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Here Is The Bob Cut That Rejuvenates, The Box Bob Is A Real Hair Lift According To A Hairdresser

A bob cut that boosts youth? This is the effect produced by the Box bob. According to a hairdresser, it is to the hair what a facelift is to the skin. Instagram: @anniee Throughout the year, the bob cut is a coveted style. Make no mistake, the length is very versatile and comes in many forms.... Read More ⇒

All You Need To Know About Dark Ash Blonde And How To Adopt It?

There is a multitude of blondes. From Californian blond to Venetian blond, there is something for all tastes and styles. More discreet than a golden blonde, dark ash blonde (also called "dark ash blonde") seduces with its softness and natural aura. Timeless, this shade of dark blonde is more and... Read More ⇒

How To Lighten Brown Hair?

Brown hair has the right to a beach throwback effect too! When summer arrives, the sun tends to lighten our hair, giving it pretty golden highlights. But how do you get better results? There are many natural tips to achieve sun-kissed highlights on your brown hair for a sun-kissed effect to die... Read More ⇒

5 Gorgeous And Super Easy Hairstyle Ideas To Do On Your Own

5 gorgeous and super easy hairstyle ideas to do on your own... 1. Bubble braid Originally, this hairstyle - which today everyone calls "bubble braid" or "bubble braid" - is known as "maki maki". In reality, it is an ancestral hairstyle originating in the Congo which allows women to... Read More ⇒

Tapered Square: All You Need To Know About This Haircut

The bob is the unmistakable and timeless hairstyle, one that can change your face and your look like a chameleon. Between the smooth, the wavy, the messy, the long, the short, the plunging, the retro ... the square has a thousand and one facets. True safe bet, it is one of the cuts that will always... Read More ⇒

Elisa Tovati: Her 10 Beauty And Well-being Essentials

Actress but also singer, Elisa Tovati is a radiant woman with fresh beauty. With her broad smile, her sparkling eyes, and her long brown mane, she embodies the Mediterranean woman in love with life and all the little pleasures she can bring her. She tells us her beauty secrets... "I am in my... Read More ⇒

Natalie Portman Is 40: Her Most Striking Hairstyles

Natalie Portman turns 40 on Wednesday, June 9, 2021, and is one of her actors who literally grew up in front of the camera. The opportunity to come back to her most surprising hairstyles. She has one of the longest Hollywood careers from Leon to Thor, where she will reprise her role in the... Read More ⇒

Natalie Portman: Her Physical Evolution

Natalie Portman in 1996: wise hairstyle for the 15-year-old Natalie Portman in 1996: a small bob and a half ponytail Natalie Portman in 2002: sauerkraut bun and sophisticated makeup Natalie Portman in 2002: an auburn and wavy bob Natalie Portman in 2003: short bob on... Read More ⇒

This Bob Hairstyle Is Particularly Suitable For Women Who Wear Glasses

Do you wear glasses and don't know which bob hairstyle goes best with it? Then we have something for you here! The following short hairstyle is not only made for people who wear glasses, but above all, it is also quite trendy this summer! We know a bob hairstyle that particularly flatters... Read More ⇒

Pretty Shag Will Be The Over-cool Hairstyle Trend In Summer 2021

Especially in the warm season, styling your hair can be a little more effortless. Any hairstyle trend that will become relevant in summer 2021 is based on this claim. Our favorite look so far? Is the pretty shag that looks wild and cool and at the same time playful and feminine - and is super easy... Read More ⇒

Shiny Hair: 8 Best Tips And Products For Beautiful Hair

A quick grip on the highlighter is enough for a beautiful glow on your face. If, on the other hand, we want to make our hair shine, the whole thing looks a bit more complicated: Styling tools, aggressive shampoos, and a sea of different ingredients make it difficult to maintain the natural shine of... Read More ⇒

Hairstyle Trend: Face Framing Will Make Your Hair Shine In Summer 2021

Natural reflections and a silky shimmer: The latest Face Framing dyeing technique frames the face with gentle highlights - without any hard contrasts. It not only makes the hair shine but also the face. Hair expert Hamid Farahani, owner of Salon Hair by Farahani, tells us how the result will be... Read More ⇒
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