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Scandi Blond: Lena Gercke Is Making This Hair Color The Hairstyle Trend In Winter 2023


Lena Gercke wears the hairstyle trend in winter 2021 - she has never been so blonde!

Lena Gercke is at least as known for her blonde hair as she is for her good style - it is not for nothing that one takes a look at her Instagram channel to get inspiration from the model. Particularly noticeable: Her very light hair color is dyed, but looks amazingly natural in winter 2021.

Scandi Blond: Lena Gercke Is Making This Hair Color The Hairstyle Trend In Winter 2023
Dyed blonde is unnatural? Not if you choose Lena Gercke's hair color - it is now a hairstyle trend and fits perfectly into winter 2021.

With this, Lena Gercke is setting a hairstyle trend for the new season: Scandi Blond not only reflects the cold of winter but also goes perfectly with the looks that you want to wear right now.

Scandi Blond: Lena Gercke Is Making This Hair Color The Hairstyle Trend In Winter 2023
Instagram: @lenagercke

Hairstyle trend by Lena Gercke: In winter 2021, she wears the hair color Scandi Blond

You don't have to have naturally blonde hair to create a stylish look - Lena Gercke will also show this in winter 2021. For her slightly darker natural shade, she chooses an extremely light Scandi blonde, which flatters her complexion with its cool color pigments and is also becoming a hairstyle trend in the new season.

After a lot of experiments and some hair colors, Lena Gercke realized that the light blonde shade suits her best. This hairstyle trend does not look boring in winter 2021 either, it complements the dark colors of the cold season and looks very stylish, especially in combination with medium-length hair.

Proper care is essential for blonde hair color: Lena Gercke relies on these steps in her hairstyle trend

Lena Gercke's blonde hair only looks very stylish with the right care. So that they do not appear brittle or break off, the model regularly uses hair treatments that care for her Scandi Blond in depth. Lena Gercke also needs to be careful when using straighteners or hairdryers: the model always uses heat protection so that her hairstyle trend looks shiny.

In addition, a silver shampoo and conditioner for the colored blonde are recommended. This pulls red pigments out of the hair and creates a look that comes very close to that of Lena Gercke. In terms of glow, hair glossing can also help - it nourishes blonde hair and makes the hairstyle trend look as stylish as it is healthy.

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