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Shampoo, The Mistake Not To Make When Washing Your Hair


Are you sure you wash your hair properly? Discover this bad habit that we have while we shampoo and which tends to damage our hair.

Shampoo, The Mistake not to Make When Washing Your Hair

If the part of the body that we wash first in the shower says a lot about our personality, we sometimes have very bad habits when we wash our face, body, or hair. Some have a very negative impact on our skin and our hair fiber. We don't always know it, but staying too long in the shower is not good for our skin and it is important to wash with water at an adequate temperature so that this moment of daily hygiene does not cause more harm. only good for our skin and our hair.

Using water that is too hot to shampoo and rinse your care is one of the mistakes you should not make when you want to have beautiful hair and a healthy scalp. As Sam Cinkir, CEO of hair transplant clinic Este Medical Group, explains to The Sun, this habit that many have is certainly relaxing at the end of the day, but it "slows down the blood circulation and the scalp needs good circulation to promote healthy hair growth."

Dandruff, breakage, hair loss: Hot water damages our hair

The use of excessively hot water to wash your hair is even to be avoided according to the expert because it can cause much more serious inconvenience. Hot water is indeed stripping the scalp, it will “rob your hair of its natural oils (sebum), and your body will work to replace these oils, making your hair oilier faster.” warns Sam Cinkir But the heat of the shampoo water can also lead to irritation and extreme dryness of the skin, which will then be the cause of dandruff that is as unsightly as it is difficult to remove if you keep this bad habit. Hot water does not stop there: it opens the pores of the skin, which weakens the hair roots and allows them to come off more easily. In short, it promotes hair loss.
As for the lengths, they also suffer from the heat and the steam bath generated during the hot water shampoo which can dry them out, weaken them to the point that they become brittle, and even make them difficult to style.

It is therefore important to make sure to use lukewarm water to wash your hair so that you can rinse your hair care well but without risking damaging your hair.

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