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6 Party Hairstyles


To allow you to shine during the holidays, we have selected hairstyles for you that really highlight the hair. You just have to choose the effect you are looking for!

Ultra-refined volume

Ultra-refined volume | 6 party hairstyles

For whom: for those who have rather fine and short hair and who dream of giving them a little volume for Christmas.

How: Start by impregnating your hair with styling mousse to give it hold. Then, carefully backcomb the roots of the top strands to make them swell as much as possible, and rock them to one side of the head, maintaining their movement with setting spray. In contrast, plate the strands on the sides with gel in order to clear your face.

Waves with crazy charm

Waves with crazy charm | 6 party hairstyles

For whom: for those who have hair more or less at the shoulders and who want to put it nicely in shape without spending a lot of time.

How: Part your hair with a parting and then simply straighten it with a comb. Work the two side strands with a curling iron to curl them slightly, and let them fall like waves around your face. Ultimately, you can enhance the charm of your hairstyle by making it sparkle with a cloud of shiny spray.

Ultra-feminine intertwining

Ultra-feminine intertwining | 6 party hairstyles

For whom: For those with shoulder-length or long hair who dream of a truly sumptuous hairstyle.

How: Start by brushing your hair all the way back. Then, gradually separate medium-weight strands, twisting each one, and wrap them evenly around the head. Secure with pins to keep it all in place, and if needed, spray on hairspray to keep your hair looking good all evening.

A beautifully romantic braid

A beautifully romantic braid | 6 party hairstyles

For who: for those with long hair who want a style that's right on trend.

How: Straighten your hair with a comb, then part a large section, taken on the top. Braid it to mid-length, and secure the ends with a small clip under the mass of hair, at the top of the neck. Curl the lengths of the rest of the strands with a curling iron. In the end, release two large strands taken on the sides for more softness.


Beautifully elegant notches

Beautifully elegant notches | 6 party hairstyles

For whom: for those who have medium or long hair and who want to style them with elegant simplicity.

How: Carefully straighten your hair with a comb, then part it with a parting in the middle of the head. Place the lengths behind the ears, and wrap them very loosely around a curling iron to notch them. In the end, just let them fall on the front of the shoulders, like a beautiful adornment.

Beautiful, sophisticated curls

Beautiful, sophisticated curls | 6 party hairstyles

For whom: For those with rather short hair who want to show off a truly feminine look for the holidays.

How: Soak your damp locks with styling mousse, then wrap them on small rollers. Blow-dry together in lukewarm air, then unroll your hair. Then put your hair in shape by styling it with your fingers apart, to slightly relax the resulting curls.

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