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Thin Hair? Then The Hunter Schafer Bob Is Perfect For You


Thin hair? Then the bob worn by Hollywood star Hunter Schafer is perfect for you...

The main thing is volume - that was the previous motto of the hair trends in spring 2022. Curtain bangs, soft curve bobs, and butterfly hair were done with a hairdryer and round brush, after which hairspray was a must. A lot of styling hassle, especially for those of us who aren't blessed with thick hair. Hollywood star and model Hunter Schafer is now starting a nice countermovement. She shows up with a trendy hairstyle that radiates glamor with thin hair even without hours in the bathroom.

Thin Hair? Then The Hunter Schafer Bob is Perfect for You
You have thin hair and don't dare to reach for the scissors? Then the bob by Hollywood star Hunter Schafer is just the thing.

We'll tell you what to consider when styling (spoiler: it's not much!) and which instructions you should have ready the next time you visit the hairdressing salon so that your hair shows off the trend hairstyle to its best advantage. Even if you bring long hair, you won't regret the cut.

Trend hairstyle in spring 2022: This is the perfect bob for thin hair

Hunter Schafer did it! After sporting a long wet look at the famous Vanity Fair party on Oscars night, the actress proudly sports a short hairstyle again. Thanks to small details, her bob combines glamor and naturalness - and it perfectly accentuates thin hair in spring 2022. Why is that?

First, there are tips. Unlike the trend hairstyles soft curve bob and bixie cut, they do not have to be strictly at the same height. On a bad hair day, your hair will quickly look flat. Layered cuts, on the other hand, require a lot of attention and make thin hair appear even thinner. That's why Hunter Schafer wears a fringed bob. The hairstyle trend is easy to grow out and adds texture to fine hair.

As promised, the trend hairstyle doesn't need much styling. Thin hair has one key advantage: its natural fall. The fringed bob emphasizes it wonderfully. You don't need a strict sleek look, you don't have to laboriously blow in volume with a hairdryer. Your completely natural hair structure gives the hair trend character.

But the look is not completely undone either. A strict center parting brings glamor to your hair. At best, you should wear it before cutting. This way you can be sure that the result will be symmetrical. After washing, grab a comb and draw a straight line. Then just let it air dry. The trendy low-maintenance hairstyle for spring 2022 is ready.

Trend hairstyle in spring 2022: This is the perfect bob for thin hair | Thin Hair? Then The Hunter Schafer Bob is Perfect for You
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Fringed bob in spring 2022: This is how you style Hunter Schafer's trend hairstyle

We have already anticipated most of it: If you want to make sure that your hairstyle stays in place even after air drying, you can give it structure with a small amount of hair wax. So that the fringed tips of the star hairstyle that will be popular in spring 2022 do not split, you should work in a little hair oil after washing. You don't need to pay any more attention to the glamorous trend hairstyle. That's how fast you can stage fine hair.

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