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As Nail Polish Trends In Autumn And Winter, These 3 Colors Provide A Festive Flair

Purple, orange, brown: these colors will determine the nail polish trends in autumn and winter 2021. Both fashion and beauty trends are currently steering subtly and yet definitely in a very special direction. Dresses, skirts, and the like show more glitter and glamor than usual. When it comes... Read More ⇒

Pumpkin Nails Will Become The Most Important Nail Polish Trend In Autumn

The most important nail polish trends for autumn can be read both from the current runway looks and from the new products that iconic labels such as Chanel, Hermès, or Dior launch every year at the start of the season. As a result, in addition to sensual coffee tones, all pumpkin nuances, i.e.... Read More ⇒

Halloween Manicure: Black Nail Polish Is So Eerily Beautiful (And Versatile)

Whether cobwebs, cat eyes, or blazing French nail flames: These black Halloween main chests ensure the necessary horror atmosphere at all parties. Still no idea for your next Halloween manicure and scary Halloween fingernails? Providing your nails with creative nail art seems like a big... Read More ⇒

American Manicure Is The Hottest Nail Art Trend This Fall

In the USA, French manicures are simpler but all the more colorful. A star manicurist reveals how to do it. Pale pink nails with white arches on the tips have long been known as French manicures. After the classic look fell out of favor for a short time, it has now experienced a revival, and... Read More ⇒

Beauty Tricks: 22 Ingenious Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know!

22 ingenious professional beauty hacks for XXL lips, express beach waves, and lipstick that lasts forever - that make you look good in every way! Hello, Beauty Girl! With these super simple tips, you can achieve the best make-up, the most beautiful eyeliner, and the fastest manicure. You are... Read More ⇒

Less Is More: Nail Polish Trends In Autumn 2021 For Purists

When it comes to nails, people are quickly divided into two camps: Some love exciting nail designs. Others prefer a subtle look. Although flashy nail design has long since got rid of its seedy image, there is still enough inspiration for natural nails. Because purist designs and nail polishes never... Read More ⇒

Nail Polish Trend: All Fashionable Italians Now Wear This Bright Color

Indigo blue is the new red for nails, even for classically dressed women. This can be seen, among other things. with Giorgia Tordini. This nail polish trend ensures a good mood on cold days: Bright blue Blue is the new red of the trend colors for autumn 2021. This shade has been on the... Read More ⇒

Nail Polish Trends: Most Sensual Nuances For Autumn 2021

Not only the weather and the calendar irrevocably signal the transition into a new season. Because while we were on vacation celebrating tanned skin on white sand, the shop windows and beauty shelves seem to have quietly changed their color scheme (in addition to nature). Instead of bright and... Read More ⇒

Nail Art: We Want To Wear These 9 Nail Trends In Summer

From neon colors and chrome designs to colorful French tips, here ten nail artists reveal which trends are their favorites for summer 2021. Nothing completes a look as perfectly as trendy nail art. This is what Selena Gomez thought when she recently went on a neon course with bright... Read More ⇒

Selena Gomez Brings Us The Coolest Beauty Look Of Summer So Far With Neon Eyeshadow And Nails

Selena Gomez in bright colors: with neon eye shadow and a matching manicure, she provides the perfect summer inspiration. Selena Gomez convinces with glowing eye shadow and neon nails It seems like Selena Gomez's beauty motto for 2021 is clearly bright. It all started with her switch... Read More ⇒

Nail Art Trends Of The Summer - Explained By The Hottest Nail Designers: From New York and L.A.

Swirls, 90s vibes, or 3D jelly nails - we have the inspiration for the next nail salon visit that you need now... Instagram: @ynameismikinai @amyle.nails @mynameismikinail Nail Art: We are looking forward to these looks this summer Nail salons are finally allowed to reopen! All of the... Read More ⇒

3 Most Beautiful Nail Polish Trends For Summer 2021

Of course, most of us have long since found our favorite nail polish - in a shade that blends in with everyday life and goes well with as many outfits as possible. In addition, naturally lacquered French nails and nail polish in bright signal red are considered timeless classics of manicure. And... Read More ⇒
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