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The Benefits Of Vanilla Oil For Hair


You probably already know the benefits of coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil... but have you heard of the little miracles that vanilla oil can do on our hair? Let us tell you more about this vegetable oil which may well make you addicted.

Vegetable oils have been popular in recent years. It must be said that these solutions are perfect for pampering our skin or our hair in a 100% natural way. A real green beauty revolution is underway, and that is why we wanted to share our latest discovery with you. That of vanilla oil - which we take care to choose organic! Excellent for the skin, we especially love to use it to care for our hair. So let us give you 3 good reasons to fall for vanilla oil, and make it part of your daily beauty routine.

1. Vanilla oil nourishes the hair

We can not emphasize this enough. To claim beautiful hair, in perfect health, you have to know how to take care of it. Of course, therefore, you must choose a shampoo that is mild and non-aggressive for the hair fiber; but you must also remember to use a conditioner or a moisturizing or nourishing mask after each hair wash. Besides that, it is just as important to nourish your lengths every evening using a serum or oil; and on our side, we have our preference for organic vanilla oil.

Indeed, this vegetable oil is renowned for its nourishing properties, especially on damaged, dry or frizzy hair. In the evening, before bedtime, we heat a few drops of organic vanilla oil between our hands, then we apply it at the lengths. This 100% natural treatment will be completely absorbed by the hair fiber overnight, so don't be afraid of the greasy effect.

More radical still: it is possible to use it to make an oil bath. 2 or 3 times a month, apply organic vanilla oil to all of your lengths. Leave this 100% natural treatment on your hair for about 1 hour, and rinse. We advise you to do 2 shampoos in a row so as not to keep any greasy effect on the hair.

2. Vanilla oil perfumes the hair

So of course, vanilla oil is great for nourishing dry, damaged hair. We, therefore, appreciate it for its benefits, but not only! Because in addition to being an excellent remedy for our hair, it smells incredibly good. Its delicate sweet smell is addictive and makes us think of the smell that emerges when we cut a vanilla bean lengthwise. Vanilla oil not only heals our hair, but it also perfumes it, and that's a real plus!

3. Vanilla oil brings a nice shine

Like all the vegetable oils that we usually use to treat our hair, vanilla oil sublimates them. In particular, it brings a nice shine to the lengths. Our advice, therefore, is to heat one or two drops of organic vanilla oil in your hands in the morning, just after finishing your hairstyle, and brush your lengths with your fingertips. The oil will make your hair shine, and you have the dream hairstyle!

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