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Skin care: This is how important cleaning with an enzyme peeling is

A peeling in skincare is one of the most important basics for healthy, radiant skin. Once used, it can remove dead skin, shrink pores and reduce blemishes. But: Many conventional peelings contain abrasive particles, such as sugar and microplastics, which not only irritate the skin but can also... Read More ⇒

Niacinamide: This is how the vitamin improves the complexion of your skin

It's one of the most popular ingredients in skincare: niacinamide. An expert explains why the active ingredient should be part of your daily beauty routine and how to use it correctly. In the past year, niacinamide cream and niacinamide formulas have emerged as the it-skin care ingredient in... Read More ⇒

5 care tips for beautiful armpits in summer

From thorough cleaning to choosing a refreshing deodorant - an expert explains what optimal care for beautiful armpits should look like. The wellness movement has increased body awareness and inspired us to pay more attention to parts of our physical being that have traditionally been neglected.... Read More ⇒

Facial Steamer: Why the “steam bath for the face” should now be part of your beauty routine?

How can you upgrade your beauty routine at home like you would with professional treatments? With a facial steamer! We explain the many advantages of the facial steam bath, which skin types it is suitable for, and how you can best prepare and follow up your skin. Facial Steamer: This is how the... Read More ⇒

Perfumed Cosmetics Are Bad For Your Skin: True Or False?

They can irritate the skin, create sensitivity... One of the most common debates in the beauty world revolves around the advantages and disadvantages of fragrances in skincare, but as always, individual characteristics must also be taken into account. Are perfumed cosmetics rightly... Read More ⇒

Beauty trend: Oil - for pure skin and shiny hair

Body lotions, expensive face creams, and lots of hair treatments in the bathroom cabinet? The beauty trend is going in a different direction: simple oil! It supplies both skin and hair with valuable nutrients and combines several care products in one. We reveal how well oil is good for skin and... Read More ⇒

Finding the right facial care: that's the advice of dermatologists

One of the most common cosmetic mistakes we make is using the wrong facial care product - we asked two dermatologists how we could find the right one. Finally find the right facial care: Why every skin needs (suitable) moisturizers Finding the right facial care: two dermatologists reveal how... Read More ⇒

Lip peeling for smooth and supple lips

The skin of the lips is particularly delicate and sensitive. In comparison: it has up to thirteen fewer cell layers than the rest of the facial skin. Nevertheless, our lips are exposed to enormous stress - cold and dry heating air, beauty tools such as lipstick and lip gloss or the toothpaste with... Read More ⇒

"Rewilding" technique: This is how we bring our skin into balance

Find out here why you should now use a technique from nature conservation for your skin - and why (species) diversity is also important for our face. The "rewilding" technique comes from nature conservation and can help you in the fight against acne or other chronic skin diseases and bring your... Read More ⇒

Spilanthol - Better Than Botox Against Wrinkles?

Spilanthol is on everyone's lips as an organic miracle weapon in the fight against wrinkles - but what can it really do and is it a real alternative to botox? Better than botox? What can spilanthol do? What is spilanthol? Spilanthol is obtained from the paracress (Acmella... Read More ⇒

Clean Beauty Guide: The Best Tips and Brands

Clean Beauty is the new keyword in the cosmetics industry. But it's not just a fast-moving beauty trend, it's a whole lot more of a movement. We explain what philosophy this follows, how the term is defined, and introduce you to high-quality clean beauty products. More than a trend:... Read More ⇒

Lid lifting: This eye cream effectively reduces wrinkles

The skin around the eyes is one of the most sensitive parts of the face - and one of the areas that are most quickly affected by the aging process. Since the skin around the eyes is particularly thin and sensitive, it quickly loses its elasticity and firmness. The result: small lines and wrinkles... Read More ⇒
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