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Quark Diet: How You Can Lose Weight With Food?

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Most diet concepts focus on the optimal ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, essential fats, and raw vegetables. Many weight loss methods promote a low-carb variant that focuses on increased protein content in the diet. The idea behind it: In order to process proteins, i.e. protein, the body has to provide more energy than protein-heavy foods contain. Effect: You can lose weight more easily. Lean dairy products, especially quark, are particularly effective diet foods. How the so-called quark diet works in detail and what needs to be considered.

Quark Diet: How You Can Lose Weight With Food?
A food with hidden skills? Quark is said to help wonderfully with weight loss. This is how the quark diet works.

That is why quark is the ideal food for weight loss

To make quark, skimmed milk is fermented with lactic acid bacteria. The (liquid) whey separates from the (solid) quark via the coagulation process and can be skimmed off. The resulting low-fat quark has less than ten grams of fat and zero grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams but provides around 14 grams of protein, which makes it so popular with athletes and fitness cracks in particular. In order to convert the milk proteins into the body's own protein fibers, the organism needs more energy - and burns more calories. So if you eat a lot of low-fat quarks, you can effectively build muscle and at the same time melt away fat deposits. Quark also keeps the blood sugar level in balance and protects against food cravings, supplies important vitamins (such as vitamins A, B, and D), calcium, magnesium, and ensures a beautiful complexion and healthy bones.

Lose weight: This is how you eat the quark diet

If you want to change your diet to the quark diet and get your figure in shape, you need a lot of two essential things: low-fat quark and patience. Because the quark diet is not so much a crash diet, but rather a figure-conscious nutritional concept that continuously slims the body and effectively supports muscle building.

In the beginning, as many meals as possible are replaced with low-fat quarks. It is essential to combine the quark with other figure-friendly foods, for example with raw vegetable sticks of carrots, celery, and cucumber, with boiled potatoes and fresh herbs or enzymatic fruits such as berries, grapes, pineapples, and kiwis. Whole grain bread or crispbread is also allowed in moderation, especially with the main meal.

Lose weight: This is how you eat the quark diet | Quark Diet: How You Can Lose Weight With Food?
Cottage cheese with fresh herbs.

After about four to six weeks of quark diet, the diet can be normalized again by replacing the first one quark meal with quark-free dishes, then one more meal every day. However, experts recommend consistently integrating at least one portion of low-fat quark into the menu in the form of fitness drinks, smoothies, snacks, or as a spread on a daily basis. Especially if you do a lot of sport and want to build muscle.

Lose weight with the quark diet: A conclusion

For best results, the quark diet should be accompanied by a figure-shaping fitness and workout program and should not be used for longer than about six weeks. In addition, a consistent and varied combination of fruit, vegetables, and protein sources is recommended to prevent deficiency symptoms.

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