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Oscars 2023: These are The Best Beauty Looks on The Red Carpet

On the red carpet at the Oscars 2022, everything from classic to unusual with hair and make-up is included - here are the most beautiful beauty looks. These are the best beauty looks of the Oscars 2022 It's Hollywood's big night, the Oscars 2022, and the nominees, presenters, and... Read More ⇒

10 Genius Beauty Hacks That will Simplify Your Life!

Do you have one or two tricks that make certain things in the bathroom easier for you? They must be worth a lot to you, right? But what if there are so many more insider tips to make your everyday beauty routine easier? Wouldn't that be amazing? That's why we've put together the 10 best... Read More ⇒

Jaw Lighting: This Beauty Trend Ensures A Jawline Like Bella Hadid

How does Jaw Lighting work for a defined jaw like Bella Hadid? Clear definitions are now of the utmost importance, not only in communication - because in this way you can prevent misunderstandings. As far as beauty trends are concerned, clear lines are also used in eyeliner, well-defined colors... Read More ⇒

Haute Couture Makeup: White Eyeliner Makes A Statement In 2023 At Christian Dior

Do you prefer to use eyeliner in dark tones, rarely in bright colors, and (actually) never in white? Mais non, that will change from now on! As Dior's head of make-up Peter Philips recently proved at the haute couture shows in Paris, a statement eyeliner in bright white can look surprisingly... Read More ⇒

Lipstick Trends 2023: These 4 Colors Are Popular In Spring

Do you love lipstick as much as we do? Then you should definitely see which 4 colors will be all the rage in spring 2022! Lipsticks are much more than just make-up, they are a statement with which we can express our respective moods. In addition, they often only add the final touch to an overall... Read More ⇒

Makeup Trend Kitten Eyes: Eyeliner Will Be Drawn In Fine, Effective Lines In Winter 2023

Kitten Eyes: The eyeliner trend will impress with filigree and effective lines in winter 2021... Singer Lady Gaga became famous for her extravagant stage outfits and matching make-up looks. In addition, the style icon also has a weakness for old Hollywood glamor. Whether unusual or classic -... Read More ⇒

Eye Makeup: These Eye Shadow Trends Are Celebrating The Holidays In Winter 2023

Focus on the eyes: these eye shadow trends will put you in a festive mood in winter 2021... Even if many current beauty trends pick up on natural beauty and want to emphasize it in a more subtle way, during the festive season we often want more eye-catching make-up that can be used to underline... Read More ⇒

Beauty Trend For Eyebrow Transplants: Is This How You Can Fill Your Brows Forever?

Beauty trend: this is how you can fill your brows forever with an eyebrow transplant... Narrowly plucked eyebrows drawn in fine lines on the skin (as they were once iconic at Twiggy and then became popular again in the 1990s) have long been a thing of the past. For some years now, the opposite,... Read More ⇒

Under-Eye Makeup: This Will Be The Big Beauty Trend In 2023

According to Runway: Under-Eye Make-up will be the big beauty trend in 2022. After years of concealing, our lower eyelids are now unexpectedly moving into the spotlight this year and especially next. Because the designers seem to agree on this for the coming spring/summer season: Eyeshadow & Co.... Read More ⇒

These 13 Looks By Hailey Bieber Are Among Her Beauty Highlights

The queen of the Californian beach style is always perfectly styled - no matter when, no matter where. We are now showing you the 13 most beautiful looks by Hailey Bieber! Hailey Bieber is turning 25 - and we're looking at her most stunning beauty looks to date... Whether privately in... Read More ⇒

Scarlett Johansson At 37: The Actress Has Changed So Ingeniously

Scarlett Johansson loves playing with looks and is not afraid to experiment. Some claim that Scarlett Johansson is always a little bit alike on screen in all roles (although we disagree). In any case, this does not apply to the actress' appearances on the red carpet - Scarlett Johansson is... Read More ⇒

3 Steps To The Trend: Sparkling Disco Makeup Like At Burberry

This is how the sparkling disco make-up look from Burberry succeeds... Anyone who loves to attract everyone's attention and (regardless of whether in candlelight or spotlight) would like to sparkle with the stars in the night sky, usually does so with the help of appropriate fashion trends... Read More ⇒
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