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Caution! These Retro Haircuts Make You Look Old


Even though many trends from the past are returning, these five retro haircuts shouldn't be worn anymore - they make us old.

Caution! These Retro Haircuts Make You Look Old
A spiky pixie is among those haircuts that age us.

The 90s and 2000s have been on the rise for some time and not only inspire the younger generations when it comes to fashion, beauty, and hairstyles, we also like to fall back on a nostalgic trend such as this cool bun hairstyle to bring back memories of the past and to always be fashionably up to date. But especially retro hairstyles can give us a few extra years that we really don't want to have just yet, instead of a fresh, youthful look. So some haircuts should just be left in the past, like these five:

1. Super Long

1. Super Long | Caution! These Retro Haircuts Make You Look Old
Instagram: @90s.daily

Gone are the days of the 80s when hair could grow as long as it wanted. According to hair experts, women over 40 automatically look older with long hair. This is because the long hair not only hides your face, the lengths and tips also look more and more unkempt over time and cause shaggy alert instead of shiny mane. Also, the look just looks a little dated.

2. Retro Short

2. Retro Short | Caution! These Retro Haircuts Make You Look Old
Instagram: @90s.daily

Upbeat short haircuts, on the other hand, can conjure up a few years younger – but only if you choose the right cut for you. Here you should rely on a cut that is not too short and frames your face perfectly. A spiky pixie with bleached tips, a teased front section, or straggly bangs look dated and make you look a few years older.

3. Rachel Hair

3. Rachel Hair | Caution! These Retro Haircuts Make You Look Old
Instagram: @90s.daily

The hype around the 90s is automatically linked to former series hits like "Friends" because there's a good reason why we took style icons like Rachel or Monica as role models. While these heroes' hairstyles will always be beautiful in their own nostalgic way, they're still looking very dated now. Instead, go for something fresh, modern, and youthful, like this cool mixie.


4. Platinum Blonde

4. Platinum Blonde | Caution! These Retro Haircuts Make You Look Old
Instagram: @90s.daily

While we often associate light blonde hair with youthfulness, it's important to choose the right shade to avoid accidentally getting the complete opposite. Hair that has been lightened too much can quickly become damaged, brittle, and look more gray than bright blonde. It is important here to match the blonde tone to your complexion: warmer skin tones go for a warm honey blonde, while lighter skin tones should go for a cool ash blonde to give yourself a younger appearance.

5. Dense bangs

5. Dense bangs | Caution! These Retro Haircuts Make You Look Old
Instagram: @annawintourfan

Admittedly, the short haircut with thick bangs has become indispensable for Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour. But for everyone else: hands off this haircut! A short, straight cut without any layers looks anything but modern. Add to that too long, too tight bangs that hide our eyes and put all the focus on the lower part of the face.

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