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3 Iconic Trending Hairstyles That Are Worth It After Lockdown!


After weeks of abstinence, more or less successful self-experiments with scissors and long hair trimmers as well as hairlines that can hardly be described as a casual "outgrown roots" trend due to their color variation and length, one is now looking forward to a fixed date: March 1st The hair salons are allowed to reopen in 2021. Finally! After the queue is over and the appointment has been made, the question of the ideal haircut follows. On the one hand, the earlier one is (most likely) hardly recognizable anyway and offers a lot of hair for new things. On the other hand, the hairdressers will remain almost fully booked for the next few weeks and months (not to mention a possible further lockdown), so that the new trend hairstyle should last a long time or at least be easy to care for.

3 iconic trending hairstyles for going to the barber shop after lockdown

3 iconic trending hairstyles for going to the barber shop after lockdown | 3 iconic trending hairstyles that are worth it after lockdown!
This short haircut made the British model Twiggy world famous and is the perfect trend hairstyle for the first visit to the hairdresser after the lockdown in 2021

Icons such as Twiggy, Jane Birkin, and Jennifer Aniston stand for hairstyles that have not only been copied worldwide for decades and varied to create new looks, but that is as timeless as they are casual. Ideal as an after-lockdown haircut and template for your upcoming hairdresser appointment: a pixie with XL bangs like Twiggy, casual curtain bangs like Jane Birkin, and a shaggy bob like Jennifer Aniston. The trend hairstyles and care tips below.

3 iconic hairstyles for the after lockdown haircut

1. Pixie Like Twiggy

When Lesley Hornby, then only 16, went to the House of Leonard hair salon in London's posh district of Mayfair, all she asked for was the standard “wash, cut, blow-dry” program. The fact that her iconic pixie cut with side-combed XL bangs was cut into her natural blonde hair is considered the beginning of her lightning career. Incidentally, the trend hairstyle not only made the hitherto unknown model, nicknamed “Twiggy” thanks to its thin arms and legs, world famous but also made the hairdresser himself, Leonard Lewis alias “Leonard of Mayfair”.

1. Pixie Like Twiggy | 3 iconic trending hairstyles that are worth it after lockdown!
Twiggy and the Swedish model Crumb in 1967

The hallmark of the look: the hair on the neck is short like a classic hairstyle for little boys; however, the top hair and the bangs are feminine and long. Specifically, the pony is so long that it - and that is part of the Twiggy trademark - is combed into a deep side parting, laid across the forehead, and tucked behind the opposite ear.

Tip: fix the bangs that are laid to the side with a little hair gel, hair wax, or hairspray; an anti-frizz product or hair oil ensures more suppleness.

2. The Shaggy Bob Like Jennifer Aniston's

Everyone knows the look of Jennifer Aniston as "Friends" star Rachel, after all, the medium-length hairstyle with the stepped lengths and the criss-cross combed part caused a worldwide hype.

2. The Shaggy Bob Like Jennifer Aniston's | 3 iconic trending hairstyles that are worth it after lockdown!
Friends actress Jennifer Aniston sparked worldwide hype with this look in the 1990s

The casual haircut, which is somewhere between bob and long hairstyle, was created by her long-time hairdresser Chris McMillan and is still considered an iconic trend hairstyle today. And not just because the “Shaggy” or “Shaggy Bob” adapts to any length of hair (with the exception of rasped pixies). Also because it is so wonderfully uncomplicated to styling and (since accurate lines and symmetries are missing anyway) it does not have to be constantly trimmed.

Tip: Help the hair at the roots with a little hair foam or dry shampoo to more stand and pluck the individual strands around the face as you like. Finally, put some hair fluid, hair oil, or gel on the fingertips and make split or dry tips more supple.


3. Curtain bangs like Jane Birkin's

The look of actress and singer Jane Birkin was not only legendary in the 1970s. Above all, the XL bangs, which always looked a little too long and as if they had grown out of them because they hung in and over the eyes, became her trademark - and also a trendy hairstyle.

3. Curtain bangs like Jane Birkin's | 3 iconic trending hairstyles that are worth it after lockdown!
Curtain bangs are part of Jane Birkin's iconic look

Perhaps Jane Birkin's pony is still so iconic today because it always made her look so casual and at the same time slightly wicked (her roles in erotic films such as "The Swimmingpool" with Romy Schneider or "Don Juan 73" Brigitte Bardot certainly contributed). As an after-lockdown idea, the so-called curtain bangs are particularly suitable as a trend because they give every hairstyle (whether short, chin-length, or really long) a little nonchalance and it does not have to be constantly trimmed.

Tip: Maintain the hair lengths with shampoos and conditioners tailored to the hair type and ensure a healthy shine. If necessary, straighten the curtain bangs with a little hair wax - and if they are definitely too long, fix them to the side with a bobby pin.

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