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Washing Hair Without Shampoo - You Should Pay Attention To This


Sometimes doing without shampoo can be a relief for your hair. However, you can find out what needs to be considered here.

Washing Hair Without Shampoo - You Should Pay Attention To This

Washing your hair without shampoo is unimaginable for many. The bathing ritual with shampoo and conditioner is too beneficial to use fragrant care sprays and styling products at the end. But not every one of these applications is actually the right one for the needs of your own hair. In particular with textures such as curls, frizz, or dryness, an incorrect cleaning ritual can permanently damage the hair. The choice of products is large and difficult in terms of formulas, with or without sulfates, silicones, and other active ingredients. The more curiosity about new and supposedly uncomplicated types of cleaning increases. This certainly includes the idea of washing hair without shampoo.

Detox effect - this is how washing hair works without shampoo

Wash hair with a conditioner

Washing your hair with a conditioner differs from shampooing superficially in that the procedure doesn't lather. This means that it takes more time to clean the scalp and hair with a conditioner. A massage brush is very helpful with this method. In addition to the aspect of an application, the benefit is primarily relevant: Conditioners are intended to care for the hair and provide it with lasting moisture. This is why the idea of ​​using only conditioner instead of shampoo for cleaning is popular, especially when used on curly hair that is prone to dryness. For those with a tendency to oily hair, such a method is unlikely to be beneficial in the long term. For constant hair washing, a combination of mild shampoo and conditioner and a deep cleansing product is generally recommended, which should be used alternately. With curly hair, particular attention should be paid to moisturizing shampoo products. There are also special co-washing products that resemble an optimized conditioner.

Clean your hair with apple cider vinegar

Washing your hair with apple cider vinegar is a specialty that, due to the smell, does not arouse interest in everyone. This evaporates in a flash. Washing your hair with vinegar works as a detox cure for the hair and can have a regenerating effect, especially on a flaky or itchy scalp. The vinegar is acidic enough to rebalance the skin's pH level and naturally cleanse the hair of deposits such as limescale for more shine. Caution is advised with colored hair. For use: add a tablespoon of vinegar to a liter of water and pour it over the hair. Do not wash out for a lasting effect.

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