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Hair Removal: Best Ways to Get Rid of Facial Hair

Regardless of whether it is spread over the cheeks as a delicate fluff or as individual small hairs on the mouth and chin: facial hairs are often perceived as annoying by women. Because they are in view, can be inflammatory and make the skin appear more uneven, perhaps even with larger pores. And... Read More ⇒

Sun Protection For The Lips - These Balms Are A Summer Alternative To Lipstick

In addition to the face, the lips also need good sun protection in summer. Here are a selection of the best lip sun protection products. Have you ever thought about which sunscreen would be the best for your lips? We know how important it is to apply a good sunscreen to the face, which is... Read More ⇒

Sweating Under The Breasts: 4 Tips Against Sweat And Skin Irritation

When the temperature rises, every woman knows this problem: We sweat under and between the breasts. Not only can this be uncomfortable, but it can also cause sweat stains and even sore spots. We reveal what helps against sweating under the chest. Sweating under the chest: These 4 tips will... Read More ⇒

5 Plants You Can Use To Make Natural Cosmetics

With certain medicinal plants, you can wonderfully produce natural cosmetics yourself. We reveal which plants are best suited for creams and ointments from your own garden. 1. Mallow Wild mallow is a real elixir of beauty! The dyes, mucilage, and tannins contained in the pretty petals... Read More ⇒

How You Really Get Rid Of Your Neck Wrinkles?

Wrinkles on the neck are particularly annoying. There are a few things you can do about it. And it doesn't always have to be an operation. What exactly? We'll tell you here! When it comes to personal hygiene, the neck is often neglected. But it is precisely here that the skin is... Read More ⇒

Removing Calluses: 3 Mistakes To Avoid While Doing It

In spring and summer, we are again a lot barefoot or in sandals. Many are now resorting to pumice stone, callous planes, and the like to have supple feet. But there are a number of things you can do wrong: 3 mistakes that we should avoid when removing the cornea. We shouldn't do these 3... Read More ⇒

Skin Picking: Why We Need To Talk More About This Disease?

More than just expressing pimples: We spoke to experts about what skin picking disorder is, how it manifests itself physically and mentally and what can be done to treat it. Skin picking - an underrated disease "Hello again - I'm crusted and reddened here," wrote Tallulah Willis in... Read More ⇒

Make A Face Mask Yourself: With Cinnamon Against Pimples And Wrinkles

The spice not only tastes heavenly but also has great effects on our skin. We reveal how this homemade face mask with cinnamon helps against pimples and wrinkles. Cinnamon works against pimples and wrinkles: try a homemade face mask. Cinnamon has an antioxidant effect, honey has an... Read More ⇒

Cellulite Treatment: Top Model Miranda Kerr Swears By This Method

Even Hollywood stars and top models suffer from the dents on their legs and buttocks. Miranda Kerr now revealed her personal beauty secret against cellulite. Top model Miranda Kerr knows how to keep her legs taut and flawless. She reveals that she combats cellulite with the drybrush... Read More ⇒

5 Audrey Hepburn Beauty Secrets You Should Know

Audrey Hepburn is considered one of the most famous beauty icons of all time. So it only makes sense to take a closer look at her beauty recommendations - they are still brand new! Here are 5 Audrey Hepburn beauty secrets that we should learn. Beauty icon Audrey Hepburn's eye make-up is... Read More ⇒

Strawberry Legs: This Is How You Finally Get Rid Of Dots

Finally skirts, dresses, and shorts again! If only it weren't for those little dark dots. We'll tell you here what helps against so-called strawberry skin and how you can get rid of it! Little dots are particularly annoying in summer. They are caused, for example, by incorrectly... Read More ⇒

Skin Types At A Glance: This Is The Ideal Care Routine For Dry, Oily And Combination Skin

A skincare expert reveals which basic things are important when caring for different skin types. Different skin types, different needs: that's what matters when it comes to care Using the right care products is essential for beautiful skin. But do you even know what type of skin... Read More ⇒
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