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BUSINESS OUTFITS: 9 Elegant To Casual Pieces That Should Not Be Missing In The Office

We really want to dress up for the office again. You can find out here which trend items should not be missing and which dress codes are popular in the office. Have you planned a few working days in the office for the next few weeks and months and still don't know what to wear? Lately,... Read More ⇒

Princess Diana: 27 Beauty Looks for Summer That We Still Want to Wear Today

Immerse yourself in Princess Diana's best summer beauty looks. Her fondness for bright blue eyeliner and sun-kissed highlights suggests that Princess Diana loved summer as much as the rest of us. Just as her holiday ensembles became iconic - the swimsuit with an animal print, in which... Read More ⇒

Marilyn Monroe - With These 9 Rituals She Became A Beauty Icon

From "slugging" to ice-cold baths to her favorite shade of blonde - with these beauty steps, Marilyn Monroe became an icon. Marilyn Monroe was - and still is - the ultimate beauty icon who had a penchant for glamor that still resonates with many of us today - from her red lips to her... Read More ⇒

Finding The Perfect Glasses: 6 Tips That Everyone Should Know

Wearing glasses is a trend. Glasses are no longer just a visual aid, they can also give us a very special charisma. And with a few tips, you can easily find the glasses that fit you perfectly. 41.1 million Germans over the age of 16 wear glasses - most of them due to poor eyesight. But some... Read More ⇒

Best Beauty Looks From The Oscars 2021

Dramatic smokey eyes, surprising hairstyles, and eye-catching lip make-up - we are showing the most beautiful beauty looks from the red carpet at the Oscars 2021. Most beautiful beauty looks from the Oscars 2021 It's Hollywood's biggest night - and the stars are head-to-toe styled... Read More ⇒

Elle Fanning at the Golden Globes: A tribute to Grace Kelly!

Backless silk robe, radiant porcelain complexion, and elegant updo hairstyle: Elle Fanning will be an image of Grace Kelly for the Golden Globes 2021... Elle Fanning: Her Golden Globes On-trend Look Is A Tribute To Grace Kelly Trendy look with a retro flair: At the virtual presentation of the... Read More ⇒

Golden Globes 2021 - The stars wowed us with these beauty looks

At the 78th annual Golden Globes, the biggest Hollywood stars shone with wonderful, exciting beauty looks from striking lips in berry tones to dewy skin. Here you will find the beautiful highlights of the award ceremony. Best beauty looks from the Golden Globes 2021 The 78th annual Golden... Read More ⇒

Cindy Crawford - At 55, she continues to deliver the best beauty looks

On the occasion of Cindy Crawford's 55th birthday, take a look back at the supermodel's most beautiful beauty looks. Cindy Crawford is one of the first supermodels of the 90s and has graced countless magazine covers and campaigns in her more than 30 years in the fashion industry and has... Read More ⇒

Baker boy hat: We fell in love with these models!

Baker boy hats have been among the favorite accessories of fashion girls for many years. We show you the 5 most beautiful models to shop after. The Baker-Boy hat on actress Kat Graham The baker boy hat is one of the absolute classics among fashion accessories. The trend piece is also known... Read More ⇒

5 tricks to make you look better in video conferencing

From light to the right lipstick - if you look good at the zoom call, you finally have your head free for clever thoughts. © Imaxtree - Optimal lighting conditions perfect the complexion No matter how tall the tower of books is for the laptop, somehow you still don't look as good on the... Read More ⇒

Ella Emhoff: Kamala Harris' stepdaughter sets new beauty goals with her style

Ella Emhoff and her style make her a new source of inspiration. Her curly pony hairstyle and her style set new standards: Kamala Harris' stepdaughter Ella Emhoff shows how her hairstyle leaves a lasting impression and can be worn in many ways. Ella Emhoff as styling inspiration for... Read More ⇒

Hermès-Scrunchie is the silk scarf for the new generation

The Hermès silk scarf remains the perfect investment piece. But the fashion house's new scrunchie is particularly popular with Gen Z influencers. Hermès silk scarf - this scrunchie is the update for the new generation. Sales of vintage Hermès scarves hit a new high during the pandemic... Read More ⇒
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