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Getting Rid Of Bloated Stomach: This Helps If There Is Too Much Air In The Stomach


Too much air in the stomach can be uncomfortable or painful. These tips will help get rid of or even avoid the bloated stomach.

Getting Rid Of Bloated Stomach: This Helps If There Is Too Much Air In The Stomach

Getting Rid of Bloat: Recognizing and Treating the Symptoms

After eating, do you not just feel full and satisfied, but have unpleasant stomach aches and a large bloated stomach? Medical professionals speak of an excessive accumulation of gases in the gastrointestinal tract, especially in the large intestine, of meteorism. This air in the abdomen is an important symptom in itself, but it can also occur in very healthy people. Other complaints: Sufferers have an enlarged stomach that feels full and they have to burp more often. But what can you do about too much air in your stomach? For this, you first need to know the cause.

Abdominal distension causes: this may be the cause

An uncomfortably bloated stomach can have various causes. Identifying them is crucial in getting rid of the gas belly.

Getting Rid of Bloat Fast: The Best Home Remedies and Emergency Aids

But if you have already eaten high in fiber or lactose and the bloated stomach is there, it is important to remember the right home remedies. Ideally, it will be gone as quickly as it came.


This really helps with a bloated stomach:

These foods cause bloating

Basically, it differs from person to person - what bloats some, others digest without any problems. After you eat, listen to yourself and find out what to leave out to get rid of gas in the long term. Known and notorious for their flatulence effects are:

Get Rid of Bloat: Use These Tips to Avoid Bloating

So the best way to get rid of gas is to not get it in the first place. Eat a lean diet that best suits your individual gastrointestinal tract. Common sense is often a good advisor: Somehow logical that it is easier for the body to digest several small portions than one that is all the more generous. Another simple tip is to chew smaller bites thoroughly instead of swallowing them.

And as almost always: drink a lot. Drinking actually helps to get rid of the bloated stomach as well, because water aids digestion. But be careful: alcohol and carbonic acid have the opposite effect and favor meteorism.

Not to be forgotten are the cases when flatulence occurs in combination with conflicts, big performances, exam situations: Anyone suffering from a stressed stomach should go in search of relaxation. Meditations can also be a way to get rid of the bloated stomach.

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