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Cellulite Massage: Top Techniques And Devices For Firm Skin

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We live in a time when the acceptance of blemishes (luckily) continues to increase. Thanks to women like Ashley Graham and Danae Mercer, more and more people dare to stand by their bodies. A great trend, because everybody is good the way it is.

Cellulite Massage: These Tools Keep Your Skin Firm

Cellulite Massage: These Tools Keep Your Skin Firm | Cellulite Massage: Top Techniques and Devices for Firm Skin

A regular cellulite massage should ensure firm skin all over the body.

Loving your body also means taking good care of it. And let's be honest: Every woman knows that every woman knows how to look annoyed in the mirror here and there. An often cursed enemy: cellulite. Even if the dents on the buttocks, legs, and Co. affect almost every woman (and are completely natural), there is a huge market that is dedicated to the fight against orange peel.

The bad news first: There are no magic oils or elixirs that renew the skin overnight. But: A regular cellulite massage stimulates blood circulation and, in connection with a healthy lifestyle, has been proven to ensure firmer connective tissue.

What is anti-cellulite massage?

A massage not only provides a soothing spa effect but also has many positive effects on the body. Regular massages of the cellulite hotspots (thighs and bottom) ensure better blood circulation and tighten the tissue. Water retention, swelling, and sticking are alleviated. In addition, the cellulite treatment stimulates fat loss and lymph flow.

The treatment works both manually and with special cellulite massage devices.

These are the best cellulite massagers for firmer skin

There are now countless anti-cellulite devices on the market - from massage rollers to infrared massage devices. We will introduce you to the various applications, including instructions.

1. Cellulite massagers with vacuum

These are manual or electric massage devices that work with a vacuum. During the application, a negative pressure is created that gently sucks the skin upwards. This stimulates the connective tissue and promotes blood circulation.

prorelax Vacuum Massager - for beautiful and healthy skin

1. Cellulite massagers with vacuum | Cellulite Massage: Top Techniques and Devices for Firm Skin

Manual application is also known as scooping and is often associated with unpleasant bruises. In fact, vacuum massage treatment can result in bruising, but only if the suction is too strong. So caution is advised here - or if in doubt, treatment by a professional.

LUNA - premium cupping glasses in different sizes high-quality suction bells made of silicone - including online application book - finally an end to tension - anti-cellulite cupping (set of 5)

1. Cellulite massagers with vacuum | Cellulite Massage: Top Techniques and Devices for Firm Skin

Instructions: First apply a nourishing oil to the skin. Gently squeeze the cupping glasses together and place them on the skin. When you let go, the desired vacuum is created. Now you can gently slide the glass over your skin. With an electric massager, you generate the vacuum at the push of a button.


2. Ultrasonic massagers

Although ultrasound devices do not have a pleasant massage effect, the treatment promises a particularly effective effect against cellulite. The ultrasonic impulses generate vibrations in the tissue and stimulate microcirculation. This stimulates metabolism and cell regeneration. Liquid deposits can also be resolved by this effect.

Cosmetic ultrasound with 1 MHz + 3 MHz for the body and face

2. Ultrasonic massagers | Cellulite Massage: Top Techniques and Devices for Firm Skin

Application: With ultrasonic massage, it is particularly important to adhere to the manufacturer's instructions. Too long exposure can cause skin damage. If in doubt, you should have the treatment carried out by a professional. In addition, you should always apply an ultrasound gel.

UB TRIPLE Hyaluronic Acid Serum - 250 mL Hyaluronic Gel Concentrate - Highly dosed, low molecular weight

2. Ultrasonic massagers | Cellulite Massage: Top Techniques and Devices for Firm Skin

3. Infrared massage against cellulite

Infrared devices stimulate blood circulation with heat. This penetrates deep into the lower layers of the skin and expands the vessels. With regular use, the tissue becomes more elastic and the skin firmer. In addition, the application helps with the breakdown of fat. The massage devices often have additional functions such as EMS, vibration, and ultrasonic modes.

Beurer MG 80 infrared massager

3. Infrared massage against cellulite | Cellulite Massage: Top Techniques and Devices for Firm Skin

Application: The cellulite massager is passed over the skin without pressure.

4. Cellulite massage roller

Cellulite rollers are the cheaper alternative to electrical devices. They are usually made of plastic and have one or more rollers that are provided with knobs. The massage strengthens weak connective tissue and minimizes visible dents.

MY Body SHAPER - the anti-cellulite massage device against orange peel. pink

4. Cellulite massage roller | Cellulite Massage: Top Techniques and Devices for Firm Skin

Application: The massage rollers are applied gently over the skin - ideally in the shower or in conjunction with a cellulite oil.

5. Massage brushes against orange peel

Another way to strengthen the connective tissue is so-called dry brushing. With the help of special brushes, lymph flow and blood circulation are promoted. In addition, the massage helps against stretch marks, waste products, and ingrown hairs.

Ruhi® monastery brush [NEW] Ionic Body Dry Brush | Energy brush | Copper brush for dry brush massage 100% natural bristles made in DE against cellulite | FSC-certified beechwood

Application: The brush is passed over dry skin in circular movements. Always work from the bottom up and from the inside out.

How to do manual anti-cellulite massage works?

You do not necessarily need a special massage device for an anti-cellulite effect. You can also improve the complexion of the abdomen, legs, and buttocks with a classic massage with your hands.

  1. Prepare your skin for the massage by spreading an anti-cellulite cream or (even better) an oil generously over the area.
  2. When massaging, you always work from the bottom up to support the natural lymph flow.
  3. Form a loose fist and brush your knuckles up from your knees slowly and with moderate pressure. Work both thighs in long lengths.
  4. Grasp one leg with both hands just above the knee. Apply pressure and slowly pull the handle up on the thigh. Repeat three times on each side.
  5. Now take some skin between your index finger and thumb as if you were pinching yourself. Gently pull the skin upward, then release. Work on both legs and buttocks in the direction described.
  6. Finally, place your hands on the lower edge of the pos. Pull the flat hands slowly and with pressure upwards towards the hips. So work your entire buttocks.
  7. Let the rest of the oil soak in or end the massage with a contrast shower to further stimulate the metabolism.

This care oil supports the cellulite massage:

BIONIVA - Anti-Cellulite Oil - Firming natural ingredients against stretch marks and orange peel. Nourishing massage oil with argan oil and essential oils that firms up sagging skin.

This care oil supports the cellulite massage: | Cellulite Massage: Top Techniques and Devices for Firm Skin

Professional cellulite treatments

Cellulite massages are also offered on a professional basis by physiotherapists and masseurs. The most common variant is lymphatic drainage, in which sticking and dents are reduced by kneading and applying pressure.

The options already described can also be carried out as part of professional cellulite treatment. There are also offers for cold therapies, light treatments, and (minimally) invasive methods.


More tips against cellulite

Cellulite massage devices alone can only help to a limited extent against orange peel. So that massage rollers and co. Develop their firming effect better (and faster), you should also pay attention to the following tips:

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