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15 Top Beauty Secrets From Female Celebrities

Let’s face it, when you’re a female celebrity who spends her fair share of time on the red carpet you usually have a pretty darn good glam squad. From the top makeup artists, to the top hair stylists who have years of experience and know all of the best tricks and tips, and with that comes some... Read More ⇒

10 Celebrities Reveal Their Secrets for Perfect Skin

By far, the first thing we notice when we encounter a celebrity is, of course, their skin.We wander back from interviews in a cloudy trance, unable to recall a thing that was said, because we were too busy staring at their radiant complexions. (G-bless the Voice Memos app, right?) Since... Read More ⇒

Reviewed: I Tried the Killa Cystic Acne Patches and OMG

I could genuinely cry right now? When I was a teenager, I was one of the lucky few who made it through high school without any acne, so I kind of thought I’d be safe forever. But now that I’m in my early 30s (33 is still considered early, right?), my jaw has become a minefield of hormonal,... Read More ⇒

Celebrities Share Their Favorite Beauty Hacks

While most celebs get plenty of help from the best dermatologists and makeup artists, they also have their own cheap life hacks. Whether they inherited these tricks from mothers and grandmothers or discovered these tips on their own, celebs trust them enough to recommend them. Check out... Read More ⇒

8 Ways To Get Rid Of Acne Now And For

Top dermatologists weigh in on which acne treatments really work. Acne can push even the best of us to extreme, sometimes dangerous measures to rid our skin of the dreaded spots. From putting toothpaste on our faces, to scraping and picking away at our skin and cotton-budding harsh... Read More ⇒

The 8 Best Sunscreens of 2019

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products and services; Our Top Picks Best Overall: Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen Sport SPF 30 Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen Sport is top-rated by the Environmental Working Group and meets the EWG’s eco-standards... Read More ⇒

Try Home Remedies for Oily Skin

Oily skin is the result of the overproduction of sebum from sebaceous glands. These glands are located under the skin’s surface.   Sebum is an oily substance made of fats. Sebum isn’t all bad since it helps protect and moisturize your skin and keep your hair shiny and healthy. Too much... Read More ⇒

How to Get a Gorgeous Tan Safely on Holiday

Want to come away from Club MAC Alcudia, Majorca with a gorgeous golden glow? Stick around, as we let you know how you can get a lovely tan safely on holiday. Sun-drenched paradise Here at Club MAC Alcudia we count ourselves blessed; we have a fantastic location. Based in the historic... Read More ⇒

How to Get Rid of Blemishes on the Face Easily

No matter how well we take care of our skin, it’s inevitable that we won’t always have a flawless canvas. After all, we’re human. We eat junk food on occasions when we know we shouldn’t, we stay up late watching that last episode on Netflix, and we have to cap off the celebratory night with just... Read More ⇒

Overnight peel

  While overnight peels continue to make their way to the top of skincare trends lists, the concept has actually been around for centuries. Even the famed Egyptian Queen Cleopatra used a version of an overnight peel to achieve softer, younger-looking skin. New enhanced formulas in recent years... Read More ⇒

How to Get Rid of Cellulite in Thighs

Cellulite affects more than 85 percent of women, representing all shapes and sizes. It is most common in the thighs, but it can also be present on the legs, buttocks or stomach. Cellulite is made up of free-floating fat cells that are deposited just beneath the skin. It has a distinct... Read More ⇒

Top Tips to Diminish Dark Under Eye Circles

Dark under eye circles do not discriminate: they affect the young and old and people of all ethnicities. Read on to understand how you can help prevent, manage, and cover up dark circles for a fresh-faced and full-rested look. What’s Behind the Dark Circles? It is important to understand... Read More ⇒
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