And what is the secret of German women? We take a look at the beauty rituals of women around the world. This is how the world creams, makeup, and smells. Worldwide beauty secrets: this is what countries value The ideal of... Read More ⇒

83 Photoshop Fails That Are So Horrible It’s Hard To Believe They Were Missed

When was the last time you saw an un-photoshopped picture in a magazine or an ad? Yeah, I don't remember too. Photoshop is a fantastic tool for airbrushing away flaws and mistakes, creating a stunning picture. On the other hand, Photoshop pictures deceive people with false impressions and... Read More ⇒

25 Amazing DIY Engagement Party Decoration Ideas

Now that you’re engaged, it’s time to think about your engagement party and engagement party decoration ideas! This is certainly an exciting time, but you may be wondering how to find unique and interesting decorations or how to stick to your budget when you have so many other wedding expenses to... Read More ⇒
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