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According To Lena-Meyer-Landrut, This Hairstyle Trend Is Hip In Autumn 2021

Since she won us the title at the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo at the age of 19, Lena Meyer-Landrut has become an integral part of the German pop world. And when it comes to beauty and fashion, the now 30-year-old repeatedly proves an incredible sense of style - and so it is not surprising that... Read More ⇒

Natural Hair Structure: With These 5 Tips You Can Get Back To Your Natural Curls

If the pandemic and lockdowns made you appreciate your naturally curly or wavy texture again, here's how to grow your chemically treated hair well-groomed. Natural hair structure: Back to naturally wavy or curly hair with care and acceptance. When Khloé Kardashian recently posted on... Read More ⇒

Fall Hair Styling: 3 Most Beautiful Hairstyles for Thin Short Hair

Aren't there many styling options for thin short hair? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! You can find three lovely hairstyles here and they are perfect for fall... These styling variants for fine short hair are particularly beautiful in the fall season... In autumn we... Read More ⇒

Parisian Glow: Most Natural Hair Color Trend For Fall

Undecided whether or not to dye your hair? You definitely can't go wrong with this natural hair color trend this fall... This natural hair color trend is just très chic for fall! In autumn, a hairdressing appointment with a refreshing color is first on the to-do list for many of us,... Read More ⇒

Thin Hair: These 6 Hairstyles Are Real Volume Boosters

Our dream of thick hair and volume could soon become a reality because these six haircuts and hairstyles will conjure up a beautiful lion's mane in no time at all... A voluminous lion's mane like actress Zendaya? It works with these hairstyles! While trendy haircuts and hair colors... Read More ⇒

Perfect Hairstyle For Women Who Want To Change Their Life

Do you feel ready to take a new step in your life and want a change? Then do everything right with this hairstyle... Do you want to change? It works with this hairstyle... Sometimes it's just time to bring a little fresh momentum to everyday life. However, you don't necessarily have... Read More ⇒

Wavy Curtain Bangs Make Us Look 5 Years Younger

Curtain bangs are very popular this year and are currently particularly popular in the wavy version. The pony not only looks trendy, but it also makes you look younger in no time. Wavy curtain bangs are also popular with stars like Sofia Vergara or J.Lo. For women of fashion in 2021, it is... Read More ⇒

Hairstyle Trend In Fall 2021: These 3 Hair Colors Are Now In Fashion

As far as hairstyles are concerned, autumn 2021 is pretty impressive - because it not only comes with new cuts but also with a lot of new hair colors. Here we reveal which 3 colors we particularly love. The new hair colors are here! We know which nuances are absolutely trendy in autumn... Read More ⇒

From 20 To 60: This Hairstyle Trend Is Best For All Ages In Autumn 2021!

A new hairstyle is a bit like a blind date: you don't really know what to expect and experience a real thrill - in the best case scenario, however, you fall head over heels in love. In itself, because the right haircut can put the face a little more beautifully in the scene, increase... Read More ⇒

Do You Fancy A New Frize? Best Hairstyle Trends For Fall 2021 - Autumn New Season!

The best way to bring sun-stressed summer hair back into shape is with a decent haircut. So that the whole thing doesn't become as pragmatic as it sounds, it's best to bet on a new hairstyle trend for autumn 2021 at the same time. The new hairstyles are still influenced by the long lockdown... Read More ⇒

Beautiful Long Hair! In This Way You Can Specifically Promote Your Hair Growth

Full, healthy, and long hair without frizz and split ends - many women dream of it. The hair should grow as quickly as possible. Many products promise to accelerate hair growth and even double the speed at which hair grows. Unfortunately, these are just empty promises. Because hair growth is... Read More ⇒

Straight Hair: 11 Tips To Create The Sleek Look

Who does not know it - if you have waves, you want straight hair, women with straight strands crave nothing more than voluminous curls. True to the motto: You always want what you don't have. Fortunately, there are effective (and gentle!) Methods to change the natural hair structure every now... Read More ⇒
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