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Rad Or Bad: The Diaper-Cut Jort

We've seen plenty of fashion trends go to daring extremes. There have been ankle-spraining Alexander McQueen heel heights and Comme des Garçons exaggerated, oversize silhouettes. But, there's one seasonal trend we consistently see being taken to the littlest limits: jorts. We're talking... Read More ⇒

Football star Megan Rapinoe rocked the summer's hottest trend

Women wearing suits is not exactly new news – we’ve been playing around with androgyny and tailoring for years. But as the weather heats up, some people want to keep the powerful look but make it more summer appropriate. USA’s football star Megan Rapinoe showed us how to do wear formal shorts... Read More ⇒

Pool Party Outfits-25 Ideas How to Dress for Pool Party

What to wear to a pool party – So, summer is here and you are confused about what to wear. You want to impress your friends by looking stylish, but you are strapped for cash. Or you want to wear something loose and comfy yet still stylish? You have come to the right place! We have made a list of... Read More ⇒

5 Effortless Pool Party Outfits to Make an Entrance In

Alert: 2019 will be the summer of pool parties. Maybe you've already booked a trip to Vegas to partake in the beach club festivities, or, if you're me, plan to stay local and rent a house somewhere out of the city that has a pool so you can throw a soirée with friends. But once you've... Read More ⇒

The 4 Major Wedding Dress Trends for 2019

He or she proposed, you said yes, and now it's time to choose The Dress. For some brides, they find the perfect strapless, tulle ball gown in a matter of weeks. For others, it's only after months and months of Pinterest deep dives and shopping trips that they finally nail their ideal look.... Read More ⇒


If you keep on wondering what’s is the hottest swimwear trend this Summer, then be sure it’s leather swimsuit. This is an ideal way to stand out at the beach or by the pool. No matter if you buy real or faux leather, a swimsuit is the most extravagant style to wear next season. It can help you to... Read More ⇒


Today’s post is dedicated to my favorite ways on how to wear and look stylish wearing mini skirts this year. Most of the ladies are afraid of wearing these bottoms, because of looking too much sexy, provocative and feeling uncomfortable. Believe me, when things are done well, minis can look both... Read More ⇒

The 2019 Shoe Trends You Need to Know About

Though we're in the middle of summer, fall 2019 runway trends will be here before you know it (and before you've fully paid off last month's credit card bills). We've pinpointed the overall seven style trends of 2019 to know, and now we're breaking it down further with a focus... Read More ⇒


You have to consider several rules if you want to wear you mini skirt in a right way. Today I bring you this awesome street style inspiration that will surely give you some new ideas on how to wear you mini at work, in the streets and parties. I think you all know that minis are back in trend... Read More ⇒


Today’s topic is about leather shorts for women. These bottoms might look sexy at first glance, but give them a try and you will see their amazingness and versatility. Time flies so fast, but leather shorts are still in style and they ain’t going anywhere. Simplicity is the key! Go for a... Read More ⇒


Bike shorts trend is here to stay for a long time! Today I want to talk about ways how to wear bike shorts and dress them up without looking like a jerk. So, how should we rock these tight-fitting shorts on the streets this year, find out now? Kim Kardashian loves bike shorts trend. We see... Read More ⇒

How To Wear Tights this Winter

Today’s topic is how to wear tights this Winter. I am going to show you my favorite tips and ideas how to make them look awesome on you. If you are a kind of lady who wants to wear dresses, skirts, and shorts during cold season and you want to keep your legs and feet warm all the time, then tights... Read More ⇒
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