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Korean beauty: Can this obscure trend really make dry skin glow overnight?

The Korean skincare trend Slugging promises glowing skin in no time. Hype or reality? Slugging, a trend in the Korean cosmetics scene is a hack designed to optimize personal skincare routine As slimy as slugging may sound, it's a Korean beauty skincare trend that started a few years ago... Read More ⇒

White tea: Healthy and rejuvenating effect of the beauty booster

White tea, the finest of all teas, is a natural ally in the purification of the body and skin. What is white tea? White tea is considered the finest and oldest type of tea in the world. The tea leaves are processed particularly gently - this means that the tea retains its original taste... Read More ⇒

The most popular face masks from the drugstore

We love face masks - hardly any other beauty product makes you feel refreshed and cared for as quickly as with a great face mask. After all, not everyone can and does not want to spend money on a beautician, in Corona times it is anyway: the woman is herself! Sheet masks in particular are currently... Read More ⇒

Best care tips and products for combination skin

In order to meet the demands of the skin, it is particularly important to adjust the daily facial care exactly to your personal skin type. Oily meets dry: Best care tips for combination skin Photo: Imaxtree Combination skin needs special care, as two skin types meet here It becomes... Read More ⇒

Dewy Glow is the make-up trend that cares for the skin at the same time

Reduced no-make-up looks, whose even complexion is covered with a touch of restrained beige or earthy tones, have established themselves as the favorites of many designers and make-up artists for several seasons. This flawless naturalness is now complemented by a subtle glow that was neither made... Read More ⇒

Anti-dandruff shampoo: A beauty basic for a healthy scalp

A person loses up to ten grams of skin flakes every day because the skin is constantly renewing itself and shedding dead cells from the epidermis. This happens completely unnoticed because the flakes of skin are tiny. If the skin (or scalp) suddenly flakes faster - for example, due to external... Read More ⇒

This 2-in-1 booster ensures full eyelashes and eyebrows

Not every woman is blessed with long, voluminous eyelashes and thick eyebrows. The 2-in-1 solution for an extravagant look and eyebrows that perfectly frame the face? The "Power Lash & Brow Booster" from RefectoCil, which with its natural active ingredient complex of Black Sea Rod Oil stimulates... Read More ⇒

Parchment skin: How to strengthen thin skin?

Our skin changes over time: With increasing age, it loses its elasticity, wrinkles appear in the area of the eyes, mouth, and forehead and sun damage becomes visible - for example in the form of pigment spots. Strengthening thin skin: What you can do against parchment skin? Photo:... Read More ⇒

The best facial care for an alert and radiant complexion in the morning (with immediate effect)

Facial care: the 10 best products for beautiful skin and a perfect start to the day The first Zoom meeting in the morning at eight o'clock? No matter how long and well we slept, the first look in the mirror usually does not reveal what we would like to see. Beyond 30, it usually takes a... Read More ⇒

Without surgery: These things help against drooping eyelids

Many people have drooping eyelids: the movable eyelid is covered by the skin of the immobile eyelid. What is completely harmless to health is perceived by many as a visual flaw. We'll tell you about exercises and tricks with which you can reduce drooping eyelids - painlessly and without... Read More ⇒

Itchy skin in winter

Icy temperatures and overheated rooms are pure stress for our skin. It is tight and itchy and can cause us a lot of trouble. With our 3-point plan, you will get through the cold season well! What you can do about dry and itchy skin in winter? Right body care for itchy skin A hot shower... Read More ⇒

Cellulite Massage: Top Techniques and Devices for Firm Skin

We live in a time when the acceptance of blemishes (luckily) continues to increase. Thanks to women like Ashley Graham and Danae Mercer, more and more people dare to stand by their bodies. A great trend, because everybody is good the way it is. Cellulite Massage: These Tools Keep Your Skin... Read More ⇒
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