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5 tricks to make you look better in video conferencing

From light to the right lipstick - if you look good at the zoom call, you finally have your head free for clever thoughts. © Imaxtree - Optimal lighting conditions perfect the complexion No matter how tall the tower of books is for the laptop, somehow you still don't look as good on the... Read More ⇒

Ella Emhoff: Kamala Harris' stepdaughter sets new beauty goals with her style

Ella Emhoff and her style make her a new source of inspiration. Her curly pony hairstyle and her style set new standards: Kamala Harris' stepdaughter Ella Emhoff shows how her hairstyle leaves a lasting impression and can be worn in many ways. Ella Emhoff as styling inspiration for... Read More ⇒

Hermès-Scrunchie is the silk scarf for the new generation

The Hermès silk scarf remains the perfect investment piece. But the fashion house's new scrunchie is particularly popular with Gen Z influencers. Hermès silk scarf - this scrunchie is the update for the new generation. Sales of vintage Hermès scarves hit a new high during the pandemic... Read More ⇒

43 Lovely Summer Outfits for Every Occasion

Whites have that peaceful relaxed vibe to them which is simply irresistible. The color white reflects shine of the sun and radiates the cool breath of the oceans. It has a mesmerizing aroma which is effortless and truly hypnotic. White outfits are the most cherished and most loved outfits of this... Read More ⇒

30 Cute Summer Outfits For Women And Teen Girls

Maroon Lace Sheer Top This trendy top is a must-have for the fall ready fashionista! Featuring a maroon sheer, lace, flare sleeve, slim fit pairing with a bralette top. Incorporate this into just about a leather skirt & chunky heels for a sexy look. You can also wear them with trousers or... Read More ⇒

Perfect Summer Outfits for The Beach | Cutest Sun Dresses for This Summer

In desperate need of a few cute sun dresses for your honeymoon coming up this summer? Well you are in the perfect place! I’ve got you covered and found these absolutely gorgeous summer outfits for your next beach vacay! Not only will you feel AMAZING in them, you will also look oh-so gorgeous... Read More ⇒

Guidelines For Trendy And Fashionable Black Girl Outfits To Have In 2023

Searching for black girls outfit? You came to the perfect article. Many questions bother black girls before selecting their outfit. Like, Is it okay to wear bright colors?  Darker colors or pastel colors? Don’t think much, follow this list of Black Girl Outfits ideas, and we promise you will end up... Read More ⇒

6 Ways to Wear White Jeans

I recently picked up a pair of white cropped jeans from AE and y’all have loved them! They’re one of the top selling items from my blog, so I found it only fitting to do a style session with them. These jeans are super petite friendly, I’m wearing them in 0 short which is a size up for me,... Read More ⇒

30 Yellow Skirt Outfits Ideas on How to Wear a Yellow Skirt

Outfit Ideas to Wear with Yellow Skirt. Feeling like it’s time to try some bold new style choices in your life? Break out of your comfort zone by incorporating one of the boldest color choices out there: yellow. Not only are there different shades of yellow to choose from, but slipping on a... Read More ⇒

22 Cute Beach Outfit Ideas for Spring Break 2023

The countdown app on your phone has been slowly ticking away the days until #SpringBreak2020 literally since your first day back at school. You've still got a couple more months of blizzards to get through (sorry), but after that, it's all beaches and relaxation for an entire week straight.... Read More ⇒

10 Ways to Turn a Scarf into a Vest

Not only do we have a surplus of colorfully patterned scarves, but vests happen to be one of the best ways to transition summer clothes into early autumn. So, instead of creating one way to turn a scarf into a vest, we created 10! Half of these how-tos involve a sewing machine or needle and... Read More ⇒

15 Paper Bag Pants And Jeans Ideas For 2023

Paper bag pants or jeans are very popular among those who love girlish looks, and this year they are a hot trend. Choosing them you’ll make your look very edgy and bold, you will accent your waist a lot and if such a design fits your figure type or you don’t care about such things, take a look at... Read More ⇒
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