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Fancy a pony? These hairstyle trends are perfect for newbies

Most people shy away from a pony. The fear that the hairstyle trend doesn't suit them is too great. Finally, it takes a while for the fringes to grow out again. Do you want to have a pony cut? These 5 hairstyle trends are perfect for those new to bangs Stop! We can at least take this... Read More ⇒

New hairstyle: Penélope Cruz now wears blonde hair

“Too hot to be blonde.” This was the title of the 2009 Berliner Zeitung for an interview with actress Penélope Cruz. The occasion was the then-current film by the Spaniard, "Broken Embraces", in which she herself mimed an aspiring actress who slips into different roles. Including that of Hollywood... Read More ⇒

Trendy hairstyle: Helen Mirren wears a high bun when she is over 70

Since 2003, the British actress Helen Mirren has officially been called the "DBE". Behind the abbreviation hides the somewhat bulky designation "Lady Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire" - which, in short, is simply the female counterpart to the accolade. High bun with... Read More ⇒

Rope Pony Tutorial: It's that easy to make the trend hairstyle yourself

Braided pigtails have long had a super bad reputation as a "kid's hairstyle". We wore them, if at all, on vacation on the beach or at Mardi Gras or Carnival when we were out as Pipi Longstocking. The braids are really hip again in 2021! And this time not (only) with children, but also with our... Read More ⇒

How To Tie Up Your Hair Without Damaging It?

Are you a fan of tied hair? These hair tips are your allies to wear your favorite hairstyles without damaging your hair. If teleworking and confinements have certainly contributed to our desire to tie our hair, with the arrival of sunny days, this trend is not about to disappear. If our hair... Read More ⇒

Dandruff: Our Best Tips To Get Rid Of It And Never Come Back!

Embarrassing and unsightly, dandruff is definitely not welcome on our heads. Here's everything you need to know about their formations and how to get rid of them. Dandruff, this hair scourge that we would like to get rid of once and for all. We can pamper our hair, these little white scales... Read More ⇒

How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

Everything you need to know to have beautiful and healthy hair. Finding the right routine to take care of our hair can be very difficult. For example, if we wash our hair too often, it runs the risk of becoming dry and brittle. If, on the contrary, it is not washed enough, they become oily. So... Read More ⇒

Hair Tips: How To Know If They Are Really Damaged?

Lack of hydration, stress, pollution, there are many reasons that weaken our hair. Here are these sure-fire signs to know if your hair is really damaged. We love to pamper them and their health is our priority, our hair is a bit like our babies. It couldn't be nicer to flaunt an ultra-trendy... Read More ⇒

Here is one of the most requested short haircuts this season... The Sweep crop makes it easy to maintain to let hair grow back

Fatal and androgynous, this short haircut gets all the votes. Very easy to comb, it offers limited maintenance. It boosts the pace and freshens up immediately. Wearing short hair is a secret urge for many women. Few of them “dare” to take the plunge. The change is radical. Yet this short length... Read More ⇒

Hair: Fringed bob, this short bob with mini bangs is one of the sexiest cuts around

The Fringed bob is that bob cut with bangs that are all the rage in spring. The style is fresh, relaxed, in tune with the season. The square cut? Monotone? It is certainly one of the most versatile lengths in existence, proof of this with its multiple variations. The French bob, the Outgrown... Read More ⇒

Spikey bun: This bun from the 90-2000s creates the buzz ... It's the hairstyle of the moment!

The Spikey bun is a singular bun straight from the 90s-2000s. A bit loose and a bit smooth, it is graphic and totally vintage. Current influencers are metamorphosing into lolitas 2.0. We are in 2021 and yet not a day goes by that a new trend from the 90s and 2000s is unearthed! It's simple,... Read More ⇒

Straight square hair: Most beautiful models for inspiration

A great hairstyle classic, the straight bob is a sure bet to change your head without taking any risks. Always popular, it instantly adds style to the look. Ready to give up? Check out the most beautiful straight squares spotted on Pinterest for inspiration. Prettiest models of straight... Read More ⇒
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