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Glamorous Hairdresses And Styles


Glamorous Hairdresses and Styles

We recommend festive, glamorous hairstyles for all hair lengths. Even if there won't be a lavish ball night this year, you should celebrate and enjoy your glamor act moment for yourself! And with these hairstyles, you shine big, even in the smallest circles. Every hairstyle can be stylishly styled, whether in the salon or at home. Good preparation is all you need to shine effectively. You have already determined your outfit and perfected your make-up, then prepare yourself for the perfect hairstyle to give you the crowning finish.

Glamour Look

Glamour Look | Glamorous Hairdresses and Styles

This hairstyle works great with short hair too. On one side of the head of the forehead, part a 5 cm section of hair and take it strictly to the back. All remaining hair is laid in waves with a curling iron or heating roller. Twist the front strands over the ear and pin them at the back of the head. In the next step, tie the remaining hair in a braid deep at the nape of the neck. Finally, pull a strand from the bottom of the braid and wrap it around the hair tie. Now all you have to do is pin the tips of the strand underneath the braid with clips and fix it with hairspray.

Gorgeous Hair I'm Sleek-Look Finish

Gorgeous Hair I'm Sleek-Look Finish | Glamorous Hairdresses and Styles

The gel hairstyle works with all hair lengths. Start by parting the top of your head and working the gel from the roots to the tips. Now style your hair loosely backward with a coarse comb so that you get the stringy finish and the wet look is ready. In addition, pull some hair into your face to get a modern look.

All Hair Lengths: Punched Up With Lightness

All Hair Lengths: Punched Up With Lightness | Glamorous Hairdresses and Styles

A truly magical hairstyle for girls who are in a hurry. The only requirement is at least chin-length, wavy hair. If your hair is straight, it must be gently teased beforehand and a styling cream must also be worked in with your fingers. The front side section is loosely twisted and pinned with bobby pins. With short hair: Now the twisted hair is pinned at the back of the head to create the look of an updo. For longer hair: Gather your hair at the nape of the neck in a loose braid and pin it in a bun. Set with hairspray and you're done!


Long to Medium Hair

Long to Medium Hair | Glamorous Hairdresses and Styles

This hairstyle underlines your finesse and looks particularly classy on slightly thick, medium-length hair. First, tap the back of the head. Remove a long strand from each end and then tie the rest of the hair with hair ties into two closely stacked ponytails. It is important that the braids are not too tight at the back of the head. Wrap the two strands on the side crosswise around the hair ties, so that an additional knot is created and stuck. Then put the remaining hair in waves with a curling iron. The top strand can be tied with a silky ribbon or chain to drape around the braids. It is true that the more elaborate the hairstyle, the more subtle the rest of the outfit should be.

Hairstyle with Clips

Hairstyle with Clips | Glamorous Hairdresses and Styles

The classic among the hair clip hairstyles is open hair with side or middle parting. With this hair clip variant, the hair is parted in the middle and kneaded with a styling lotion to create a strong texture and fixed with several stone and pearl-studded hair clips. Not only does this keep the hair out of your face, it also immediately looks like a festive hairstyle without much effort. It becomes even more elegant with corded strands.

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