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Bella Hadid Shares The Recipe for Her Favorite Salad to Stay Fit (with only 5 ingredients)

Bella Hadid is very careful about her diet - on Tiktok she now reveals the recipe for her favorite salad, which is super healthy and easy to make. Bella Hadid loves this easy recipe for a salad to stay in shape From her skincare routine to healthy recipes, Bella Hadid shares many of her... Read More ⇒

Break The Habit of Nail Biting: 5 Simple Tips on How to Leave Your Nails Alone

Some do it out of nervousness, boredom, or out of habit: biting their fingernails. For some, this even goes so far that only painful nail stubs remain on the fingers, and the skin is even bitten bloody. Beautiful nails definitely look different. But how can you stop biting your nails? These tips... Read More ⇒

Drinking Water: How Much is Really Enough Per Day?

Drinking water is essential for survival. But how much is recommended per day? And can you drink too much water? Do you ever wonder how much water is really enough to drink? The human body consists of around 70 percent water. In order to maintain the water balance, one must drink enough... Read More ⇒

Nutrition Tip: Top 7 Best Anti-Aging Foods

Diet Tip: These are the best anti-aging foods to rejuvenate from within... If you want to remain fit and energetic into old age and at the same time want to prevent the usual signs of aging in your skin such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity, or pigment spots, you should check your habits... Read More ⇒

How Often Is Hair Washing Healthy? That's Really True!

For 14 percent of Germans, daily hair care with shampoo is part of their beauty routine. But how often is hair washing really good? How often do you wash your hair? Stick to these rules and your mane will thank you! When is it too little and when is it too much? And is there such a thing... Read More ⇒

Lose Weight: 6 Foods That Will Stop Cravings

6 foods that help relieve cravings... Anyone who goes on a diet thinks about food all the time - at least that's what it feels like. If you also have a free minute, you can imagine a feast with a surprisingly colorful imagination. And already the stomach growls. It is not uncommon for... Read More ⇒

Getting Rid Of Bloated Stomach: This Helps If There Is Too Much Air In The Stomach

Too much air in the stomach can be uncomfortable or painful. These tips will help get rid of or even avoid the bloated stomach. Getting Rid of Bloat: Recognizing and Treating the Symptoms After eating, do you not just feel full and satisfied, but have unpleasant stomach aches and a large... Read More ⇒

Audrey Hepburn Diet: Lose Weight Like Old Hollywood?

Lose Weight Like Old Hollywood: This Is How The Audrey-Hepburn Diet Works... Do you know the enhancement of petite? It goes something like this: petite, petite, Audrey Hepburn. The fairy actress weighed just 49 kilos with a height of 1.71 meters. Thanks to a terrific metabolism - that needs to... Read More ⇒

Eye Irritation: Euphrasia - When The Eyes Need Comfort

Our eyes are sensitive. The eyelids quickly smolder, the conjunctiva is irritated or even inflamed. A herbal remedy for such ailments was already known in the Middle Ages - the plant is tellingly called eyebright or euphrasia. You can still benefit from centuries of treatment experience... Read More ⇒

Cryosauna: Lose Weight In Just 3 Minutes - Does It Work?

Cryosauna: lose weight in just 3 minutes and fire up your metabolism. Does it work? Expose yourself to temperatures of down to -150 ° C in nothing but underwear? Sounds unbearable, but it is one of the hottest weight-loss trends right now. In fact, the cryosauna or whole-body cold therapy is... Read More ⇒

Diet: How The Combination Of Apple And Cinnamon Should Help You Lose Weight

From apple-cinnamon-water to Bircher muesli: this combination helps you lose weight effectively - and supports your diet. Apple and cinnamon are parts of winter like gingerbread and chocolate - at least when you think of traditional Christmas cookies and steaming, warm desserts such as baked... Read More ⇒

Lose Weight: Turmeric Makes You Slim And Should Replace 60 Minutes Of Exercise - According To The Study

According to the study: Turmeric should not only be used to lose weight, but it should also replace 60 minutes of exercise! In the local kitchen, turmeric is so far little known: The small, wrinkled root with the intense orange color is fresh in the well-stocked vegetable department and can be... Read More ⇒
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