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Nail Polish Trends: Most Sensual Nuances For Autumn 2023


Not only the weather and the calendar irrevocably signal the transition into a new season. Because while we were on vacation celebrating tanned skin on white sand, the shop windows and beauty shelves seem to have quietly changed their color scheme (in addition to nature). Instead of bright and colorful, the agenda is now sensual and reserved and awakens the desire for change and a new beginning. These nail polish trends will determine autumn 2021.

Nail Polish Trends: Most Sensual Nuances For Autumn 2023
High-gloss nail polish in espresso brown, like here at Schiaparelli, is a trend for autumn.

Sensual and subtle: Nail polish trends for autumn 2021

1. Dark coffee brown

Let's just match the color of the nail polish to our favorite coffee variants! The tones can now range from strong lungo to the darkest espresso brown. The shade should be dominated by a rich, clear brown (i.e. not too light) and cover well. The nail polish goes well with outfits in white and cream (see Schiaparelli) as well as with dark tones and black (like Prabal Gurung).

Tip: Seal the colored lacquer with a transparent top coat - for ultimate shine and longer durability.

1. Dark coffee brown | Nail Polish Trends: Most Sensual Nuances For Autumn 2023
Instagram: @prabalgurung

2. Forest green nuances

At Etro, you saw nail polishes in forest and moss tones for the current autumn/winter season, some of which are so deep green that they almost appear black at first glance. Important: The green nail polish should be autumnal, i.e. not appear bright or fruity. The main trend is muted khaki and moss nuances.

Tip: As with Etro, style the outfit in shades of green or combine other autumn colors with forest green nail polish.

2. Forest green nuances | Nail Polish Trends: Most Sensual Nuances For Autumn 2023
All-over look in forest green, as seen at Etro.


3. Coral red becomes rust red

Whether on the lips or the nails: red is a popular classic and will continue to be a nail polish trend in autumn 2021. Instead of bright sorbet nuances and coral red, however, there are now more brownish variants such as rust or bordeaux red.

Tip: Match lipstick and nail polish and combine them with gold or rose gold jewelry.

3. Coral red becomes rust red | Nail Polish Trends: Most Sensual Nuances For Autumn 2023
Rusty red, glossy nail polish at Marine Serre.

4. Precious metals

Inspiration for shimmering metallic nail polishes in gold, silver, and copper can be found at Christian Cowan, for example, where the manicure is precisely tailored to the outfit and the models' nails look as if they had just been dipped into liquid precious metal.

Tip: So that the look does not appear overloaded, coordinate outfit, nails, and eye make-up and limit them to one shade. Alternatively, paint the nails in two or three metallic tones and go for monochrome outfits in black, gray, or white. Less is more.

4. Precious metals | Nail Polish Trends: Most Sensual Nuances For Autumn 2023
As if covered with liquid metal: gold-colored nail polish from Christian Cowan.

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