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Hairstyle Trends 2023 For Thin Hair That Give More Volume


Hair and hairstyles add a significant part to the look. Right now, when the emphasis on the lip area is shallow and you don't just want to focus on eye make-up, our hair should come back into focus. Those with thin hair often long for the opposite - but that seems superfluous in 2021: The following three trend hairstyles manage to make thinner hair look much fuller and more voluminous.

3 hairstyle trends for thin hair that add volume

3 hairstyle trends for thin hair that add volume | Hairstyle Trends 2023 For Thin Hair That Give More Volume
In the spring collection, the Italian fashion label Alberta Ferretti showed a wavy short bob that gives more volume...

For finer hair, shorter or medium-length hairstyles are generally considered, as thin and long hairstyles can quickly appear powerless. The current hairstyle trends are therefore rather medium to short in order to create volume, shine, and bounce. But be careful with haircuts that are too fringed: they often take away the volume of fine hair.

Volume cuts: Most important hairstyle trends for thin hair in 2021

1. Romantic short bob

Reminiscent of times gone by: Short waves and curls have been hairstyle trends for years - more precisely since the Roaring Twenties. Waves reappear at short and long intervals, just in new variations. The traditional house Chanel attaches importance to a rather sleek look in the spring/summer collection 2021. For thin and finer hair, the short, casual cut, whether less or more close-fitting, is exactly the right thing. The steps add volume to the cut. Due to the shortness, the hairstyle cannot become too heavy. The wavy short bob fulfills these aspects and is therefore trendy.

1. Romantic short bob | Hairstyle Trends 2023 For Thin Hair That Give More Volume
Wavy hair fixed with clips: the hairstyle trends for thinner hair can also be seen at Chanel in the spring collection 2021...


2. Modern shag

The shag is also a well-known hair trend from the past, more precisely from the 1970s, coming back in 2021 and making thin hair look fuller. Jane Fonda already wore the hairstyle trend back then - new role models such as Billie Eilish or Alexa Chung present the shag in a modern and casual way. The hair must be cut to shoulder length for this. Steps and fringes are also important. The main focus is on the bangs, which can be styled straight or curly, to the side or to the front.

2. Modern shag | Hairstyle Trends 2023 For Thin Hair That Give More Volume
Valentino shows the modern shag cut on the runway...

3. Elegant undone waves

Waves work for any occasion and for almost any hair texture. Those who cannot show natural curls are well served with made waves. With the right care, for example with a styling spray made from sea salt or with more intensive products for a better hold, undone waves are quickly made. Here, finer and thinner hair even has a big advantage: Due to their structure and lightness, the curls can hold better and longer. The goal is for the curls to fall casually over the shoulders, like in the Balmain Spring / Summer 2021 collection.

3. Elegant undone waves | Hairstyle Trends 2023 For Thin Hair That Give More Volume
In the spring/summer collection 2021, Balmain is showing the elegant Undone Waves...

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