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Nail Polish Trend 2023 – We are Wearing These 5 Colors Now

The start of summer is particularly glamorous with these nail polishes. The nail polish trend for 2022 is: Beautiful fingernails instead of jewelry! The French manicure shows itself with the appeal of supermodels of the 90s. Yellow nail polish and purple nail polish put our hands in the... Read More ⇒

Nail Trend 2023: How to Achieve Sparkling Diamond Nails?

Like Cassie in "Euphoria": Diamond nails ensure a sparkling appearance as the nail trend in 2022. Sydney Sweeney as Cassie in "Euphoria" sets the nail trend for spring 2022. When the first episode of the US series "Euphoria" started on June 16, 2019, probably nobody could have guessed what... Read More ⇒

Break The Habit of Nail Biting: 5 Simple Tips on How to Leave Your Nails Alone

Some do it out of nervousness, boredom, or out of habit: biting their fingernails. For some, this even goes so far that only painful nail stubs remain on the fingers, and the skin is even bitten bloody. Beautiful nails definitely look different. But how can you stop biting your nails? These tips... Read More ⇒

Beauty Trends 2023: This Nail Polish is Popular in Spring

We love painted fingernails! From colorful to natural nuances, we reveal which nail polishes are trending in spring 2022. Which varnish will we wear on our nails in spring 2022? These 4 shades are in! Not only in fashion do the trend colors change regularly, but there are also always new... Read More ⇒

10 Genius Beauty Hacks That will Simplify Your Life!

Do you have one or two tricks that make certain things in the bathroom easier for you? They must be worth a lot to you, right? But what if there are so many more insider tips to make your everyday beauty routine easier? Wouldn't that be amazing? That's why we've put together the 10 best... Read More ⇒

Nail Polish Trends for Spring 2023 - In Red, Rose and Hot Pink

New fashion, new make-up, new nail polish - with the start of the warm season, we are finally stripping away from the (quite elegant, but nevertheless very quiet) winter colors and are now swapping all the black, gray, and mauve for atmospheric, radiant colors of summer. At the forefront is 2022... Read More ⇒

Make Gel Nails Yourself: How The Manicure Works, Even For Beginners?

Ultra-shiny and long-lasting, you can do gel nails yourself with our step-by-step guide. Here you will learn everything, that you have to know. So you can make gel nails yourself Gel nails look well-groomed and promise a long-lasting manicure. However, the costs of regular visits to the... Read More ⇒

Boring Nails Are The Elegant Nail Polish Trend In Winter 2023

Not boring at all: It's definitely not boring. Boring nails is a nail polish trend in 2022... It seems a bit as if the fashion world is currently divided into two camps. While some follow the big trend towards minimalism, there are now more and more maximalists who play with more... Read More ⇒

Nail Polish Trends: These Colors And Combinations Will Count In 2023

In winter, Christmas nuances usually dominate the nail polish range - this season, in addition to the obligatory red from Chanel and Dior, a dark forest green (like Etro or Anna Sui), as well as gold, silver, and bronze (like Dolce & Gabbana or Christian Cowan), were special popular. Together with... Read More ⇒

Nail Polish Trend In Winter 2023: Dark Green Is The Trend Color

Around Christmas and New Year's Eve, there are gorgeous decorations and decorations. Our nails are also getting a festive update. While light, subtle nuances were still popular in summer, the nail polish trends in winter adapt to the radiantly beautiful Christmas trees. Dark green nails look... Read More ⇒

Nail Trends By And For Experts: We Will Love These 21 Unexpected Looks In 2023

We asked the top nail experts in the industry about their forecasts for the year 2022, everything from metallic and chrome to labeled nail stickers is included. Nail trends with which we will adorn our fingertips in 2022: from classic to op-art to gender-neutral. New year, new nails. But... Read More ⇒

Scarlett Johansson At 37: The Actress Has Changed So Ingeniously

Scarlett Johansson loves playing with looks and is not afraid to experiment. Some claim that Scarlett Johansson is always a little bit alike on screen in all roles (although we disagree). In any case, this does not apply to the actress' appearances on the red carpet - Scarlett Johansson is... Read More ⇒
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