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Dry Hair: 7 Care Tips To Moisturize And Regenerate Your Hair At Home


Several hairdressers reveal their secrets for a homemade hair treatment...

Dry Hair: 7 Care Tips To Moisturize And Regenerate Your Hair At Home

What helps against dry hair?

If you have a lot of hair, you should know that moisturizing is a job that should be done all year round, not just when summer (in all its coziness) begins to wear your hair from the sun, chlorine, and saltpetre. "Going into the summer with dehydrated hair makes it harder to get it back. So it is advisable to get a professional salon moisturizer (e.g. botox or cellular recovery) and a mini haircut to get a good one Having a starting point, "explains María Baras, Director of Cocoa, adding," When your hair is out of shape, there are a few tricks you should use to keep it hydrated at home. Cheska. Let So let's talk about the long and extensive list of tricks hairdressers recommend for moisturizing and repairing your hair at home. Yes, you can do it!

7 care tips for dry hair

1. Night hair treatments for dry hair

This is one of the golden tricks of Gabriel Llano, the artistic director of Moncho Moreno. "The exposure time for the mask must always be longer than 15-20 minutes. So, ideal for a shock treatment is to wash your hair, leave the mask on overnight and rinse off with plenty of water the next day. That's what I call 'night baths'. and it works when the hair is very dry, "explains the stylist.

2. The rule of the 3rd

If you are unsure of what to do, the best you can do is to follow the traditional two steps: wash and care. However, Baras emphasizes the importance of always including a third step in the washing routine in the form of an oil, a cream, or a leave-in conditioner. This is another way to maintain and increase moisture levels.


3. Cures (under the sun) with coconut oil

It is always important to use special sunscreens and hair care products in summer. But from time to time, when the hair is extremely dry, we can use a day at the beach or by the pool to get a moisturizer with coconut oil. Patrick Phelippeau, director and trainer at Jean-Louis David says this oil can protect hair while bathing by preventing the penetration of contaminants such as iodine or chlorine and forming a film that lets the water slide and does not damage the hair. Combined with the lauric acid in this oil - which has a protective effect - and the fact that heat opens up the cuticle and increases the repairing properties of the oil, you have another trick in the form of a dry hair regimen.

4. Natural drying

Air drying your hair is one of the best gifts you can give your hair to keep it from drying out. To make it look beautiful, Baras recommends a few tricks: do a bun or braid when the hair is still slightly damp to create waves, or do the summer hairstyle - two braids with the front strands - and leave the rest dry. "Blow drying naturally is one of the best tips for moisturizing your hair," explains the stylist.

5. Use satin sheets

The Olsen's stylist, Mark Townsend, has recommended it several times: Sleeping with a silk or satin pillowcase helps prevent tangling and frizz in your hair. The experts at the textile company The Needo have developed a material that is non-absorbent, which means that moisturizing night care for your hair is more effective if you sleep on satin sheets. "As a rule, night treatments are rather greasy, so they take a little longer to soak in, and we also apply them before bed. Conventional cotton towels can absorb up to 7% of the product applied, while satin, being a non-absorbent material, can absorb almost all of it The treatment allows it to penetrate the skin or hair, which promotes hydration in both areas, "explains pharmacist Mercedes Marcos.

6. Coconut oil and avocado mask

This is one of the best tricks to use any afternoon when you have the time, inclination, and the need to repair dry, brittle hair. According to the team of stylists at Tacha, a blend of coconut oil and avocado helps one of the best masks out there for moisturizing and repairing dry hair. The way it works is as follows: Mix until a mask-like texture is created, apply to the hair, cover with a shower cap or osmosis paper and leave for about 15 minutes. After that, it is necessary to wash it off.

7. Mask instead of conditioner

In times when the hair is particularly dry - i.e. in summer - María Baras recommends replacing the conditioner with a mask every time you wash your hair, even if that means you have to use it every day. "It's a more intense treatment that is more moisturizing. And it's okay to use a mask for a month or two after each wash in the summer," she says.

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