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Perfect Summer Hairstyle For Women Over 50


Are you still looking for the perfect new summer hairstyle? Then we have a modern and great variant for women over 50, which also puts gray hair in the limelight...

Perfect Summer Hairstyle For Women Over 50
These hairstyles are modern and practical.

Whether you wear your gray hair naturally or dye it, there are certain haircuts that look great on women over 50 in the summer! If you wear your hair gray, you probably know that gray hair is a bit more difficult to style due to its robust and strong structure. Therefore, it is usually attractive to choose a short hairstyle. And there is nothing against it! Short hair in old age has many advantages. They look healthier, are super modern, and are easy to style.

Because gray hair is usually thicker, it often looks dry. This is related to the decrease in oil production of the sebum glands in the hair follicle with age. The aging process changes the texture of the hair, making it appear brittle and wiry. This appearance becomes more concise the longer the hair is, says Jonathan Soons, Creative Ambassador at Headmasters. Therefore, many women dye their hair, but these summer hairstyles also look great with brown, red, blonde, or black hair:

Valerie Maine, Live True hairstylist for Redken recommends keeping hair short. Not only does it minimize maintenance, but it also gives its wearer a youthful and modern look. Hairstyles like the pixie or the bob are currently more than trendy and the perfect summer hairstyle for women over 50! Practical, easy to care for, and incredibly stylish. One of these short hairstyles is particularly suitable for women with thin hair, as you can conjure up more fullness and volume in your hair with various step cuts. If you are still not sure which short hairstyle to choose, let the stars inspire you:

Perfect Summer Hairstyle For Women Over 50
Kristin Scott Thomas' pretty side bangs give her pixie cut a smooth transition.

Perfect Summer Hairstyle For Women Over 50
The tiered bob and side bangs look great on Monica Bellucci, we think!

Perfect Summer Hairstyle For Women Over 50
Ellen DeGeneres wears a slightly longer pixie cut that requires little styling to look good.

Perfect Summer Hairstyle For Women Over 50
Kris Jenner opted for a longer pixie that can be styled in different ways.

Perfect Summer Hairstyle For Women Over 50
Actress Cate Blanchett went for the longer side-parted bob.

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