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Beauty Tricks: These Simple Tips Make Thin Hair Look Fuller!


Simple but effective: these tips and tricks make thin hair look fuller...

The genes, in particular, have a decisive influence on whether you have fine or full, voluminous hair. This is more of a fact than a hypothetical hypothesis. Abundance and shape are basically genetically determined. But that doesn't mean giving up if you want more. A few easy steps and tricks can already make thin hair look much more voluminous and full. In order to give the thin hair structure curl and strength (without weighing it down), the aim is to create the illusion of thickness. Four beauty tips in particular - from the right products to the right haircut to new experiments - help to bring more volume into thin hair.

Beauty Tricks: These Simple Tips Make Thin Hair Look Fuller!
Thin hair often lacks volume - simple tricks can help to give it more oomph.

Beauty Tricks: These Simple Tips Make Thin Hair Look Fuller!
Both curls and straight hair can appear powerless - if the hair structure is particularly fine.

Beauty Tricks: These Simple Tips Make Thin Hair Look Fuller!
Simple tips are enough to make thin hair look more voluminous.

These 4 beauty tricks make thin hair look more voluminous

The most important thing to note is the attitude towards your own hair structure. As the poet Christian Morgenstern once aptly put it: “Everything is actually beautiful if you look at it with love.” Therefore, the individual shape and volume of the hair should be appreciated in any case. After all, they make you unique.

1. Bring variety to your hair routine

Dare to try something new is often associated with a small residual risk. But only changes will ultimately bring you further. It is the same with thin hair. In order to generate more volume, the current routine has to be refined. A particularly simple trick is to change the usual parting - to do this, the hair is simply brushed to the other side.

Tip: The middle part generally makes the hair look rather flat. With the side parting, however, more fullness can be conjured up. In addition, with the help of a brush with mixed bristles, individual areas can be teased - a technique that is still tried and tested and makes the roots appear fuller.

2. Find the right products for you

Volumizing shampoos and conditioners generally provide good support. But you shouldn't rely on waking up with thick hair overnight. In addition, the dosage is also considered to be particularly decisive. Because when it comes to so-called “overcare”, it becomes more difficult for the hair structure to build up volume and appear fuller. Hair masks and rich rinses should therefore be avoided. Instead, hair mousse and mousse products are beneficial when styling and make thin hair look thicker.


3. The right haircut is crucial

Before the hair can be styled with selected products, however, your own hairstyle should be put to the test. Because wrongly chosen haircuts often lead to the structure appearing even thinner than it actually is. For this type of hair - both curls and straight - it is important to create a suitable foundation. This should be based on steps; in the form of shorter sections in the front area, casual curtain bangs, or longer pony hairstyles.

3. The right haircut is crucial | Beauty Tricks: These Simple Tips Make Thin Hair Look Fuller!
A fringed pony that stands out clearly from the main hair in combination with a layered haircut creates more fullness and volume.

4. Experiment with color

Well-placed highlights and color, in general, can always add dimension to hair. A principle that is extremely important for thinner hair. Texture and contrasts ensure that individual sections stand out from the main hair and create a more voluminous effect. Different nuances that remain within the same color family are particularly suitable for this, but also do not force you to have to change the entire look.

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