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What To Do If You Are Exhausted? - 6 Tips For Coping With Stress

Experts in mental health and wellness give their tips on coping with stress - from long walks and digital detox to alternative therapies and increased vitamin B intake. If you have felt stressed and drained more often in the past twelve months, wondering what to do if you are exhausted, you... Read More ⇒

3 Home Remedies For Sweating: Natural Help For Sweaty Feet

Many a summer can be sweaty. Of course, it is quite normal for the heat to make us sweat on our upper lips and armpits - but it is still extremely uncomfortable. Especially when sweat stains are noticeable on clothing. We'll tell you which 3 home remedies naturally help against... Read More ⇒

Jennifer Lopez: This Is The Diet She (At Age 50) Uses To Keep Her Body In Top Shape

After the birth of her twins, the actress on "Dance Again" changed her diet completely. To start: drink water with lemon in the morning. Jennifer Lopez is aware that for a healthy figure it is not enough to do sports with professional support and at a fast pace. Rather, eating habits need to... Read More ⇒

Superfood Diet: 3 Recipes For Asparagus With Strawberries

Anyone who deals with a healthy diet and the nutritional values of food knows of course that the classic asparagus with hollandaise sauce, liquid butter, potatoes, and ham is extremely tasty, but not really suitable for a diet. Instead of indulging in childhood memories and bringing the white and... Read More ⇒

Diet Without A Diet: With These Tricks You Can Lose Weight In A Relaxed Way

Who wants to do without and a disciplined diet according to a plan? With these eight simple tricks, you can now lose weight without a diet! Does that sound like a paradox? But it really works. Diet without a diet: the best tricks to lose weight in a relaxed manner Diets often require... Read More ⇒

Always Tired? 6 Tips For Looking Awake

Blemished sallow skin, dark circles under small eyes: a look in the mirror shows how we are feeling right now, namely tired. After a pandemic for over a year, many people are exhausted. Of course, no cream in the world can help against the psychological stress that many are currently suffering... Read More ⇒

More Energy In Everyday Life: 5 Tips Against Lethargy And Tiredness

Do you feel exhausted and tired all the time? You are not alone in this. Izy George, Lululemon ambassador and co-founder of Grndhouse, told us how to escape the energy dip. Goodbye fatigue: tricks for more energy in everyday life Do you constantly feel exhausted and can no longer imagine how... Read More ⇒

Menopause: 5 Things You Guaranteed Didn't Know About Menopause

Health expert and author Maisie Hill taught us what we should all know about menopause. Although it affects half the population at some point, many of us know very little about menopause. Maisie Hill wants to change that with her book "Perimenopause Power". It contains a lot of information... Read More ⇒

Detox very easy - 5 things that we can do in everyday life to detoxify the body

Spring is the best time of year to detoxify the body, regain new energy and develop habits that can make us feel better on all levels. We are at the perfect time to do a spring detox and incorporate good habits into our daily lives to remove toxins from our bodies, facilitate the elimination of... Read More ⇒

Coping with Stress: How to Make Your Smile Happy Again?

Dr. Mental health expert Olivia Remes explains how laughter can help us through the darkest days and even extend our lives. Coping with stress: According to experts, this is how you smile happily again Coping with stress: According to the expert, laughter makes you happy Life has its ups... Read More ⇒

Cancer treatment in times of pandemic - 10 people tell their story

From the worry of getting infected with Corona in addition to the already serious illness, to being forced to walk this frightening path alone - these are the stories of people who are fighting their cancer in the pandemic. Many people in lockdown have to go through their cancer treatment... Read More ⇒

Camu Camu: Vitamin C booster for skin and body

Camu Camu - Have you never heard of the name? Doesn't sound like a small, round berry, but more like a tropical promise. In fact, camu camu grows on bushes in the rainforests of South America and is considered a traditional remedy there. But also in this country, the berry has long been... Read More ⇒
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