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Heidi Klum'S New Hairstyle Trend - How Everyone Will Wear Their Hair In Autumn 2023!


If you follow Heidi Klum on Instagram, you could travel to Venice with her at the weekend - to present the Alta Moda collection by Dolce & Gabbana. While the supermodel was invited to the event as a special guest, daughter Leni Klum was able to present the new fashion trends on the catwalk.

Heidi Klum's New Hairstyle Trend - How Everyone Will Wear Their Hair In Autumn 2023!
Heidi Klum is always the first to know the latest hairstyle trends - and is already showing how we will wear our hair in autumn 2021.

Much more interesting, however, was a hairstyle trend that we saw on Heidi Klum - her super straight long hair. The supermodel is currently wearing her hair super long and extremely smooth. Will this be a new hairstyle trend for autumn 2021? For sure.

Heidi Klum's New Hairstyle Trend - How Everyone Will Wear Their Hair In Autumn 2023!
Instagram: @heidiklum

Heidi Klum in Venice: With this hair, she is setting a hairstyle trend for autumn 2021

Her blonde hair is one of the trademarks of supermodel Heidi Klum - so it's hardly surprising that she keeps surprising us with new hairstyle trends. So also with her look from Venice: For the Dolce & Gabbana weekend, Heidi Klum appeared surprisingly often with super long, ultra-straight hair, which is the ideal contrast to her casual curtain bangs.

The effect: The length of the hair looks very feminine with Heidi Klum, the smooth structure, on the other hand, is cool and sophisticated. This hairstyle trend fits perfectly with eye-catching outfits and the fashion trends that one expects from labels like Dolce & Gabbana. And Heidi Klum is also a great inspiration for autumn 2021. The Rapunzel Hair shows up on Instagram as a current hairstyle trend and is exactly the right look for the outfits of the colder days.

The simplest hairstyle trend of all time: This is how fast you can style Heidi Klum's straight hair

Most hairstyle trends sound elaborate and too complicated for everyday life - but you should really think seriously about Heidi Klum's super straight long hair. It is not only simple to implement, but also very effective thanks to the smoothed lengths.

For the hairstyle trend, all you need is freshly washed hair and a straightening iron or an airbrush. This smooths the entire hair (with heat protection, of course!) So that there is no longer any movement in the lengths. Finally, Heidi Klum's hairstyle trend is fixed with a finishing spray. So the hair stays smooth even in the current weather conditions.

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