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Dr. Barbara Sturm: Kim Kardashian's Beauty Doctor Reveals How She Treats Acne And Co

We asked the prominent skin specialist the most burning questions about skincare and wanted to know how to treat acne, what better to avoid during skincare, and what diet ensures more balanced skin. Not only Kim Kardashian is a fan of Dr. Barbara Sturm Even if you haven't heard from... Read More ⇒

Avocado Oil: Healthy Fats For Skin, Hair And Health

Because of their rich ingredients, avocados belong to the ranks of superfoods. But you can't just enjoy the creamy, green fruit with a slice of toast - the avocado oil is also considered particularly healthy. It can be used not only in the kitchen but also for cosmetic purposes. From beautiful... Read More ⇒

Double Cleansing: Clean Skin In Two Phases

If you want a radiant complexion, you should not wash your skin once, but twice. The beauty trend towards double cleansing cleanses the skin particularly thoroughly and frees it not only superficially, but also deep into the pores of make-up residues, fine dust, skin cells, dirt, sebum, or sweat.... Read More ⇒

Marilyn Monroe - With These 9 Rituals She Became A Beauty Icon

From "slugging" to ice-cold baths to her favorite shade of blonde - with these beauty steps, Marilyn Monroe became an icon. Marilyn Monroe was - and still is - the ultimate beauty icon who had a penchant for glamor that still resonates with many of us today - from her red lips to her... Read More ⇒

Arizona Muse: Top Model's 5 Green Tips For A More Responsible Beauty Routine

100% Green More than ever in 2021, stars, fashion, and beauty brands are committed to the planet. Model and climate activist, Arizona Muse becomes the first Sustainable Development spokesperson for the Aveda brand. The opportunity to prick her green and ecological beauty tips. Is his... Read More ⇒

3 Home Remedies For Sweating: Natural Help For Sweaty Feet

Many a summer can be sweaty. Of course, it is quite normal for the heat to make us sweat on our upper lips and armpits - but it is still extremely uncomfortable. Especially when sweat stains are noticeable on clothing. We'll tell you which 3 home remedies naturally help against... Read More ⇒

Anti-aging: Remedy For Wrinkles By Saccharifying The Skin

Refined sugar is known to be unhealthy for the body and even harmful in excess. Not only because it can be responsible for food cravings and love handles, tooth decay, nervous restlessness, and sleep disorders. In addition, sugar can also significantly accelerate the skin aging process and the... Read More ⇒

Hair Removal: Best Ways to Get Rid of Facial Hair

Regardless of whether it is spread over the cheeks as a delicate fluff or as individual small hairs on the mouth and chin: facial hairs are often perceived as annoying by women. Because they are in view, can be inflammatory and make the skin appear more uneven, perhaps even with larger pores. And... Read More ⇒

Sun Protection For The Lips - These Balms Are A Summer Alternative To Lipstick

In addition to the face, the lips also need good sun protection in summer. Here are a selection of the best lip sun protection products. Have you ever thought about which sunscreen would be the best for your lips? We know how important it is to apply a good sunscreen to the face, which is... Read More ⇒

Sweating Under The Breasts: 4 Tips Against Sweat And Skin Irritation

When the temperature rises, every woman knows this problem: We sweat under and between the breasts. Not only can this be uncomfortable, but it can also cause sweat stains and even sore spots. We reveal what helps against sweating under the chest. Sweating under the chest: These 4 tips will... Read More ⇒

5 Plants You Can Use To Make Natural Cosmetics

With certain medicinal plants, you can wonderfully produce natural cosmetics yourself. We reveal which plants are best suited for creams and ointments from your own garden. 1. Mallow Wild mallow is a real elixir of beauty! The dyes, mucilage, and tannins contained in the pretty petals... Read More ⇒

How You Really Get Rid Of Your Neck Wrinkles?

Wrinkles on the neck are particularly annoying. There are a few things you can do about it. And it doesn't always have to be an operation. What exactly? We'll tell you here! When it comes to personal hygiene, the neck is often neglected. But it is precisely here that the skin is... Read More ⇒
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