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Prevent And Avoid Ingrown Hairs

Smooth, flawless skin has become an ideal of beauty. Legs, arms, armpits, and the genital area are freed from stubble so that the skin looks smooth and fine. But hair removal carries the risk of ingrown hairs. Prevent it! What to do with ingrown hairs? What to do with ingrown hairs after... Read More ⇒

Eczema Diet: These Foods Work Against Blemished Skin!

A healthy diet is a secret to healthy skin. Conversely, one can actually observe that the skin deteriorates immediately after a weekend full of festivities. Redness, inflammation, or pimples appear in certain places, which can even be used to identify what is currently missing in the body and the... Read More ⇒

Sunscreen - This Is What We Can Learn From Japanese Women When It Comes To Skin Care

Considering that Japanese women have always been the benchmark for skincare, their unique take on sunscreen is the definitive guide for summer. There are some of the reasons why Japanese women are an excellent reference when it comes to sun protection in particular and skincare in general. You... Read More ⇒

Chocolate, Lactose, And The Like - Which Foods Really Have An Impact On The Complexion Of Your Skin

Our diet has an impact on our skin - from the appearance of acne to premature aging. Chocolate, lactose, and the like - which foods really have an influence on the skin's appearance Skincare is not just about what we put on the skin, it is also about how we nourish our bodies. But which... Read More ⇒

These 3 mistakes every woman makes while bathing are harmful to the skin!

Would you have thought that you can do a lot wrong even while bathing? We'll tell you which mistakes everyone really makes. Yes, bathing has to be learned too! You think you're doing something good for your body and mind - and you end up with itchy or flaky skin. Namely, the following... Read More ⇒

The right way to clean your face: Best tips for every skin type

Facial cleansing is the basis of the daily care routine because it frees your skin from dirt, sweat, and make-up residues and guarantees healthy and radiantly beautiful skin. Face cleansing: Which method is right for your skin type? But how often should you clean your face? And which care... Read More ⇒

Anti-aging: Effectively preventing and smoothing forehead wrinkles

Some call them thinking lines, others call them character lines. The fact remains: Forehead wrinkles are difficult to iron out once they have dug deep into the skin. In order to prevent this in good time, the following anti-aging methods are worthwhile. An overview from skincare and injections to... Read More ⇒

Acne: This dermatologist knows what helps - because she herself was affected for years

Dr. Anjali Mahto, the Consultant Dermatologist at Skin55, has suffered from acne since she was a teenager. She told us her story - and everything she learned from it. This dermatologist knows what helps against acne - because she was affected for years herself Acne - the disease usually... Read More ⇒

Healthy skin: It's never too late to optimize (or start with) your own care routine

Forget about sunscreen or don't remove makeup - mistakes we make at a young age can later be detrimental to the health (and appearance) of our skin. We talk to three skincare specialists about how to make these mistakes right. Caring for your skin - this is how you find the ideal routine for... Read More ⇒

Skin care: This is how important cleaning with an enzyme peeling is

A peeling in skincare is one of the most important basics for healthy, radiant skin. Once used, it can remove dead skin, shrink pores and reduce blemishes. But: Many conventional peelings contain abrasive particles, such as sugar and microplastics, which not only irritate the skin but can also... Read More ⇒

Niacinamide: This is how the vitamin improves the complexion of your skin

It's one of the most popular ingredients in skincare: niacinamide. An expert explains why the active ingredient should be part of your daily beauty routine and how to use it correctly. In the past year, niacinamide cream and niacinamide formulas have emerged as the it-skin care ingredient in... Read More ⇒

5 care tips for beautiful armpits in summer

From thorough cleaning to choosing a refreshing deodorant - an expert explains what optimal care for beautiful armpits should look like. The wellness movement has increased body awareness and inspired us to pay more attention to parts of our physical being that have traditionally been neglected.... Read More ⇒
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