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Apple Cider Vinegar For Hair: Here Are Its Beauty Benefits!


Apple cider vinegar is an ideal treatment for making dull hair shine, but not only. Growth, dandruff, oily hair, frizz, discover all its beauty virtues!

Apple cider vinegar for the hair: here are its beauty benefits to enhance them!

Apple cider vinegar for the hair: here are its beauty benefits to enhance them! | Apple cider vinegar for hair: here are its beauty benefits!

Applying vinegar to your hair may sound strange, but it turns out that apple cider vinegar is a natural remedy for many hair ailments and can help us to have beautiful hair easily. Find out why you should have a bottle of it for your hair routine!

What is apple cider vinegar?

It is a vinegar made from fermented apple juice, hence its name “cider” vinegar which refers to the process of making cider, a drink itself made from fermented apple juice. If its main use is in the culinary field, it turns out that this apple vinegar is also acclaimed for its health benefits and that it is also real natural hair care, hence the fact that the 'we sometimes speak of him as a “hair vinegar”. Like all vinegars, it has an acidic odor which is sometimes considered unpleasant but rests assured, it fades and disappears very quickly after rinsing.

What are the benefits of apple cider vinegar on the hair?

Apple cider vinegar is an acidic treatment that reveals multiple hair benefits for both the hair and the scalp elsewhere.

First of all, on the fiber side, this is a product that is known to boost hair shine when used in the rinse water. More precisely, it does so in two complementary ways. First, by tightening the hair scales together thanks to its acidity in order to smooth the hair cuticle so that the hair fiber can reflect light well. Then, its acidic pH manages to neutralize the effect of the lime which is naturally present in the running water that we use to wash our hair and which tends to dull the shine of our hair by settling on the hair fiber. Exactly what happens in the appliances that we need to descale regularly with white vinegar! Except that to restore shine to dull hair, we use apple cider vinegar to rinse hair.

This smoothing action on the hair scales also makes it easier to disentangle the lengths in stride. Indeed, when the scales of the hair are raised, the hair is less silky and therefore also more prone to knots.

In addition, this effect of apple cider vinegar on the scales of the hair is also very interesting in the case of colored hair. The colorings act in fact by lifting these famous scales to be able to inject the pigments of the coloring into the hair fiber in order to dye the hair. However, it is important to close the scales so that the coloring does not bleed too quickly and holds well. The acidity of the vinegar is therefore very useful for sealing the scales together in order to trap the color in the heart of the fiber to make the color last longer and preserve its beauty and shine. An apple cider vinegar rinse is therefore a homemade trick to preserve the color. It will of course have to be combined with nourishing and color-protective treatments for top hair and healthy hair, but it is a good start.

Finally, this smoothing action on the scales of the cuticle is also very useful on hair subject to frizz such as curly and frizzy hair, but also dry hair made sensitive by coloring and styling techniques (straightening with an iron, curls made curling iron) which tend to rebound. By smoothing the hair cuticle, apple cider vinegar tames unruly frizz that undermines the sharpness of the hair and your hairstyles.

Apple cider vinegar can also be used on the skin of the scalp to come to the aid of scalp problems, and more specifically the concerns of dandruff and excess sebum in case of oily or mixed hair (oily roots but dry ends ). Since it is acidic, apple cider vinegar is perfect for cleansing the scalp because it helps dissolve sebum and other fatty residues on the skin (those from hair oil type care and styling products) to effectively cleanse it all. by regulating its acidity to rebalance sebum production and prevent oily roots. And because it is naturally endowed with antibacterial and antifungal properties, apple cider vinegar also helps get rid of dandruff by preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi that cause a certain type of dandruff to keep it from reappearing. It is therefore also natural anti-dandruff treatment.

Does apple cider vinegar make hair grow?

The answer is yes! This is another benefit of apple cider vinegar. Rich in minerals and trace elements, it provides the necessary nutrients for hair follicles to promote growth, stimulates blood circulation to amplify this effect, and makes the hair root stronger to easily gain a few centimeters in length.

If you can get this benefit indirectly by using apple cider vinegar in the rinse water to apply to your hair, the most effective way to make your hair grow faster is to drink it! A less well-known use of vinegar as part of hair care but which has been proven. To consume it, however, remember to dilute it in water.

Note that the taste is not really there in all cases, but the vinegar-based drink will be effective when it works from the inside.


How to use apple cider vinegar for hair?

The main use of apple cider vinegar is to rinse water after shampooing to shine hair, ease disentangling and protect color, among other things.

To use it in rinsing water:

It is important to use cold water because the cold also helps tighten the scales of the hair and therefore works in concert with the effects of apple cider vinegar.

Our advice: It is possible not to rinse your hair after applying the vinegar rinse water but if its acidic pH works wonders, it could possibly risk drying your hair out in the long run so we recommend that you rinse the vinegar treatment with a stream of cold water at the end of your ritual, and do not use this rinse water too often. The frequency of use of vinegar is also very important. No need to overdo it and rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar after every shampoo. Doing this once every three to four shampoos is more than enough to maximize hair shine.

How to use apple cider vinegar for hair? | Apple cider vinegar for hair: here are its beauty benefits!

To tame frizz:

Again, dilute the vinegar in water before applying it to your hair prone to loose strands.

To make an anti-greasy hair treatment with apple cider vinegar:

Vinegar rinse water or apple cider vinegar shampoo, the choice is yours.

To make an anti-oily hair shampoo:

To fight against dandruff:

Prefer to mix apple cider vinegar with your shampoo for a homemade anti-dandruff treatment.

Using apple cider vinegar in hair care to promote growth:

And don't be afraid to break the bank with our beauty tips, apple cider vinegar is natural and inexpensive, so it's a dream ingredient for DIY hair care.

Is apple cider vinegar suitable for all hair types?

In principle, it is possible to use apple cider vinegar as a different hair care product regardless of your hair type (whether normal, dry and dull, or oily) and their texture (straight, curly, frizzy hair). But you will need to watch your vinegar usage if your hair is dry or damaged because the acidic pH of apple cider vinegar can quickly become drying on this type of fragile hair. So there's no question of using vinegar on very dry hair (even if it is dull) as rinse water with each shampoo. It would be better to consider this treatment as exceptional, or even to favor nourishing treatments aimed at improving the shine of the hair over this natural beauty trick.

If you absolutely want to use vinegar as a home remedy for dry hair, concoct a nourishing vinegar-based pre-shampoo mask instead:

The nourishing appearance of the eggs will prevent them from drying out.

Ditto for irritated scalps. Avoid assaulting your reactive (and possibly injured) skin with the acidity of the vinegar. Your scalp may become more uncomfortable or even react by becoming imbalanced.

Finally, even with normal hair and a healthy scalp, keep in mind that it is recommended that you only use apple cider vinegar occasionally and not necessarily every week.

How to choose your cider vinegar?

Like all-natural treatments that are intended for cosmetic use on the skin or hair, it is better to choose an organic cider vinegar to be sure that the treatment does not contain chemicals such as pesticides.

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