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Pro Secrets: How To Copy Ester Exposito'S Twisted Bun At Cannes Film Festival?


Javier Palacio, who made Ester Exposito's twisted bun for DESSANGE at the 74th Cannes Film Festival, tells us how to copy the hairstyle of the Spanish actress, star of the "Elite" series broadcast on Netflix.

Pro Secrets: How to Copy Ester Exposito's Twisted Bun at Cannes Film Festival?

The Cannes Film Festival, an unmissable event for fans of the seventh art... and admirers of the most beautiful looks! From sumptuous princess dresses to gleaming outfits on the Croisette and the cyclist of Marion Cotillard, the 74th edition already brings its share of unforgettable moments. And if fashion is in the spotlight, hairstyle is no exception! While Andie MacDowell let her opulent silver locks twirl freely on the red carpet at age 63, Ester Exposito opted for a more sophisticated twist updo. The tie-up of the 21-year-old rising young star, well known to fans of the Elite series available on Netflix, was made by Javier Palacio for DESSANGE, who today gives us his professional secrets to reproduce it at home.

Hairstyle tutorial: How to make a twisted bun?

  1. Perform a brushing to perfectly smooth the entire hair, after having sprayed the thermo-active smoothing spray uniformly over the lengths
  2. Gather all of the hair back to form a ponytail at the ears. Pull the hair well so that it remains smooth.
  3. Tie the hair back with a thin elastic. To fight against possible small frizz that could counteract the desired smooth effect, apply a knob of Mattifying Shaping Cream to unruly strands.
  4. Twist the ponytail along its entire length and then wrap it around its base, making sure to let the tip of the tail protrude outward.
  5. Secure the twist by placing snow pins all around the tie.
  6. Finally, spray a cloud of Natural Fixing Lacquer over the entire hairstyle to ensure optimal hold.

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