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Lip peeling for smooth and supple lips

The skin of the lips is particularly delicate and sensitive. In comparison: it has up to thirteen fewer cell layers than the rest of the facial skin. Nevertheless, our lips are exposed to enormous stress - cold and dry heating air, beauty tools such as lipstick and lip gloss or the toothpaste with... Read More ⇒

"Rewilding" technique: This is how we bring our skin into balance

Find out here why you should now use a technique from nature conservation for your skin - and why (species) diversity is also important for our face. The "rewilding" technique comes from nature conservation and can help you in the fight against acne or other chronic skin diseases and bring your... Read More ⇒

Spilanthol - Better Than Botox Against Wrinkles?

Spilanthol is on everyone's lips as an organic miracle weapon in the fight against wrinkles - but what can it really do and is it a real alternative to botox? Better than botox? What can spilanthol do? What is spilanthol? Spilanthol is obtained from the paracress (Acmella... Read More ⇒

Clean Beauty Guide: The Best Tips and Brands

Clean Beauty is the new keyword in the cosmetics industry. But it's not just a fast-moving beauty trend, it's a whole lot more of a movement. We explain what philosophy this follows, how the term is defined, and introduce you to high-quality clean beauty products. More than a trend:... Read More ⇒

Lid lifting: This eye cream effectively reduces wrinkles

The skin around the eyes is one of the most sensitive parts of the face - and one of the areas that are most quickly affected by the aging process. Since the skin around the eyes is particularly thin and sensitive, it quickly loses its elasticity and firmness. The result: small lines and wrinkles... Read More ⇒

Cellulite: thread lifting is so effective as a beauty trend

For cellulite and orange peel, experts recommend various strategies, such as targeted workouts to tighten the tissue on the buttocks and thighs, massages to stimulate blood circulation and detoxification, and special skincare products and anti-cellulite gels to smooth the skin from the outside.... Read More ⇒

Healthy skin - Experts explain why you should pay attention to your skin microbiome from now on

The microbiome of your skin protects against external influences and controls the absorption of nutrients. Find out here why caring for this skin barrier should become a must in your beauty routine. Healthy skin - that's why you should pay attention to your skin's own microbiome... Read More ⇒

Which serum is best for your skin needs?

From application to various active ingredients to the right order in your beauty routine. Here's everything you need to know about skincare serums. Serum vs. cream?: Which care is particularly suitable for your skin needs? The essential elements of a skincare routine are cleansing, a good... Read More ⇒

This eyelash serum has been proven to ensure fuller eyelashes

Long, full eyelashes have always been regarded as a coveted ideal of beauty and are especially indispensable for natural beauty looks that have been popular for several seasons. It is not only the length and the curve of individual hairs that play an important role. The aim of all efforts is also... Read More ⇒

Perfect skin in 30 days: This treatment promises a flawless complexion in just 30 days

Different factors can upset the balance of the skin. Weather, stress, and hormones are just a few of the causes that favor skin problems. Depending on the skin type, this can manifest itself in the form of dryness, impurities, and a pale complexion. It is then all the more important to counteract... Read More ⇒

Active ingredient guide: Panthenol is the all-rounder for healthy skin

Most probably know panthenol as an active ingredient in wound and healing ointments. But it can also do a lot for beauty: We present the best skincare products with panthenol (also known as vitamin B5 or dexpanthenol) and explain why this is a gentle all-rounder for radiant, healthy, and firm... Read More ⇒

Golden Globes 2021 - The stars wowed us with these beauty looks

At the 78th annual Golden Globes, the biggest Hollywood stars shone with wonderful, exciting beauty looks from striking lips in berry tones to dewy skin. Here you will find the beautiful highlights of the award ceremony. Best beauty looks from the Golden Globes 2021 The 78th annual Golden... Read More ⇒
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