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Coping with Stress: How to Make Your Smile Happy Again?

Dr. Mental health expert Olivia Remes explains how laughter can help us through the darkest days and even extend our lives. Coping with stress: According to experts, this is how you smile happily again Coping with stress: According to the expert, laughter makes you happy Life has its ups... Read More ⇒

Cancer treatment in times of pandemic - 10 people tell their story

From the worry of getting infected with Corona in addition to the already serious illness, to being forced to walk this frightening path alone - these are the stories of people who are fighting their cancer in the pandemic. Many people in lockdown have to go through their cancer treatment... Read More ⇒

Camu Camu: Vitamin C booster for skin and body

Camu Camu - Have you never heard of the name? Doesn't sound like a small, round berry, but more like a tropical promise. In fact, camu camu grows on bushes in the rainforests of South America and is considered a traditional remedy there. But also in this country, the berry has long been... Read More ⇒

Too much screen time? 5 expert tips to protect your skin from blue light

Blue light from laptops and cell phones has been shown to damage skin cells and can cause sleep problems. Here are 5 expert tips to help protect your skin from the rays. Too much screen time? With these 5 expert tips, you can protect your skin from harmful blue light With these 5 expert... Read More ⇒

PMS Symptoms - How Pandemic Stress Affects Your Cycle and What To Do About It

Learn how the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown are affecting your menstrual cycle and what you can do to get your cycle back into balance. For many, menstruation and menstruation is an ordeal even at normal times, but during a pandemic, when stress, anxiety, and lockdown disrupt cycles, PMS... Read More ⇒

Figure slimming: 7 ingredients to lose weight at breakfast!

If you want to watch your health and figure or even lose weight, you should change your eating habits consistently and do more sport. In detail, all those foods that are rich in carbohydrates, saturated fatty acids, salt, and/or sugar should be reduced to a minimum and replaced with fresh fruit and... Read More ⇒

OPC from grapes: All-rounder for beauty and health

According to statistics, grapes are among the three most popular types of fruit in the world. Red grapes with seeds are particularly healthy because they contain valuable phytochemicals that act as natural wrinkle killers and protect the body from oxidative stress. Antioxidant boost: OPC from... Read More ⇒

Fall asleep quickly: This sleep tip that goes viral has even been scientifically proven!

Sleep smart: A simple sleeping tip that really helps Enjoyment of falling asleep quickly Instead of rolling around in bed for hours, do you prefer to fall asleep quickly? Not that difficult if you consider a tip that went viral because it's so simple, yet scientifically proven. If you... Read More ⇒

Getting rid of bags under the eyes: This really helps

Just like dark circles, thick bags make us look tired or sick. Who would want that? We'll give you natural tips on how to treat unsightly puffiness and get rid of it once and for all! What can be done against bags under the eyes? We have the most effective tips! We reveal here which home... Read More ⇒

White tea: This fine type of tea is so healthy for skin and body

It is considered the champagne among the tea varieties and supports a healthy body and beautiful skin thanks to its valuable ingredients: white tea. We explain what distinguishes this exclusive type of tea and why it is worth replacing your morning coffee with a cup of white tea. The finest tea... Read More ⇒

Carbohydrates in pasta, rice, couscous and co.: Are they all the same?

Our expert explains which prejudices can be safely forgotten and which foods are suitable for a balanced diet. Pasta, rice, and couscous: what are carbohydrates and how do they differ? What are carbohydrates and what are they in? Over the years, a number of prejudices about certain... Read More ⇒

White tea: Healthy and rejuvenating effect of the beauty booster

White tea, the finest of all teas, is a natural ally in the purification of the body and skin. What is white tea? White tea is considered the finest and oldest type of tea in the world. The tea leaves are processed particularly gently - this means that the tea retains its original taste... Read More ⇒
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