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Icy, Icy, Blondie! 8 Things To Consider When Caring For Bleached Hair


As a child, your head shone, but today the bright blonde has given way to an ashy brown? Do we know? So we use all sorts of bleaching techniques such as highlights, lowlights, and the like to give your head more pep. And that works very well too. However, we all know: No matter how sophisticated the new dyeing processes may be, bleaching is unfortunately still not gentle on the hair. Therefore, proper care after visiting the hairdresser is all the more important.

Icy, Icy, Blondie! 8 Things To Consider When Caring For Bleached Hair
A new hairstyle like Selena Gomez? We reveal the best way to care for your bleached hair.

How to care for bleached hair: 8 tips for healthy strands

Bleaching never leaves your hair without a trace. Hydrogen peroxide breaks up the protective cuticle and removes the natural color pigments from the hair. This weakens the hair fiber enormously, removes a lot of moisture, and makes it more vulnerable to any external influences. The result: the hair dries out faster and breaks off more easily. They become dull and lose their shine. Therefore, extra care is mandatory for every colored blonde, otherwise broken hair is inevitable.

1. Match the shampoo, conditioner, and conditioner to your hair structure

You need care that supplies your hair with a lot of moisture and strengthens the hair structure. A mild shampoo that does not foam is the right choice because it cleanses gently and hydrates at the same time. Every time you wash your hair, you should also use a conditioner that maintains the lengths but doesn't weigh them down. And: Give your blonde hair intensive care once a week with a mask or hair treatment to strengthen and repair your hair structure.

Tip: Ingredients such as keratin or biotin strengthen the hair shaft, aloe vera and argan oil provide moisture.

2. Wash your blonde hair properly

Don't wash your hair every day, because that's the way it is: every wash dries the hair out additionally. It is important to avoid that. So it is better to clean your hair every two to three days. Also, make sure that you only massage your shampoo into the scalp, after all, the pores should be freed of all deposits. On the other hand, the conditioner has no place here, it should maintain the lengths.

Tip: If your hair gets greasy or looks dull quickly: Use the double shampoo method. During the first wash, in the rarest of cases, all residues such as dirt, flakes of skin, sebum, and styling residues are completely removed, which are like a matting film around the hair fiber. You can then solve it completely with the second pass.

By the way: cold water closes the cuticle of the hair and gives it shine!

2. Wash your blonde hair properly | Icy, Icy, Blondie! 8 Things To Consider When Caring For Bleached Hair
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3. Bring back the shine in blonde hair

Speaking of shine: it is quite normal for bleached hair to lose its luminosity over time. There are special care products on the market that use ingredients to bring back the glow of your hair, such as the “Blond Fascination White Orchid” shampoo from Guhl. With a hydro-color gloss complex, it unfolds the natural luminosity in blonde hair.

4. Address the yellow tinge

Especially with blatant color changes (from a very dark to a light hair color like Selena Gomez), a yellow tinge can creep into the hair. The reason for this is the natural reddish pigments, which are not always removed without residue during bleaching, which is why residues remain in the hair and then shimmer through yellow or orange.

Then what can you do? Use a silver shampoo. This is enriched with violet or blue color pigments that neutralize and cover the yellow shimmer. The result is a cool and ashy blonde.

Since the pigments lie around the hair and do not penetrate the hair structure, the shampoo washes itself out gradually and the yellow tinge returns. But don't worry, you can always repeat the application.

However, you shouldn't do it too often, because a silver shampoo dries out the hair extremely. Every third or fourth hair wash is sufficient. And: Always care for your bleached hair afterward with your usual conditioner and possibly with a hair treatment.

It is often advisable to put on gloves when using the product, as the silver products can easily discolor the hands. Make sure to pay attention to the exposure time recommended by the manufacturer - after all, you don't want to have purple hair in the end.

4. Address the yellow tinge | Icy, Icy, Blondie! 8 Things To Consider When Caring For Bleached Hair
Instagram: @stylesbysavs

5. Avoid styling tools on bleached hair as much as possible

Styling with a blow dryer, straightening iron or curling iron puts a strain on the hair and strains the already roughened, bleached mane even more. To avoid the risk of broken hair, you should not use heat tools every day and handle them carefully (cold air is less harmful to your hair than the hottest blow dryer setting!).

Never forget the heat protection before heat styling! With leave-in care (including heat protection) you kill two birds with one stone: It nourishes and seals your lengths and protects them from external influences. This can prevent dry, brittle tips and hair breakage.

6. Protect your bleached hair from the sun

UV light can have a negative effect on your blond hair by drying it out or even causing color changes. Hats or caps protect hair and skin. Otherwise use a UV protection product.

7. This is what you should keep in mind with blonde hair before jumping into the pool

Chlorine not only dries out hair (no matter what color), in the pool water, it reacts with the copper it contains, which is noticeable on bleached hair with a green tinge. To avoid this, moisten your hair before swimming and ideally apply a leave-in conditioner. This prevents chlorine from penetrating the hair fiber.

In addition, rinse the chlorinated water residues off your head with clear water after bathing. This also applies to swimming in the sea, by the way. Salt crystals also remove a great deal of moisture from the hair, and sunlight intensifies the effect.

8. The best care for bleached, broken hair? The scissors

Once the ends of the hair are broken, you can no longer save them. Therefore: Have your tips cut regularly to prevent split ends and hair breakage. Unfortunately, bleached hair is extremely susceptible to this.

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