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Short Hairstyles: With The 5.7 Rule, You Know How Short You Can Cut Your Hair


Short hair is absolutely trendy this year. But before you go to the hairdresser for cutting, you should find out whether a short hairstyle suits you at all. It works, it's very simple.

At the moment, the long manes seem to be falling everywhere. Chic short hairstyles, especially the bob, set the trend. In the best case, it not only looks great and trendy, but short hair is also much easier to care for and easier to style. But of course, sacrificing your beloved mane to the hairdresser's scissors is a literally drastic step. Because a short haircut has to suit your type and your face - so you should definitely make sure that this is the case. And you can do that with the 5.7 rule, which you can also apply in a very simple and practical way.

Short hairstyles: With the 5.7 rule, you know how short you can cut your hair

Your hair needs to match the geometry of your face

Whether you have short or long hair depends primarily on the geometry of your face. The chin area is decisive for the look of a short hairstyle. According to "", this is also confirmed by the British hairdresser icon John Frieda (69). Frieda has been one of the hottest celebrity stylists for more than 30 years. And he has developed his foolproof 5,7 rule for all the undecided.

The 5.7 rule measures the distance between the earlobe and the chin

As stated, according to Frieda, the chin area is decisive for the choice of hair length. The rough rule of thumb is the longer, the more likely long, flowing hair will fit. And Frieda also recommends a very specific guideline - namely 2.25 inches, which is almost exactly 5.7 centimeters. This is measured between the end of the earlobe and the underside of the chin - and it's very easy.

The 5.7 rule is very easy to apply

All you need is a pencil and a ruler. Place the pencil horizontally under your chin, then place the ruler at a right angle and measure the distance to the end of your earlobe. If it measures 5.7 centimeters or less, then nothing stands in the way of your type change with short hair, i.e. everything up to about chin length. If the distance is higher, according to Frieda you should stick with your mane.

Of course, the 5.7 rule is not set in stone either, and parting with your long hair solely on the basis of the proportions of your chin is perhaps a little too daring for some. But at least the rule offers a good process of elimination, in which case you shouldn't part with your mane. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your style - and then it doesn't have to correspond to the current trend.

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