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Applying Eyelashes: These 6 Tips Won'T Stick Them Together


Do you know that? You wash your eyelashes and suddenly they look like the legs of a fly! With these 6 tips that won't happen anymore. How to apply make-up for beautiful, lively eyelashes.

Applying Eyelashes: These 6 Tips Won't Stick Them Together
Do you want natural-looking eyelashes that don't look sticky? Here are the 6 best tips!

You'd think you couldn't go wrong with mascara, right? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Unfortunately, it happens very often here that the eyelashes stick together and look unnatural. But that need not be. Thanks to our 6 tips, sticky eyelashes are a thing of the past.

Applying eyelashes: these 6 tips won't stick them together

1. It all depends on the brush

In fact, the mascara brush may be to blame for the lashes sticking together. If you have thin eyelashes, you should pay attention to a brush with many bristles, because if the bristles are too far apart, not all eyelashes will be caught. Mascaras with double brushes are also good. For example, the Double Trouble Mascara Extra Black from Essence has a 2in1 brush with two different brushes. The elastomer side provides volume and the fiber side provides definition and swing. >>

2. Layer the mascara properly

The right layers are also very important when applying mascara. Those who have thin eyelashes like to apply one or two more layers. However, the eyelashes then look glued together very quickly. To avoid this, you should never wait until the layers are completely dry, but always apply ink several times in succession to the eyelashes


3. Use the ink sparingly

If you apply too much mascara, you also run the risk of flies. Therefore, it is better to only apply two to three coats of mascara. If a little too much ink lands on the eyes, simply dab them away carefully with a cosmetic tissue. Instead, think about whether you might need a different mascara, for example, one with fibers that lodge in the lashes and provide more volume.

4. Apply the mascara correctly

Place the mascara brush on the upper lash line and now move the lashes to the tip with quick zigzag movements. In this way, the ink is optimally distributed on the eyelashes and does not stick.

5. Always prepare the eyelashes well

That may sound banal now, in fact, you can prevent sticky eyelashes before you even use the ink if you comb the eyelashes well with an eyelash brush. In addition, an eyelash curler should always be used for the perfect curve after the mascara.

6. Be careful at the tips of the eyelashes

Lumps of mascara can settle at the tips, which quickly creates an unsightly sticky effect. Therefore, when applying, make sure that most of the mascara is applied to the lash line. That opens the view and the tips cannot stick!

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