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7 Homemade Recipes To Lighten Your Hair Naturally


Fed up with your dull hair. You dream of a radiant effect without necessarily going through coloring. Did you know? Chamomile, honey, lemon, cinnamon, olive oil have one thing in common. They are allies for our hair, especially when we want to lighten it naturally.

7 Homemade Recipes To Lighten Your Hair Naturally

Do you have a crush on Lilly Rose Depp's blonde? Are you a fan of Scarlett Johansson's hair color? Do you dream of having Ingrid Chauvin's light locks without going through coloring and the hairdresser? Are you a brunette and want to have blonde highlights while making it look natural? Here are some tips, tricks, and recipes to apply on a daily basis.

A chamomile infusion lotion, you will test

Chamomile is the key ingredient in shampoos and other skincare products that have a lightening effect. But you can use it naturally, at home, by creating homemade skincare recipes. Like chamomile tea. In a cup, pour boiling water over the plant. Leave to infuse for a good ten minutes before filtering. Little beauty tip: you can add a little ginger vinegar (one to two tablespoons depending on the amount of water) to add even more shine. Apply this treatment after your shampoo. Do not rinse your hair. Make yourself a beautiful hairstyle and you're done.

A chamomile infusion lotion, you will test | 7 Homemade Recipes To Lighten Your Hair Naturally

Honey and chamomile, you will mix

Honey and chamomile have many virtues. They have the power to lighten your hair without the need for the sun. But they also make them more shiny and silky. Because honey and chamomile nourish and hydrate the hair in depth. Indispensable allies for people with dry hair. What could be better, then, than honey mixed with chamomile to lighten your hair naturally? A little trick to prepare a homemade mask. Mix two tablespoons of honey with two tablespoons of chamomile conditioner. Apply this mask to your hair after shampooing and before going to bed. Wash them the next morning. The result is dazzling. All you have to do is put on a beautiful hairstyle and admire the golden highlights in your hair. Sweeping effect guaranteed!

Lemon, you will adopt

The benefits of lemon for hair and skin are manifold. This fruit rich in citric acid and vitamin C has antiseptic and anti-stain properties. Known to bring shine to hair, it also helps lighten hair naturally. Be careful, however, to dilute the lemon in water so that it does not attack your hair too much. Here is the recipe to prepare: mix two squeezed lemons in 30 ml of water. Apply the product strand by strand with a brush. Expose yourself to the sun for an hour. For best results, repeat this spray for several days in a row, not exceeding one week. Your hair stays natural.

Lemon, you will adopt | 7 Homemade Recipes To Lighten Your Hair Naturally


Cinnamon on your dark hair, you will apply

Yes, it is possible to lighten your hair naturally even when you are a brunette. In this case, opt for a homemade cinnamon treatment. Ideal for obtaining copper highlights. Mix cinnamon powder and water to create a fluid paste. Apply the mixture to your hair. Make sure to let the product penetrate all over your hair. Massage gently. Let the mask sit overnight before washing your hair when you wake up. You will, without a doubt, be surprised at the result.

Cinnamon on your dark hair, you will apply | 7 Homemade Recipes To Lighten Your Hair Naturally

Honey with cinnamon and argan oil, you will combine

You now know the virtues of honey and cinnamon. Argan oil is known to make hair softer and shinier. The combination of these three ingredients helps lighten the hair while moisturizing it. Here is the recipe for a mask made with cinnamon, honey, and argan oil. Mix a tablespoon of cinnamon powder with four tablespoons of honey and a tablespoon of argan oil. Apply the treatment to your hair. Let it sit overnight before rinsing it off in the morning.

On olive oil, you will bet

Olive oil shampoos and conditioners are known to add softness and shine to hair. But not only. Like honey and chamomile, it helps lighten the hair. No need to buy any products, just apply olive oil to your hair. Then expose yourself to the sun for an hour. Wash your hair, let it dry in nature. Repeat this gesture several times a week. You will see the recipe is miraculous.

Blond henna, you will discover

Composed of neutral henna, chamomile powder, and rhubarb, blond henna is a lightener for already light hair. It helps bring light blonde highlights to brown hair. Little tip: the longer you leave the product on your head, the more visible the effect will be.

This natural henna was obtained from the leaves of the plant, harvested by hand, and naturally dried in the sun. Ideal for homemade coloring, balayage, or natural lightening. Suitable for any type of hair color.

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