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4 New Hair Color Trends For Dark Hair In Winter 2023


Crème brûlée to deep espresso: 4 hair color trends for dark hair that we reserve for winter...

With the onset of winter 2021, we say goodbye to sun-kissed brunette nuances or light highlights and now dip our hair in rich, dark brown and black tones. The hair color trends of the season show that dark hair is now gaining popularity again and shining in a wide variety of tones this winter. Because if you think that dark hair cannot be varied, you are wrong, because brown and black can also be refined with warm or cool reflections and varied in their nuances. We present you the most beautiful looks for dark hair in winter 2021, which look incredibly luxurious and classy with a high-gloss finish.

4 New Hair Color Trends For Dark Hair In Winter 2023
Dark hair shines in rich espresso tones this winter (Versace Spring / Summer 2022).

Rich shades: 4 new hair color trends for dark hair in winter 2021

1. Creme brulee

1. Creme brulee | 4 New Hair Color Trends For Dark Hair In Winter 2023
Braschi autumn/winter 2021/22

The creme brulee hair color trend not only sounds delicious, but it also looks like it too! The look is characterized by a medium brown tone, which is pimped up with golden caramel reflections and thus reminiscent of the French dessert with a crispy caramel crust. The hair color trend is particularly suitable for women who want to switch from brunette to brown. Because crème brûlée ensures a soft transition and is therefore ideal for getting used to the dark nuances in your hair.

2. Jet Black

2. Jet Black | 4 New Hair Color Trends For Dark Hair In Winter 2023
Versace spring/summer 2022

Darker Than Black? Is the nuance Jet Black, which is characterized by a rich, deep black, has a slightly cool undertone and should not be missing on the trend radar of dark hair colors this winter. Jet Black gives light skin types a classy Snow White look but also goes fabulously with a darker complexion. We regularly refresh the hair color with tint shampoos that contain coloring pigments and prevent the deep black in the hair from being washed out.


3. Copper brown

3. Copper brown | 4 New Hair Color Trends For Dark Hair In Winter 2023
André Courrèges Fall/Winter 2021/22

Copper is arguably the biggest hair color trend for winter 2021 and that is also reflected in the looks for dark hair. Because medium to dark brown nuances is now also refined with copper-colored reflections, which results in a bright red-brown when combined. This makes blue shampoos superfluous because reddish nuances are exceptionally desirable in brown hair in winter 2021. Red-brown goes great with a light porcelain complexion but also makes a golden complexion shine.

4. Deep espresso

4. Deep espresso | 4 New Hair Color Trends For Dark Hair In Winter 2023
Isabel Marant Fall/Winter 2021/22

Also in trend, this winter is very dark brown-black tones that are reminiscent of the color of strong espresso in the morning. Also, the reason why this hair color trend is called Deep Espresso. This is worn completely without highlights and creates a nice frame around the face. Because espresso is also a rather cool shade of brown, it also flatters cool or rosy skin types particularly well. To prevent orange discoloration, you can wash your hair regularly with blue shampoo, which neutralizes copper nuances and gives it a clear brown.

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