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Brittle Nails: What To Do About It?


Knack, it happened. A nail is broken or torn. But there are ways and means to get beautiful nails again.

Brittle nails: Here's what you can do about it

Brittle nails: Here's what you can do about it | Brittle nails: What to do about it?
Brittle nails can have different causes.

How do nails break?

From a medical perspective, nails break in a number of ways. You know for sure that a nail breaks vertically and leaves an unsightly, fibrous edge. In this case, the nail looks like it has been "pitted". Since it usually breaks very briefly, the subsequent manicure is also a bit difficult. Then there are longitudinal fiber breaks. They act like an incision in the nail and can be very uncomfortable. A smooth break in the nail, which looks like a smooth cut edge, is also possible.

Brittle nails: these are the causes


Mineral deficiency

One possible and common cause is a certain mineral deficiency. In order for strong and healthy nails to grow, the organism needs a mixture of vitamins and trace elements. Zinc and selenium are known for healthy hair and nails. Calcium and iron are also responsible for healthy nails as players.

Nail fungus

Another cause of brittle nails is skin conditions. Nail fungus is one of the most common symptoms, mainly because it is usually discovered too late and treatment is very tedious. Nodular lichen or psoriasis are also contributing factors to nails that break quickly. The thyroid also plays a role in this context. If there is an existing hypofunction, the nails can also be impaired.

Cleaning products

Frequent contact with detergent, soap, or nail polish remover with solvents also damages the nails. If you are sensitive anyway, even too much water can draw moisture out of the nail, making the nails brittle and brittle.

Fake Nails

Artificial nails damage the protective horny layer of the nails, whereupon they become soft and therefore quickly brittle. What is worse is that fungi and bacteria can spread in the smallest cavities between the real and artificial nails.


People undergoing chemotherapy with cytotoxic drugs may also suffer from soft and brittle nails. The reason can be found in the drug itself because it inhibits cell growth and thus causes changes in the nails.


The organism reacts in a completely natural way with brittle nails even when the seasons change. This is particularly noticeable in autumn. As soon as the heating season begins and the body is exposed to the alternation between warm air in the house and cold air outside, the nails react. They cannot regulate their moisture balance, which results in the tearing or breaking of the nails.

Hormonal changes

Other natural causes besides menopause are pregnancy or breastfeeding. The body changes extremely due to the hormonal changes and reacts accordingly. Especially during these phases, the organism needs a much higher level of minerals.


Brittle nails: you can do that

Pay attention to a balanced diet

A balanced diet is the first step! You can get the lion's share of valuable vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. Pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, oatmeal, and dried lentils contain large amounts of zinc. Flax seeds are also important suppliers of minerals because ultimately it is the combination of all the necessary vital substances that are responsible for healthy nails.

Wear gloves when doing housework

A simple and effective measure. Many women are not at all clear about what the daily contact with the washing-up water causes on their hands. Even if the dishes are cleaned in the dishwasher - there are enough moments when the hands are stuck in the water dissolved with soap. Cleaning agents also leave their marks on hands and fingernails. Anyone who is already sensitive to synthetic materials should therefore always wear rubber gloves. Use good, breathable gloves so that the hands and nails inside do not soften from sweat. Because even in this way the nails are attacked and tear even more easily. Always wash your hands after cleaning and apply lotion!

Keep attacked nails short

If your nails are fragile and tear quickly, keep them short. Gentle nail care is particularly important here. Filing your nails is better than shortening them with a heavy tool or nail clippers. Pay particular attention to bumps that are smoothed out with the file. This way, you can prevent it from tearing again.

Food supplements as support

For many women, brittle nails only appear in phases. Therefore, pay particular attention to good nutrition in difficult times. In order to support your body in special phases, special dietary supplements are also recommended. However, they should only be taken as a cure. Because a balanced diet is always better. This also benefits the nails.

Use nail oils

Brittle nails can also be pepped up again with high-quality nail oils. These penetrate deep into the nails and skin, provide moisture and strengthen the keratin plate. In order to achieve visible results, you should use nail oil regularly. Massaged into the skin and hands before going to bed, the care works best. Oil baths are also a tried and tested home remedy. Simply put a few drops of olive, almond, or jojoba oil in a bowl of warm water and dip your fingertips for 5 minutes.

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