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Remove Pimple Marks - This Is How You Get Rid Of The Dark Spots


Find out here how you can best remove pimple marks and how the dark spots on the face develop.

Remove Pimple Marks - This Is How You Get Rid Of The Dark Spots

Luckily, getting rid of pimple marks is not that difficult. These are not actually pimple scars, but only discoloration of the skin. Not dangerous, but many sufferers feel uncomfortable with it.

How are pimples formed?

Pimple marks form when the skin is pressed too tightly, which increases blood flow to the area. Sunlight then stimulates an all the greater production of melanin there, and a noticeable discoloration appears. The pigment melanin ensures that a red spot turns into a dark, brownish spot. If the pimple marks accumulate, an uneven complexion is a result.

How quickly do pimple marks go away?

Anyone who notices red or dark spots on their face often wants to get rid of them as quickly as possible. It is not possible to say in general how long it will take for them to disappear. After a few months, however, the single spot should be gone again without treatment. Only in rare cases do the pimple marks remain visible for longer. The older you are, the longer it takes for natural cell renewal and the disappearance of pimple marks.

What works best against pimple marks?

There are numerous products on the market to remove pimple marks. From the care cream against pimple marks to zinc ointment to the laser. In severe cases, however, you should definitely speak to a dermatologist before experimenting with different products to remove pimple marks. Really effective creams often require a prescription anyway. What else helps:

Protection from sunlight

An important rule to get rid of pimples faster: protect your skin from sunlight to avoid further discoloration. It accelerates skin aging and slows down cell regeneration. In summer, sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 20 (better 30) is required anyway.


Regular scrubs

Peelings remove dead skin cells and stimulate the natural renewal process. They are therefore an effective way to get rid of pimple marks. Fruit acid peelings in particular have proven effective in treating the annoying spots. Gentle peelings of this type, i.e. with a low acid content, can also be found in drugstores. Dermatologists or beauticians offer professional treatment with which pimple marks can be lightened.

Laser against pimple marks

With the CO2 laser method, you can have pimple marks removed almost immediately. It works like this: The fractional laser shoots tiny channels into the skin, which stimulates wound healing on the one hand and collagen formation on the other. Modern procedures leave the surrounding skin untouched and are generally considered to be gentle but not exactly cheap treatments. A first result is often visible immediately after the treatment. Lasting healing takes one to two weeks. As a rule, the patients are treated two to four times.

This is how you can prevent pimple marks

However, since every skin is different, it is difficult to give a general recommendation for the treatment of pimple marks. Even with the laser method or micro-needling, which works on a similar principle, there is no guarantee of success. The stubborn stains on the skin can eat quite a bit on the wallet.

It is all the more important to understand how to prevent pimple marks. Prevent pimple marks before they appear with these rules:

  1. Avoid direct sunlight: UV light does not cause pimple marks but makes them more prominent. Protect your skin, stay in the shade and use effective sun protection.
  2. Do not squeeze: to quickly get rid of the pimple, we squeeze. And thereby, quite simply speaking, cause the pimple mark.
  3. Cleansing and removing make-up: Depending on your skin type, clean your facial skin regularly with gentle products, but not too often. So once or twice a day. If you save yourself the hassle of removing make-up in the evening, you risk clogged pores and therefore: more pimples.
  4. Find the cause: Find out the cause of the acne, for example by talking to a dermatologist. This can also be due to stress or certain food intolerances.

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