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Active cress ointment in the [test]: experiences 2021

Can natural cress extract help with age spots? More and more users are using Biovolen Active Cress Ointment. We asked make-up artist Johanna, who tested the ointment extensively, how good it really is. Self-test: how well does active cress ointment work on age spots? Age spots are an... Read More ⇒

Veganuary: How to Put Together the Perfect Vegan Beauty Routine?

From vegan tampons and nail polish without shellfish ingredients to cruelty-free skincare products and artificial eyelashes without animal hair - your ultimate guide to a vegan beauty routine. January counts just 18 days and you can already find almost 50,000 posts under # Veganuary2021 on... Read More ⇒

Beauty routine: This is how it has a positive effect on your skin and your mind

Daily beauty rituals ensure a well-groomed body and a healthy mind. A beauty routine brings far more benefits than just the skin We learned that the beauty routine is more important than ever. It took the pandemic for us to really appreciate the mood-lifting power of beauty. From face... Read More ⇒

Best Moisturizer: 12 Best Face Creams For All Skin Types

From the best drugstore moisturizer to the ideal options for dry and acne-prone skin. 12 best moisturizers for all skin types While you may still be learning about the complexities of skincare, you have likely realized the importance of finding the best facial moisturizer. Especially... Read More ⇒

Bobbi Brown: 3 Biggest Beauty Trends of Spring - Global Art Director Hannah Murray explains

Bobbi Brown's new global art director, makeup artist Hannah Murray, shares her top three spring beauty trends with us. Bobbi Brown: Global Artistic Director Hannah Murray names the 3 ultimate beauty trends for spring There are very few make-up bags that have not been adorned with a... Read More ⇒

Chemical peel: Samantha Jones' experience in "Sex and the City" is far from reality

Samantha Jones ’disastrous skin peeling is arguably the most fetched SATC storyline. What you need to know about chemical peels has been put together by an editor. Chemical peeling - what Samantha Jones' experience in "Sex and the City" is all about? The news that a "Sex and The City"... Read More ⇒

Ella Emhoff: Kamala Harris' stepdaughter sets new beauty goals with her style

Ella Emhoff and her style make her a new source of inspiration. Her curly pony hairstyle and her style set new standards: Kamala Harris' stepdaughter Ella Emhoff shows how her hairstyle leaves a lasting impression and can be worn in many ways. Ella Emhoff as styling inspiration for... Read More ⇒

Korean Beauty: 12 Trends You Must Try in 2021

Say goodbye to 10-step routines and make room for science-based formulas and an all-round minimalist approach to skincare. This year, K-Beauty is all about clean, plant-based ingredients - from carrots and mushrooms to Asian pennywort - with a focus on anti-inflammatory factors. Korean Beauty:... Read More ⇒

Beta-Carotene: Why you should incorporate carrot oil into your care routine now?

Carrots are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. In oil form, the vegetables are also a true beauty all-rounder. Beta-Carotene: Why you should incorporate carrot oil into your care routine now? The sometimes underestimated carrot has numerous positive properties. Beta-carotene,... Read More ⇒

DIY cosmetics: Make turmeric mask yourself

Soft, smooth, and supple skin in just a few minutes: This is what most face masks from the drugstore promise. But most of the time we don't know exactly which ingredients are in such a moisturizer. One thing is certain: For a homemade turmeric mask we only need the spice, honey, and yoghurt... Read More ⇒

Tips for beautiful eyebrows: These 3 mistakes should be avoided when styling

Perfectly curved, distinctive eyebrows are currently in demand. Everyone wants such wow brows. But how do we get it? By avoiding these 3 brow styling mistakes and getting the most out of them! Eyebrows: These are the mistakes to avoid when styling We'd better not make these mistakes... Read More ⇒

Detox effect: this is how healing clay works on the skin and body

It is supposed to fight pimples, stimulate detoxification and alleviate gastrointestinal complaints: healing earth is one of the oldest natural remedies and has been valued for its special effects for centuries. We explain the external and internal use and present the best products with healing... Read More ⇒
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