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Choppy Bob, Gives Your Hairstyle More Momentum!


The "Choppy Bob" has a very special quality: the hairstyle not only gives the wearer a beautiful haircut, no. The bob conjures up the volume in the hair!

Choppy Bob, Gives Your Hairstyle More Momentum!
Model Kaia Gerber wears the "Choppy Bob" very elegantly. The bob hairstyle flatters her face shape and the light waves make her hair look extra voluminous!

Choppy Bob, Gives Your Hairstyle More Momentum!
Alexa Chung wears the "Choppy Bob" and can clearly benefit from the haircut. Alexa Chung actually has thin hair, but the bob hairstyle gives her a lot more volume - we love it!

Choppy Bob, Gives Your Hairstyle More Momentum!
Influencer Chriselle Lim has been using the trendy bob hairstyle for years.

Bob hairstyles are beautiful!

And give every wearer that certain something. Depending on how the bob haircut turns out, the hairstyle can be flattering and emphasize facial features to your advantage. There is a suitable bob for every woman.

But what makes the "choppy bob" so special and why do women have to try it? We'll tell you!

"Choppy Bob": This is what makes the bob hairstyle so special

The "choppy bob" is a bob that only makes the hairstyle special with the layered cut.

Who does the "Choppy Bob" suit?

The "choppy bob" suits almost every woman. The hair length can vary in this bob hairstyle. Here is a small overview:

  1. Women with thick hair can add shape to their hairstyle with the choppy bob
  2. Women with thin hair can cheat their hair volume optically larger with the choppy bob.
  3. The choppy bob adapts to every face shape. Here only the length of the bob hairstyle needs to be adjusted.


How do I style the "choppy bob"?

You can style the "Choppy Bob" the way you like it best. With the layered cut, you can use hair mousse and hairspray to strengthen your hairstyle. You can straighten your hair with straightening iron, but the choppy bob looks nicer if you conjure up light beach waves in your hair. There are no limits when it comes to styling and that's the beauty of the bob hairstyle! Have fun trying.

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