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Liquid Hair: Here's The Biggest Hair Trend To Get Ultra Shiny Hair

Want ultra-smooth and shiny hair? Here is how to do it. Right now, sleek and shiny hair is all the rage on Instagram. Many celebrities have also fallen for the hair trend of "Liquid hair" which can be translated as "glass hair". Smooth and shiny hair, we dream of it Straight hair is... Read More ⇒

Christmas Hair Accessories: Clips, Barrettes, Scrunchies... The Most Beautiful Apparatus To Pimp Your Hair Without Making Kitsch

Here are the most beautiful hairdressing accessories to shine this Christmas. We are looking forward to Christmas. An idea runs through our heads: put on our 31. Indeed, the end-of-the-year celebrations are the opportunity to take out your best outfit. It's also the perfect time to pimp... Read More ⇒

Hair Trends: These 3 Hairstyles Will Be Everywhere In 2022 According To Hairdressers

What will be the trendiest hairstyles for fall/winter 2021-2022? Discover the 3 most popular hair looks of the moment among French women. The casual bangs, the soft bob, and the wolf cut will be among the hairstyle trends for fall-winter 2021-2022, as announced by the collections of... Read More ⇒

Menopause: What Are Its Effects On The Hair?

Hot flashes, weight gain, and (finally!) Urinary leakage, we talk a lot about the effects of menopause on the daily life of women but this period also impacts our appearance. If we know a little about the consequences of menopause on the skin, those on the hair are still quite taboo. We are talking... Read More ⇒

It's Trendy: The Lop, The Short Haircut Of The Moment

Want to change your head by cutting your hair without sacrificing your lengths? Go for the lop, this short cut of the moment that is back on the front of the scene and climbs in hairstyle trends. Between the mullet cut and the pixie cut, the lop is the new trendy hairstyle for winter. But... Read More ⇒

Spiky Bun Hairstyle Trend: The Must-Have Bun Of The Moment

We never expected to wear it again one day, yet this little bun straight from the 90s has made its way into the hairstyle trends for fall/winter 2021-2022: the spiky bun is back! Here's how to adopt it. Spotted in the hair of some celebrities such as models Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber,... Read More ⇒

We Are Celebrating Our Baby Hair Now: Zendaya, J.Lo, And Kendall Jenner Show

Zendaya, J.Lo, Kendall Jenner, and other stars proudly show off their baby hair. For a long time, the strands were considered a problem, now they stand for natural beauty. Zendaya, Jennifer Lopez, Kendall Jenner, and other stars show how naturally you can style baby hair. From Zendaya to... Read More ⇒

Hairstyles 50+: These 5 Haircuts You Should Try

Your age doesn't determine your haircut! We show the best hairstyles from 50 including the best cuts, styling products, and the right care. The best hairstyles for ages 50 and up - we show you all the cuts, care products, and styling tips... Regardless of age: Finding the right... Read More ⇒

Bye-Bye, Long Hair! Lady Gaga Is Now Wearing The Bob Hairstyle Trend

In terms of style, we've probably seen pretty much everything on Lady Gaga - we're just talking about a frog costume, a meat rag look, or the gigantic soap bubbles. But the eccentric singer and actress have always remained true to one thing (apart from her film roles): The 35-year-old... Read More ⇒

Model Gigi Hadid Looks So Good With Red Hair And Bangs

Model Gigi Hadid Is Turning A New Pony Style Into A Trend Hairstyle For a long time, we only knew Gigi Hadid with her long, dark blonde beach waves. But then the model celebrated her catwalk comeback in March 2021 after her baby break - with a bright red mane! This triggered a real hype, because... Read More ⇒

Balayage California: Hailey Bieber Wears The Latest Hair Trend In 2022

Hair trend 2022: Hailey Bieber shows how to wear balayage next year... Model Hailey Bieber is often way ahead when it comes to hair trends. Her latest look: the extremely natural "Balayage California" dyeing technique. An expert explains what the hairstyle is all about. Do you want to give... Read More ⇒

Wow Change: Jessica Alba Suddenly Wears Short Hair

Just two days ago, Jessica Alba showed herself with a sleek XXL mane that reached her waist at the Baby2Baby Gala, the charity's 10th anniversary. And even if a couple of extensions were necessary for this Rapunzel look, as her hairstylist Brittney Ryan revealed on Instagram, Jessica has been... Read More ⇒
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