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Why You Should Not Wash Your Hair In Too Hot Water


While shampooing is a beneficial ritual for the hair, it can be harmful to the hair when it is not done with water at the right temperature. Explanations...

Why You Should Not Wash Your Hair In Too Hot Water

From the fall, the outside temperatures cool down and many of us take hot showers (and baths) to warm us up in the evening. Of course, on shampooing days, we also let ourselves be tempted by the comforting sensation of the hot water jet on the hair to rinse our hair care products. A reflex that is however not without negative consequences on our hair. Although it is most pleasant to use, hot water is not the best ally for our hair if we want to keep it healthy. Indeed, the regular use of very hot water to wash your hair even tends to damage the hair in several ways.

The harm of hot water on the hair

If it already presents a certain risk of burning the skin of the scalp, water that is too hot also has the disadvantage of ending up stripping the skin of the skull by removing its natural and protective moisturizer: sebum. By removing this natural protective layer, hot water unbalances the scalp, makes it dry, and can lead to inflammation. Inflammation, on the other hand, can go as far as slowing hair growth when it doesn't just affect the condition of your strands. And even if you don't come to that, know that the hair fiber suffers from this excess heat when shampooing. Hot water actually makes hair more porous (that is, it absorbs water and swells but does not retain moisture well), which leads to drier hair but also more brittle.

Finally, like cold water, water that is too hot does not always manage to rinse the hair care applied during the washing ritual well. Consequence: care residues accumulate in the hair, dull the fiber and change its texture. Not great!

What is too hot water?

Simply washing or rinsing water that exceeds 35°C.

Water: What is the ideal temperature to wash your hair?

You will understand, if too hot water is not the best option for washing your hair, cold water is not the best option to finish a wash and come out of the shower with beautiful, good hair. washed. To remove dirt and product residue without damaging your scalp or your length, it is best to wash your hair with lukewarm water at a temperature between 25°C and 30°C.

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