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Home Remedies For Acne: These Tips Really Help


Which skin remedies against acne really help and when is acne treatment recommended by a dermatologist? Here you will learn everything, that you have to know.

Home Remedies For Acne: These Tips Really Help

Home remedies for acne: what really works

Acne vs Normal Pimples: What's the Difference? Everyone gets acquainted with pimples at some point. Especially during puberty, hormone fluctuations cause impure skin. Isolated blemishes that soon disappear again are to be distinguished from ordinary acne, the so-called acne vulgaris. In this case, physicians distinguish again between inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne. As a rule, however, one speaks of the inflammatory variant when talking about acne.

Acne develops over time and is far more stubborn than ordinary blemishes. While pimples usually appear and disappear quickly, acne vulgaris lasts longer, sometimes leaving red spots and even scars. The main culprits are androgens. These are male sex hormones that are also produced by the female body. They stimulate the skin to produce more fat.

Acne does not only occur in teenagers, adults also suffer from it, for example in the form of acne on the back. Many adults also suffer from hormonal acne and stress. Severe cases require acne treatment, which is accompanied by dermatologists.

Can acne be treated with home remedies?

How acne is treated depends primarily on how severe the disease is. The easier it is, the more likely it is that home remedies will help against acne. Physicians distinguish depending on the severity:

In principle, a visit to the dermatologist's office can never hurt acne vulgaris. Mild acne can often be treated at home with home remedies for acne. However, underground pimples, papules, and pustules increase the likelihood of later scarring. Dermatologists can take countermeasures at an early stage and prevent them.

Especially when the disease is still in the early stages, home remedies for acne can work wonders and provide natural support. Home remedies for less pronounced pimples can often help, for more severe cases you will find more tips here. However, what you should generally avoid due to the acute risk of inflammation: squeezing pimples.

What helps against acne?

Home remedies such as the following can help:

Steam bath with chamomile

A steam bath opens the pores and softens the skin - this ensures deep cleansing and prepares well for subsequent care. Chamomile is considered antiseptic and is said to help inflammation subside faster or not develop at all. For a chamomile steam bath, add a handful of chamomile flowers to boiled water. Hold your head over the steam while covering it with a towel. Stay in this position for ten minutes. The acne treatment should be repeated once or twice a week.


Healing clay

Healing earth frees the skin from excess sebum and can improve the complexion of acne vulgaris. For a mask, mix the appropriate powder and water into a mass. Then apply the mixture to the back acne hormonal acne or the entire face. Leave the home remedy for acne on your face until the mask has dried and then wash it off thoroughly.

Up to this point, the healing earth tip is like treating pimples. On the other hand, washing your face with a mixed paste every day can also help against acne. To do this, only allow the mass to take effect for a few minutes and do not let it dry, so as not to irritate the skin unnecessarily. Then wash them off thoroughly again.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect and is therefore also suitable as a home remedy for acne. For acne treatment, you can simply cut off a piece of an aloe vera plant and dab the gel on the affected acne vulgaris. With other ingredients such as turmeric and honey, masks can also be made from plant gel. Mix a tablespoon of aloe vera gel with half a teaspoon each of honey and turmeric powder. Leave the mixture on the affected skin for at least ten minutes.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains fruit acid. This acid home remedy for acne is often used by dermatologists to combat oily skin. The fruit acid ensures that the pores contract and the sebaceous glands calm down. The vinegar can be used to make simple cleansing water for underground pimples on the face and acne on the back. To do this, mix water and vinegar one to one and apply the mixture to the cleansed areas of skin in the morning and evening.

Honey or cottage cheese

Honey has an anti-inflammatory effect, and cottage cheese dries out if left on for more than ten minutes. Both home remedies for acne can be dabbed on single normal and subterranean pimples and prevent them from getting worse.

What acne treatments are there besides home remedies?

Home remedies for acne do not work for all types of acne vulgaris. There are different applications depending on the skin type and its characteristics. A distinction is made between external and internal acne treatment.

  1. Topical Treatment: Topical acne treatment includes ointments, creams, and washes lotions. Some are available at drugstores or over-the-counter at pharmacies. These are particularly useful if you have mild acne vulgaris. Dermatologists also treat acne with ointments containing antibiotics, use professional peelings with fruit acid and steam or freeze the annoying surface and underground pimples.
  2. Internal treatment: In the case of moderately severe or severe forms of acne vulgaris, doctors sometimes also carry out medicinal acne treatment. This takes time because the first results usually only appear after several weeks. Antibiotics, vitamin A acid derivatives, or the birth control pill for hormonal acne are used as an effective medication for severe cases of acne.

Prevention: cleansing and diet for acne

What else helps against acne? Acne vulgaris can be prevented by simple factors and applications: Clean your skin regularly and thoroughly and then care for it with recommended acne treatment products. Avoid comedogenic cosmetic products. Use a special shower lotion for acne on the back and other affected parts of the body. Products that contain fruit acid have a supporting effect. Moisturizers and sunscreen should be water-based. Creams containing fat and oil clog the pores again and lead to an endless cycle. The most important commandment is: Avoid popping pimples.

Diet also plays an important role in normal and underground pimples. Researchers assume that dairy products, sweets, and greasy snacks such as chips permanently worsen the skin. A sufficient intake of vitamins from fruit and vegetables, on the other hand, is positive for the complexion. A balanced and healthy diet low in sugar and fat should be part of your acne treatment.

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