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Probiotic Skin Care: Can Bacteria Really Protect Skin?

In this beauty trend, bacteria are supposed to protect the skin. Probiotic nutrition – most people are now familiar with it. To put it simply, probiotic foods (especially yogurt) are supposed to ensure smooth digestion and a healthy intestinal flora thanks to the bacteria they contain - mostly... Read More ⇒

Skincare: 5 Tips For The Perfect Winter Glow On Your Skin

Dry areas on the face are annoying and in winter the thin skin suffers particularly from the cool and dry air. So what to do We have five tips for you on how not to lose your glow in winter. Say war on tired and dull winter skin and get your radiance back with our tips. The same thing every... Read More ⇒

Tea Tree Oil For Pimples: This Is How It Works Against Blemished Skin

Tea tree oil is a naturally effective remedy for pimples that can also provide relief for other ailments. Tea tree oil against pimples: effect and use of the oil on impurities... What is tea tree oil and where does the natural product originally come from? Cold, flu, or fever - the... Read More ⇒

3 Types Of Dark Circles And How To Fight Them?

Dark circles are dark circles? Not exactly. In order to successfully combat the shadows under the eyes, you first have to know which strain you are dealing with. You should definitely know these 3 types of dark circles. Not all dark circles are created equal. To get rid of them, it is... Read More ⇒

These 13 Looks By Hailey Bieber Are Among Her Beauty Highlights

The queen of the Californian beach style is always perfectly styled - no matter when, no matter where. We are now showing you the 13 most beautiful looks by Hailey Bieber! Hailey Bieber is turning 25 - and we're looking at her most stunning beauty looks to date... Whether privately in... Read More ⇒

Radiant Skin: Ideal Shower Temperature For Cold Winter Days

A guide to the best bathing and care habits to keep your skin soft, smooth, and radiant in winter. In winter, in particular, our skin is subject to additional stress - the shower, in particular, has a major influence on our skin feeling Like many people over the past year and a half, I... Read More ⇒

Uneven Skin & Scars: The Best Expert Tips

Finally a smooth, radiant complexion! Our experts explain how to deal with uneven skin - from products for routine care to professional treatments in dermatological practice. Best measures against uneven skin and acne scars: Who doesn't want smooth skin? Because the smoother it is,... Read More ⇒

Anti-Aging: 7 Tips For Effective Treatments That Make You Look Naturally Beautiful!

Slowing down the aging process and staying vital, active, and youthfully beautiful into old age, that's what we all want. Especially with regard to the visible changes in the skin - i.e. the formation of lines and wrinkles, increasingly irregular pigmentation, or the loss of elasticity and... Read More ⇒

Beauty Tricks: 22 Ingenious Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know!

22 ingenious professional beauty hacks for XXL lips, express beach waves, and lipstick that lasts forever - that make you look good in every way! Hello, Beauty Girl! With these super simple tips, you can achieve the best make-up, the most beautiful eyeliner, and the fastest manicure. You are... Read More ⇒

Double Chin And Sagging Cheeks? These Effective Lifting Methods Ensure A Beautiful Jaw Line

With increasing age, the skin loses its elasticity and suppleness - this much is known. In combination with the force of gravity that pulls the tissue every day, this can become visible over time not only on the face and body but also along the jawline, under the chin, or on the neck. Experienced... Read More ⇒

Clay Mask Is Jennifer Aniston's Beauty Trick For Glowing Skin

In her role as Rachel Green in the hit series "Friends", Jennifer Aniston became a style role model for an entire generation. Today she stands in front of the camera for series like “The Morning Show” and hardly seems to have aged. How does the now 52-year-old actress manage to look so radiant even... Read More ⇒

Pimples On The Neck: Causes, Tips And How To Prevent Them

Pimples often appear in the most impossible places. And they don't even stop at the neck. But what actually causes pimples on the neck, what is the best way to treat them and how do you prevent them? We know the solution! Pimples on the neck can be quite painful. But what actually causes... Read More ⇒
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