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Anti Aging Trend: Can Face Yoga Replace Botox?

Yoga may be good for some things, posture, core muscles, inner peace. But can gentle gymnastics really smooth out wrinkles and effectively counteract skin aging? Yes, it can, the experts agree. The prerequisites for the visible success of this so-called face yoga are (as with the classic full-body... Read More ⇒

Awake eyes: These eye patches make dark circles disappear instantly

The night was short again and the look in the mirror the next morning reveals the unadorned reality: puffy eyelids, dark circles under the eyes, a tired look. No wonder, as the eye region is the most sensitive part of our face. Taking care of them properly is a challenge. Quick solution: Eye... Read More ⇒

Body Oils: These vegetable oils will best suit your skin type

Our skin loves vegetable oils, but not everybody oil is equally suitable for everyone. Our expert explains which natural body oils are available and who should use them. © Stocksy United Body oils or vegetable oils have become an obsession that goes beyond their scent: we now know that... Read More ⇒

Dehydrating the body: You can use these foods to prevent and relieve water retention

Working in the home office is often associated with a lack of exercise and poor nutrition - this can lead to water retention, swelling, or pain. © Nikita Sursin With these foods, you can dehydrate your body and prevent and relieve water build-up in the body. Are your ankles swollen and... Read More ⇒

Facial massage: that's why it's the ultimate skincare favorite in 2021

From Gua Sha for lymphatic drainage on the face to special training for the facial muscles - facial massages are the beauty favorite for 2021. This is why the facial massage is the ultimate skincare favorite in 2021 Since the pandemic started, my Instagram feed has been full of face... Read More ⇒

Gigi and Bella Hadid: The models beautician reveals 4 skin care tips for at home

From Gigi and Bella Hadid to Kaia Gerber and Irina Shayk - they all trust beautician Mimi Luzon like no other. The beauty expert gave us four simple skincare tips for at home. Gigi and Bella Hadid: The supermodel's beautician reveals 4 skincare tips for at home © Bertrand Rindoff... Read More ⇒

Face cream from 60: 5 best creams for mature skin

Mature skin is considered particularly demanding. These face creams provide you with high-quality ingredients. Face cream from 60: Optimal care for demanding skin Mature skin has special needs and must therefore be well cared for. Whether wrinkles, dryness, or other signs of aging: With... Read More ⇒

Skincare: 5 care mistakes that you should absolutely avoid

Finding the perfect skincare product for yourself is not that easy. We'll tell you which typical mistakes often happen and how to avoid them. Avoid these five biggest skincare mistakes! You should definitely avoid these mistakes in skincare 1. The products do not match the skin... Read More ⇒

Active cress ointment in the [test]: experiences 2021

Can natural cress extract help with age spots? More and more users are using Biovolen Active Cress Ointment. We asked make-up artist Johanna, who tested the ointment extensively, how good it really is. Self-test: how well does active cress ointment work on age spots? Age spots are an... Read More ⇒

Veganuary: How to Put Together the Perfect Vegan Beauty Routine?

From vegan tampons and nail polish without shellfish ingredients to cruelty-free skincare products and artificial eyelashes without animal hair - your ultimate guide to a vegan beauty routine. January counts just 18 days and you can already find almost 50,000 posts under # Veganuary2021 on... Read More ⇒

Beauty routine: This is how it has a positive effect on your skin and your mind

Daily beauty rituals ensure a well-groomed body and a healthy mind. A beauty routine brings far more benefits than just the skin We learned that the beauty routine is more important than ever. It took the pandemic for us to really appreciate the mood-lifting power of beauty. From face... Read More ⇒

Best Moisturizer: 12 Best Face Creams For All Skin Types

From the best drugstore moisturizer to the ideal options for dry and acne-prone skin. 12 best moisturizers for all skin types While you may still be learning about the complexities of skincare, you have likely realized the importance of finding the best facial moisturizer. Especially... Read More ⇒
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