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How to make a mask for dry hair with 2 ingredients?

Jojoba oil and egg yolk, are the only ingredients necessary for this nourishing homemade hair mask, developed by Dr. Fabienne Millet for Florame. Is your hair dry and dull? Do not panic! Natural beauty recipes exist to strengthen damaged manes. And who better than a specialist in herbal medicine... Read More ⇒

Smooth, firm skin: Prickly pear oil makes wrinkles disappear quickly

In order for the skin to stay firm and glow healthy for a long time, it needs the right care. Particularly popular: Naturally pressed oils, which are integrated into the care routine as anti-aging boosters and promise quick results. Prickly pear seed oil is a real insider tip and effectively... Read More ⇒

Can Collagen Powder Stop Wrinkles?

True beauty comes from within - of course, this means first of all the inner values and a healthy attitude towards yourself. But you can also influence the outer beauty from within, with a varied diet, for example. Collagen powder prevents wrinkles and makes the skin elastic The use of... Read More ⇒

New beauty trend for make-up & skin care is called Skinimalism

A look that is as natural as possible for skin and hair has been established as the signature look of many designers for several seasons, such as Isabel Marant, Victoria Beckham, Prada, or Louis Vuitton. Accordingly, the hair should have a healthy shine and fall over the shoulders in smooth waves... Read More ⇒

Retinol cream: the 10 best products and their effects

Retinol promises smooth, fresh, and radiant skin. Whether as a serum or cream - we show you how to use the active ingredient correctly (for post-shopping). Retinol: the 10 best creams and everything you always wanted to know about high-tech skincare What is retinol and how does the beauty... Read More ⇒

Oily skin? 9 Care Tips From The Dermatologist What You Can Do About It

Oily skin is common in all age groups. Our expert reveals what to look for when it comes to cleansing, moisturizing and extra care for this demanding skin type. (For after-shopping.) Oily skin needs moisture Read here how to properly care for oily skin and how to avoid one of the most common... Read More ⇒

Getting rid of bags under the eyes: This really helps

Just like dark circles, thick bags make us look tired or sick. Who would want that? We'll give you natural tips on how to treat unsightly puffiness and get rid of it once and for all! What can be done against bags under the eyes? We have the most effective tips! We reveal here which home... Read More ⇒

Vitamins for the skin: These are the 7 most important nutrients

Vitamins are essential for a healthy complexion. Of course, a healthy diet plays an important role in this. To increase the effect, you can also rely on finely tuned, vitamin-rich skincare. From A to K: These are the most important vitamins for the skin How to Use Vitamins for Your... Read More ⇒

White tea: This fine type of tea is so healthy for skin and body

It is considered the champagne among the tea varieties and supports a healthy body and beautiful skin thanks to its valuable ingredients: white tea. We explain what distinguishes this exclusive type of tea and why it is worth replacing your morning coffee with a cup of white tea. The finest tea... Read More ⇒

Ingrown hairs: These natural remedies can be used to remove them

Find out which simple active ingredients and methods you can use to rid your skin of ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs: this really helps We are guaranteed to have had one or the other ingrown hair after hair removal that was very difficult to remove. Especially on the legs, in the groin area, and... Read More ⇒

Coffee peeling for glowing skin: These DIY recipes ensure a natural glow

Coffee makes the skin glow because it has a detoxifying, draining, and antioxidant effect and stimulates your blood circulation. Here's a guide to the best do-it-yourself coffee-based face masks and scrubs. Coffee peeling for radiantly beautiful skin Coffee masks serve as a natural... Read More ⇒

Naomi Campbell shares her secret to beautiful legs on the runway

The 50-year-old supermodel Naomi Campbell reveals her big secret for beautiful legs on her YouTube channel. "It doesn't hurt. It's not particularly comforting," says Naomi Campbell with a laugh. She speaks of her go-to ritual before every event: lymphatic drainage. In the latest edition... Read More ⇒
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