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Hula hoops will be a fitness trend again in 2021!

Reminiscent of a children's toy, but it is a highly effective fitness device: the hula hoop. How training with new, massaging tire variants as a fitness trend effectively contributes to weight reduction and why it is so popular especially for a slim waist and tight abdominal muscles. Fitness... Read More ⇒

Lose weight: These are the basics of the bulletproof diet

Few carbohydrates, instead of protein, lots of vegetables (preferably green varieties) and fruit (preferably with a high vitamin C content), whole grain products, kernels, and sprouts, as well as lean meat or sea fish once a day - these, are the basics with which common nutritional concepts, such... Read More ⇒

"Sex Education" actress Tanya Reynolds on self-acceptance

British actress Tanya Reynolds is currently filming the third season of the Netflix hit series "Sex Education" with Gillian Anderson. She talks to us about why she is proud to play a character who focuses on female * sexual problems and the need to celebrate the unvarnished truth of the female *... Read More ⇒

Online Therapy - Will The Trend End The Mental Health Stigma?

A record number of people seek advice on online therapy during the pandemic. But is virtual counseling as effective as face-to-face sessions and will it normalize the need for help? Online Therapy - The Revolution? The past year was marked by grim news. People around the world have had to... Read More ⇒

5 tricks to make you look better in video conferencing

From light to the right lipstick - if you look good at the zoom call, you finally have your head free for clever thoughts. © Imaxtree - Optimal lighting conditions perfect the complexion No matter how tall the tower of books is for the laptop, somehow you still don't look as good on the... Read More ⇒

Mental health: 8 tricks for noticeably more mental immunity

Quite apart from the privations of the pandemi, winter is the time of year in which you pause and take stock. Above all, physical fitness, figure, and beauty are the focus and should be corrected by so-called good resolutions in the new year. But what about mental health? How to effectively prevent... Read More ⇒

What is yoga? The meaning and effects of yoga as a remedy

Yoga helps against anxiety and stress, relieves symptoms during menopause, supports the treatment of eating disorders, and has many other positive effects on our health. So it is high time to start. Is yoga the new (old) cure for all diseases? © Stocksy United What is yoga?: The... Read More ⇒

Eyebrows like Hailey Bieber: is "Brow Freeze" the beauty sensation of the year?

"Soap Brows" was yesterday. Star stylist and eyebrow expert Anastasia Soare shows us what we will use to style our eyebrows at home in 2021. © Getty Images Eyebrows like Hailey Bieber: We love the effect of her eyebrow wax After Hailey Bieber had her eyebrows bleached for a magazine... Read More ⇒

Sleep better: 5 science-based tips

Do you want to know how to sleep better? We speak to The Sleep School's sleep expert Guy Meadows about his science-based tips for getting a good night's sleep. If the quality of your sleep has plummeted since Covid-19, you are not alone. A study conducted by Sleep School's global... Read More ⇒

Veganuary: How to Put Together the Perfect Vegan Beauty Routine?

From vegan tampons and nail polish without shellfish ingredients to cruelty-free skincare products and artificial eyelashes without animal hair - your ultimate guide to a vegan beauty routine. January counts just 18 days and you can already find almost 50,000 posts under # Veganuary2021 on... Read More ⇒

Eye yoga: Most effective exercises for tired eyes

Chatty Dobson shows how you can use eye yoga to strengthen the muscles around the eye area for a lifted and alert look (with exercises for at home). Eye yoga: How to stretch and strengthen the eye muscles? If the eyes are really the window to the soul, it makes sense to treat them with the... Read More ⇒

Ella Emhoff: Kamala Harris' stepdaughter sets new beauty goals with her style

Ella Emhoff and her style make her a new source of inspiration. Her curly pony hairstyle and her style set new standards: Kamala Harris' stepdaughter Ella Emhoff shows how her hairstyle leaves a lasting impression and can be worn in many ways. Ella Emhoff as styling inspiration for... Read More ⇒
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