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Beach Waves with Straighteners: How to Style The Casual Waves Step By Step?

Beach waves with flat irons: Instructions and tips: Fancy a holiday feeling? Then Beach Waves are perfect for you. This is how you style the natural waves with a straightening iron. Bring beach vibes straight to your home with Beach Waves. We show you a simple step-by-step guide with the... Read More ⇒

Beach Waves with A Curling Iron: Style The Look The Right Way

Do you want hair from the beach? Then try Beach Waves with the curling iron! Influencer Negin Mirsalehi shows how casual the beach waves can look. We'll tell you how to style the perfect beach waves with the curling iron. Beach waves are among the most natural looks in the beauty world... Read More ⇒

Summer Hairstyles 2023: Most Beautiful Hairstyles in The Heat

Standing in front of the mirror for hours at 30 degrees? No thanks! Discover relaxed styling for hot summer days that you can imitate without straightening irons, curling irons, etc. This not only saves you time but also protects your hair. All hair gone The classic French braid is back.... Read More ⇒

Very Trendy: Why Everyone is Crazy About The Flicked Bob Now!

New season, new trend hairstyle: If there is one cut this year that is absolutely hip and loved by all hairdressers, then it is the flicked bob. We'll tell you what's behind the trend look - and why you definitely need it! Summer is slowly but surely approaching us in big steps. The... Read More ⇒

Electrified Hair: 10 Helpful Tips

It's that easy to tame electrified hair... Are you one of those women whose hair defies gravity and just sticks out in all directions, especially in winter? Electrified hair can be really annoying. Find out what you can do to tame your mane here! Especially women with thin or fine... Read More ⇒

Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

These tips and tricks ensure a magnificent mane! A shiny, gorgeous, and healthy mane - that's every woman's greatest dream, isn't it? Thick hair has always been considered the absolute ideal of beauty, but unfortunately, mother nature has only blessed very few of us with it. We dig... Read More ⇒

Pony Hairstyle Trend – Short, Long, Fringed?

These are the most beautiful variants to wear this summer... When it comes to hairstyles, the bangs are the smallest element with the greatest impact. Well-fitted bangs can accentuate your most beautiful features while concealing certain imperfections. However, if you choose a variant that does... Read More ⇒

Buzz Cut for Women: This is How The Stars Wear Razor-Short Hair!

Why is the Fancy Haircut So Popular? The buzz cut is a cheeky short hairstyle for brave, self-confident women. The hair is completely shaved off and worn very short. In recent years, more and more famous women from the worlds of fashion, cinema, and music have their hair cut short and thus make... Read More ⇒

11 Modern Hairstyles for Women Over 70

Upbeat hair colors that make you younger... Good style or the desire to look attractive is not a question of age. A flattering haircut and hair color is an issue at any age. This selection of modern hairstyles for women over 70 will help you find inspiration for a new look. Here are trending... Read More ⇒

Hairstyles for Thin Hair - Best Styles for Adding Volume

Your hair is rather thin and has little volume? We show you advantageous haircuts and care tips that will make your hair look excitingly beautiful. Hair is as different and individual as people themselves. There is thin, thick, frizzy, straight, wavy, curly hair, and many other hair... Read More ⇒

5 Most Important Hair Color Trends for Summer 2023

"May makes everything new," they say. And we too can slowly perceive the spirit of optimism that the month brings with it. Summer is just around the corner, our wardrobe is slowly filling up with airy dresses and shorts, and outside the trees are blooming and the flowers are in the meadows. Summer... Read More ⇒

Better Than Balayage? Blending is New Hair Color Trend for Spring

Blending is the new balayage in spring... Balayage has long been considered the most popular coloring technique of all, after all, the delicate strands in the hair guarantee a supernatural, sun-kissed look that radiates effortless elegance. Nevertheless, in spring 2022, balayage will face... Read More ⇒
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