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Brittle nails: What to do about it?

Knack, it happened. A nail is broken or torn. But there are ways and means to get beautiful nails again. Brittle nails: Here's what you can do about it Brittle nails can have different causes. How do nails break? From a medical perspective, nails break in a number of ways. You know... Read More ⇒

We will see these 3 nail polish colors everywhere in spring 2021

The next season will be colorful: We'll show you the three big manicure trends from the catwalk of fashion week spring/summer 2021. Which nail polish colors will herald in spring? According to the shows at Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2021, everything will soon be about cheerful paintwork -... Read More ⇒

Nail trends: Nail polish colors and designs for spring 2021

The runway looks from designers such as Chanel, Emilio Pucci, Tom Ford, and Fendi have already revealed the first nail trends for spring and summer. For example, playing with the unexpected contrast between black painted nails and pastel-colored outfits (Chanel and Pucci) as well as nail polishes... Read More ⇒

Aurora Nails: This nail design is set to be the next big Instagram trend in 2021

Highlighter for the nails: Aurora nails are the perfect manicure for spring. This spring we're going for aurora nails - find out how they work here! Aurora nails are the latest manicure trend from South Korea, inspired by the aurora borealis, the northern lights. Under the hashtag # 오로라... Read More ⇒

Golden Globes 2021 - The stars wowed us with these beauty looks

At the 78th annual Golden Globes, the biggest Hollywood stars shone with wonderful, exciting beauty looks from striking lips in berry tones to dewy skin. Here you will find the beautiful highlights of the award ceremony. Best beauty looks from the Golden Globes 2021 The 78th annual Golden... Read More ⇒

French manicure 2021: Why we already love this nail polish trend?

Forget about nude nails and classic French manicure, because the trend this season is to combine glossy and matte nail polish in one manicure. We show how to do it. French manicure: This is the new nail polish trend for 2021 French manicure has gone through many different trends over the past... Read More ⇒

Nail art 2021 - We have been waiting for these designs

From neutral looks to metallic French manicures to different animal prints - according to experts, you should definitely try these styles this summer. 5 experts make forecasts for the biggest nail trends in 2021 It is obvious: In recent years nail art has enjoyed increasing popularity.... Read More ⇒

Nail polish trend 2021: We now wear these trendy nail polish colors in spring (Moodbooster included)

Pink in all nuances is THE nail polish trend for the new season - from delicate pastel shades in rosé to fancy nail art with neon accents to bright pink (for after-shopping). Nail polish trend 2021: pink and pink are THE nail polish colors for the new season Whether French manicure, red... Read More ⇒

5 beauty tricks for more beauty after lockdown

What very few people knew: The coveted natural glow is created in lockdown times! Because the following beauty hacks don't do any work, but still ensure a wonderfully radiant appearance when the office (finally) opens again. Give silicone a chance No, not in your lips: silicone pads for... Read More ⇒

Veganuary: How to Put Together the Perfect Vegan Beauty Routine?

From vegan tampons and nail polish without shellfish ingredients to cruelty-free skincare products and artificial eyelashes without animal hair - your ultimate guide to a vegan beauty routine. January counts just 18 days and you can already find almost 50,000 posts under # Veganuary2021 on... Read More ⇒

Nail Polish Trends: These Colors Will Be Worn On Your Nails In 2021

The best thing about winter? The outlook for summer! In addition to the warmer temperatures, there is also reason to look forward to the trends and colors with which you start the new season. The following three trends can already be predicted for the nails today: The candy colors of the 1980s are... Read More ⇒

The Best Nail Polish Colors and Trends for Spring 2020

One of the most frustrating things about Fashion Week is that because it happens a season in advance, half the trends you see—and fall in love with—don't apply until spring rolls around. But nail polish knows no season. So even though these cool new nail trends are technically for next spring,... Read More ⇒
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