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Wet Hairstyle: How To Achieve The Wet Look Effect?


Do you want to be at the forefront of hairdressing fashion? We explain how to reproduce the wet look effect of the Giambattista Valli fashion show.

Wet Hairstyle: How to Achieve The Wet Look Effect?

If you followed the looks of the Fashion Week 2022 shows, you couldn't miss the "wet look" effect. These mermaid hairstyles make the models look like they are coming out of the water with their hair completely wet. Of course, this is all just an illusion and with the hair transformation process, the hair is completely dry. Nevertheless, this method is particular and requires several products and hairdressing techniques in the water waves style that are simple to reproduce.

To achieve a perfect wet look, Giambattista Valli fashion, you will need a brush, a comb, styling gel or hairspray, and finally, a smoothing serum. Place yourself ideally in your bathroom since you will need to completely wet your hair.

First step: Shower

The wetter your hair is, the easier it will be to shape it into the shape you want. We, therefore, advise you to wet them completely in the shower or in a sink.

Second step: Freezing

Then apply the gel all over the hair. Do not hesitate to put enough because it is the gel that will create this look of wet hair, just out of the water.

Third step: Styling

The most traditional way to style your hair for a wet look is back. However, you can sport any hairstyle you want. While your hair is still wet and the gel hasn't been set yet, it's time to style your hair using your brush and comb. Flatten the hair on the top of the skull with your brush and your hands, then create waves on the lengths and ends.


Fourth step: Smoothing serum

Finally, you can apply a smoothing serum to accentuate the shiny and fluid effect of the hairstyle.

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