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New Hairstyle: We Love Megan Fox'S New Tinkerbell Bangs


Pony hairstyles have long been popular with the stars. Actress Megan Fox has now presented a new variant – and we are in love.

New Hairstyle: We Love Megan Fox's New Tinkerbell Bangs
Megan Fox now wears bangs.

It's no secret that Megan Fox likes to experiment. And here we don't (only) mean her love life with rapper Machine Gun Kelly, but also her versatile looks. But when it comes to hair, the 35-year-old actress mostly stays true to her style: dark brown, slightly wavy, and long with a middle parting. Except for the flamboyant micro bangs she sported at last year's Met Gala, of course. But even with these, you didn't see her for much longer afterward.

In her latest post on Instagram, however, she presented a much more everyday variant, which is a mixture of the popular curtain bangs and a side pony. Since it is strongly reminiscent of the sweet fairy Tinkerbell's bangs, the hairstyle was christened Tinkerbell Bangs. At the same time, it is also reminiscent of Zooey Deschanel's iconic hairstyle in New Girl.

This is what makes the Tinkerbell Pony special

The fringe is slightly fringed and fans out a little at the side. On the sides, it gradually merges into the rest of the hair, which is particularly beautiful with hairstyles such as a high bun, like Megan wears in her Instagram photo. This hairstyle is elegant and modern at the same time and suits many face shapes thanks to the beautiful face-framing strands. The Tinkerbell Pony is the perfect hairstyle for spring thanks to its light, fairy-like look.

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